I found a fall half marathon & workout recap

On Tuesday I told you about my fall race calendar conflict. Well, Gianna left me a comment on that post to tell me about the NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half & 10K on November 12th which means I may have found a half to run!

NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon

Does it ever happen to you when you are searching for races in your area that you don’t come across all that are available?!

I always search a few different sites for New York area races but my searches are NEVER complete, there is always a race or two missing that I would be interested in running in my area. I am so grateful for my readers (thanks Gianna!) for letting me know about the races I may have missed.

I did not register just yet. I am still waiting to make my final decision (I need to see if my cycle changes a bit next month) but I have a feeling this NYCRUNS Falling Leaves Half Marathon will be it!

The race takes place in Flushing Meadows Park which is right next to Citifield. It’s an easy ride from my house although they sold me on the option to have my number mailed to me ahead of time. I would rather not have to go to pick it up the day before the race.

I also like that the training for this half  marathon would take place in September and October rather than in the heat of the summer. Although, the dark fall mornings are not ideal either < – not ready to think about this part just yet.

Moving on to the workouts from the week:

I have memorized the Yoga for Runners: Pre-Run practice to the point where I didn’t even turn it on to follow any morning this week. I am sure that I go faster through the sequence of poses but hey, at least I am stretching every morning before my runs.

workout recap

Monday – 5 Easy Miles & Pure Barre

The first two miles had me thinking I was stopping at three miles; I had crampy feelings in my feet which made them feel like lead. I realized I often feel this way during this time of the month so I kept it real easy, stopping to stretch every few minutes. Things loosened up by mile 3 so I kept going to five miles.

Pure Barre Tone in 10: Full Body plus part of Seat & Abs

Tuesday – Yoga & 8 Miles (timed intervals)

I ran this workout based more on time than miles.

20 minute warm up (a little over 2 miles) followed by 20 x 1 min hard effort/1 min recovery plus cool down.

Wednesday – 3 Easy Miles & Pure Barre

This is my second time doing the Pure Barre Pure Results workout with Featured Focus on Thighs.

Pure Barre Pure Results Focus on Thighs

When my other Pure Barre streaming workout expired (the feature focus on seat), I was nervous to try the focus on thighs because I thought it would be so thigh work heavy that I wouldn’t like it. Not the case!

They have a really sneaky way of working the inner/outer thighs throughout the workout and I feel it has a nice balance of working every body part. I am really enjoying this Pure Barre workout. A few more tries and I will be able to properly review it.

Thursday – Yoga & 70 Minute Run (Timed Intervals)

I am all about running by time/effort this week probably because MapMyRun has been horrendous. Time to download a new running app.

20 min easy + 20 min 10k/half marathon effort + 5 min easy + 20 min 10k/half effort + 5 min easy

Loved this run. It was crazy humid but with some mental pushing, I was able to run fast no problem. So much of running is mental!

Friday – Yoga & 5 Easy Miles & Strength

I ran 3 easy miles before heading inside to my community’s gym to make use of the weights and yoga room (for squats and things like that) then back outside to finish up with 2 miles.

Saturday – Yoga & a little over 13 Miles

I definitely felt a bit sore when I woke up from whatever strength work I did yesterday which I suppose is a good thing – I worked my muscles in a different way than usual.

I remembered to leave some water (with Nuun) outside which I came back for twice during my run.


It was hot outside but not all that humid. I ran 8 miles easy and then picked up my pace for the next 4, finishing with a cool down until I reached the two-hour mark. Again, MapMyRun wasn’t overly accurate so I sort of went by time and my own mile marks to make up for where it was calculating incorrectly. I forgot to download a new running app before this run!

While my shower water was running, I put my legs up on the wall which felt good.

legs up wall

Sunday: Rest Day

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Is today a rest day or run day?

How do you go about finding the races you will run? Are the websites you search for races in your area always complete or do you find they are missing some races?

Do you leave water outside or carry it with you? Which flavor Nuun is your favorite?

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