Recent Meals From Dirty Taco + Pete The Greek

I couldn’t remember exactly when I last went to Dirty Taco but I knew it was prior to the pandemic.

Thanks to my blog, I was able to determine my last meal there and here it is — the last time I went to Dirty Taco was back in February, before the pandemic, and during the time when my son was first learning how to drive. My how things have changed ever since.

So anyway, all of these months later, I finally had Dirty Taco again. Believe me, I tried doing take out at various times over the last several months but not even kidding, their phone lines were always tied up. Talk about a gold mine, Dirty Taco is one heck of a food establishment. There is always a wait at all three locations, even before the pandemic and definitely now with seating capacity restrictions. I feel so bad for the restaurants, what a difficult year it has been. I sure hope things start to improve.

We strategically planned our attempt at going to the Dirty Taco Woodbury location over the weekend. We got there early enough for a 30-minute dinner wait. You put your name down and give your phone number, they call you when your table is ready. To make things easier, we said we would sit indoors or outdoors. We were ultimately seated indoors but I would have sat outdoors (they have heaters in place for the outdoor seating) even though it’s getting cold here. This whole outdoor dining thing in heated tents through the winter should be interesting.

The guacamole was as good as ever.

dirty taco guacamole

I always get the naked taco bowl which is a salad with your choice of two taco fillings. My choices were the Brussels sprouts and cauliflower tacos. Sometimes I only go with the Brussels sprouts but I’m glad I chose both this time around.

dirty taco salad

Over the weekend I also had Pete the Greek for lunch. One beet salad lasted two days which was great because I had a break from making my own salads at home. You know I get bored making my salads. I am still in the bored with food phase so having this Pete The Greek salad for a couple of meals worked out well for me.

Pete the Greek beet salad

I had also ordered a side of hummus and pita bread which lasted us a few days. Fresh hummus is the only way to go! I toasted a pita bread one evening with melted mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on top. Simple, but good.

With Thanksgiving next week, I’m considering baking for the holiday. I honestly haven’t baked in FOREVER but I’m thinking about my apple crisp and maybe cookies so I thought I would share those recipes with you today in case you are interested.

This Lightened Up Vegan Apple Crisp is so easy and so good.

I was thinking about my original oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies but can’t find that I ever shared the recipe. There’s this one for oatmeal raisin chocolate chip protein cookies which is terrific but I wasn’t looking for the healthy version of the cookies for the holiday. Oh, and this recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with coconut flour is actually really good. I haven’t made these cookies in a long time but I do remember loving the texture and flavor.

Are you baking for Thanksgiving? What are you making?


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