Friday Favorites (Glossier at Sephora!)

This week totally got away from me but I wanted to pop in today with some favorites worth discussing!

Friday Favorites

Glossier at Sephora!

Glossier is now available at Sephora! I’ve been writing about my favorites from Glossier for a few years now so it’s really nice to have it available in-person at Sephora.

glossier order

If you are new to Glossier, here are my top picks:

Lash Slick – Best everyday mascara!

Cloud Paint – A really pretty cream blush, a little goes a long way so it lasts a long time!

Balm Dot Com – My holy grail lip balm, get the unscented and then try one of the other varieties.

Haloscope – A natural, easy to apply highlighter.

Stretch Concealer – Excellent, easy to apply and wear concealer.

Also from Sephora, I recently bought the Ilia Lip Oil. It feels really nice on the lips and the color stays put. I’ve been alternating this lip oil with my favorite Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plumps. I never loved a gloss as much as I love these from Tarte!

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Fashion Favorites

I think I like these shorts with the matching top from Aerie for summer days at the beach, or after the beach.

Ohhh, a straw belt bag – so cute for summer.

I love Melissa sandals and this pair has my name all over them.

I’m finally ordering this star print denim jacket today. It’s still on sale and I will regret it otherwise.

I’m really trying not to need this mini clear cosmetics case from Calpak but the pink one has my attention.

How cute are these bow sandals from J.Crew?

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Friday Favorites (Glossier + Glowbar + Fashion)

I don’t know how it’s Friday already but I will take it! All week I was on call for jurty duty but each day at 5:00 PM when I called in, I was told by the recording to call back the next day. Well here we are at the end of the week and I didn’t have to appear and have been released from “duty” — I’m a very happy person!

I have a few favorites to share from the week, let’s take a look…

Glow Bar

I had my monthly 30-minute facial at GlowBar a few days ago — I these appointments so much! It’s just 30 minutes during which the esthetician decides which treatments your skin needs at that moment. Every appointment at Glowbar follows a format but looks a little different in terms of treatments and products used because your skin may require more or less hydration or exfoliation — I love the personalized attention.


Glossier Lip Balm

I placed a new Glossier order to restock what I think is the best lip balm – Glossier’s Balm dotcom.

I like to have several tubes available to me at all times. One for my gym bag, one for my makeup bag, one in my bathroom, and at least one unopened on reserve.

I ordered the Balm Dotcom trio which lets you pick three types while saving a few dollars. I chose two more unscented plus a birthday cake version for the light scent and sparkle.

These two tubes below were actually both in my makeup bag at once – in winter espcially, I can never have enough.


Oh! And I also ordered a Body Hero Exfoliating Bar for the shower! I will let you know what I think of it – I’ve heard great reviews but never bought it to try for myself until now.

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I noticed that lululemon has the Court Rival High-Rise Skirt in Sonic Pink. I lived in the white skirt last year, how could I not get pink?

Now is the time to shop lululemon’s We Made Too Much section for winter running accessories. Grab them on sale and use them this year or put away for next winter!

The belt bag in pink pastel is still in stock.

This full-zip sweatshirt in white from Aerie is right up my alley.

Already shopping beach cover-ups dresses for summer.

My Alo socks are my favorite socks. I need more pairs immediately.

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Friday Favorites (Alo Yoga in Pink!)


I don’t know about you but I had such a busy work week that I don’t know how it’s already Friday. However, I don’t recall Monday or even Tuesday. All I know is that I was able to run outside this week because it’s been slightly warmer which made me very happy.

I had a little time to browse my favorite websites and here’s a short list below of what I’ve been looking at!

Friday Favorites

I was so excited to see that Alo Yoga launched new products in PINK this week! Obviously, I want everything but here are the items standing out the most to me:

My go-to winter running top, the Hooded Runner Long Sleeve, now comes in Pink Fuchsia!

This Polo Henley Pullover in Pink Sugar.  Oh, and the Muse Shorts – I like this as a set for the spring.

Was it just last week that I mentioned the Accolade Hoodie? Well, now it comes in Pink Sugar which makes it perfect for everything including paired with the Muse Shorts.

This Love Knots Tie Scrunchie in Pink Fuchsia is on my list.

The Glow Sweatband 2-pack comes with one headband in pink fuchsia and one in powder pink. I wear these sweatbands for running when I’m not wearing a hat.

Aside from Alo finds, I’m considering these leggings from Splendid.

Cute tank and it’s on sale.

Sticking with the pink theme, I love this ruffled trim top.

You know I love a tote. I saw these straw totes last year and think I will need one of them for this summer.

In makeup news, I need to restock Glossier Futuredew. I like to mix it with my Ilia Foundation because it gives the right amount of brightness while also being like a primer. I never order just one thing from Glossier so I’ll probably throw in a Cloud Paint since I’m almost out of Puff which is a light shade of pink.

And finally, if you are a Disney Fan, Stoney Clover has a BIG launch tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST for their Disney collaboration. If you think that you may want something, plan to be online at exactly 10:00 AM because it will most definitely sell out fast.

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Have a great weekend!

Black Friday Shopping Deals

I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving.

I’ve actually been sick with a bad cold this week (not COVID) so yesterday was not the typical holiday for me. I did keep some of the desserts for myself at home though and those chocolate fudge-filled cookie cups are as delicious as they appear. 🙂


In typical Black Friday shopping fashion, here are some of the sites, stores, and deals I”ll be shopping today:

J.Crew is 40% off your purchase with code SHOPEARLY.

ShopBop is running big sales including discounted pricing on certain Stoney Clover pouches and bags.

I’ve already shopped Biossance’s 30% off sitewide sale to restock the best hand cream there is along with the toning mist I use to set my makeup.

If you missed the Sephora sale, you can shop Tatcha‘s Black Friday deals for many of the items I included in my skincare picks including Indigo Overnight Repair, the best makeup primer, and my favorite nightly lip mask.

Glossier’s Black Friday 20% sale is back this year!

You can be sure I’ve placed my order to stock up on Balm Dotcom lip balm/skin salve and Lash Slick mascara. Get the Glossier hoodie for yourself (or as a gift too) – I love it.

Here’s what I bought during last year’s Glossier’s Black Friday sale.

Bloomingdale’s is 25% Off MANY items throughout the site and store. There’s lots of Aqua included in the sale (including cashmere and my most favorite cashmere dress).

I want the Apparis faux fur fingerless gloves in pink, by the way.

Also, my friend bought me this Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw — it’s a great gift.

Alo Yoga is 20% off sitewide! I shared many of my favorites in this post including this Alosoft Hooded Runner Long Sleeve – it’s a must at this price and definitely rivals (if not emulates) the lululemon long sleeve Run Swiftly.

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Happy Shopping!







Birthday Dinners + Glossier Order + Fashion Faves


It was another long but fast yet productive week. And Wednesday was my son’s birthday! I can’t even that he is 18. I mean, I’ve been writing this blog since he was nine. Who can even believe that?! I know that I can’t.

I look back at posts like You Never Sleep Again and The Bar Mitzvah and still think of my favorite motherhood saying…

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short (< – another great post).

^still the lock screen on my phone!

I’m so glad that my son ended up local for college. For months I thought about how he would be in Buffalo for his birthday and how I wouldn’t be able to see him or give him the goody bag I make every year along with balloons. So with that last-minute school change over the summer because of the full scholarship offer to the local private university, we were able to meet for dinner two nights this week to celebrate his birthday. And I gave him his goody bag and bought balloons. 🙂

Of course, there was a dinner at Cheesecake.

lettuce wraps

And a birthday night dinner at Bar Frites.

salad molten cake

Friday Favorites

I’ve got a quick round of Friday Favorites for today! I placed an order recently from Glossier to restock a few things and try some new products too.


Balm Dot Com – THE BEST lip balm and skin salve. I order two at a time.

Lash Slick – My favorite mascara, I’m on like my 6th or 7th by now.

Universal Pro-Retinol – Well-priced, gentle yet effective. Very happy so far with this retinol.

Lidstar – This is my second Lidstar cream eye shadow. I figured I could use another color. The colors go on light, don’t give me allergies, and wear well.

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In fashion, Bloomingdale’s is still running Friends & Family with 25% off (not everything but a large variety) and free shipping for everyone.

I ordered the black cashmere dress that I mentioned recently. I LOVE IT. It’s a classic dress that is so ME and was worth every penny. I will have it forever.

I needed new jeans so I chose these from MOTHER and this pair from Rag & Bone. I’m still wearing skinny jeans no matter what is declared the trend. I wear what I like and what fits me the best.

Random, but I loved this pack of socks so had to get them, especially because they come with a scrunchie.

Did you see these Marshmallow sneakers from Saucony? The colors are everything.

Oh, and if you missed my post on Monday, check it out for my recent order and favorites from Alo Yoga.

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Friday Favorites: J.Crew Finds + Daily Scaled Down Makeup Routine

I love that it’s already Friday. I say already Friday because I was off from work Monday through Wednesday for Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah.

Yesterday felt like Monday but it wasn’t Monday, it was Thursday! Very confusing, but in the best way possible.

I’ve been over here eating leftover rainbow cookies from Rosh Hashanah. Rainbow cookies have always been an all-time top favorite cookie of mine — who doesn’t love a rainbow cookie though?!

rainbow cookies

Okay let’s talk some Friday Fashion Favorites. I bought a few great things from J.Crew recently!

First, this Quilted Puffer Shirt Jacket. It fits so well, is so soft, and the shade of pink is perfect.

I restocked my supply of J Crew white vintage cotton crewneck t-shirts and also bought this New York t-shirt in navy and this LOVE t-shirt too. .

In cashmere news, I bought this short-sleeve cashmere t-shirt, As I put it on, I said to myself that everything should be made of cashmere. Such a nice top.

On my cashmere list next is to get this cashmere cropped sweater tank.

I also think I need this Aqua cashmere dress.

Oh, and before I go, my basic daily scaled-down makeup routine is down to a science lately:

Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation

Glossier Cloud Paint

KosasBrow Pop Clean Duel Action Eyebrow Pencil

Glossier Lash Slick

Glossier Ultra Lip

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Graduation Day + Friday Favorites

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned my latest pizza superstition.

It had come to my attention that the Islanders were winning their playoff games against Tampa on the nights that I had pizza from La Piazza, and losing on the nights I didn’t.

Is it a coincidence that I had La Piazza for dinner Wednesday night and then the Islanders WON GAME SIX, forcing a GAME SEVEN tonight?

I think not. It’s all about the pizza.

We now know what dinner needs to be tonight after my son’s graduation.

My son graduates from high school today.

lindas fudge cake

Who wants to tell me where the time has gone?

Let me preface this to say – I am not old. I keep telling people this when I say my son is graduating from high school. That statement makes me sound old but my story is — I’m not old, he is. I just got married young and had my son at the age of 25. See, I’m still young. He’s old.

When my son was little, I would watch the school buses drive through our neighborhood and think to myself that my baby will never take a school bus, let alone go to school.

I couldn’t imagine letting him out into the world like that.


Of course, he did go to school, starting with preschool three days a week at the age of three.

But I didn’t actually want him to go.

The kid kept me on my toes but I loved hanging out with him all day, every day. I loved our mommy and me classes so much, and he was my best out for lunch buddy starting at two weeks old when the doctor said I could take him with me to the diner. He was ordering my food for me before his words were fully formed (vegetable pizza was set-a-ables pitz-da).

My favorite picture

Elementary school graduation feels like yesterday. I even had my blog at that time to write about how we went to Maureen’s Kitchen for brunch after the ceremony. And Max Brenner the next day with friends.

Four years ago, during middle school graduation, I thought about how high school graduation would come in a flash. I remember thinking that I would feel as though I was just sitting at the middle school graduation ceremony as if it was yesterday.

Yep, that’s the truth. Feels like yesterday. All of it feels like yesterday, including the Bar Mitzvah.


Two weeks ago, my son received an email from a local, private university. We’ve been all set for him to go upstate to Buffalo but out of nowhere, this local university appears with an offer of a full-tuition four-year scholarship.

We were NOT expecting that.

I think I went into shock when I heard this was on the table and my son was considering it. I have been very focused on preparing myself for him to leave, not to mention my full focus on all things dorm room for the University at Buffalo.

Long story short, he has decided to accept the local offer (and will likely live on campus – they are holding the dorm room for him) which means everything I bought for his Buffalo dorm room will still be used, only closer to home. This is what I’m thinking about – I have invested so much time and money into that dorm room decor!

In all seriousness, I really wanted him to go away for college to experience life outside of Long Island but in a really selfish way, the fact that he’s staying local is making this whole graduation from high school thing a whole lot easier.

In Friday Favorites news, I bought this Lily Pulitzer dress to wear to graduation later today. Thankfully it is a nice day and I don’t have to think about rain. What I do have to think about is dinner and getting a last-minute order together from La Piazza in the house for everyone to eat. We decided to cancel our dinner reservation in favor of a mad scramble out of the graduation ceremony to get home to watch the Islanders game. 

I get so excited to read beauty articles professing love for my lifelong favorite hairbrush.They aren’t cheap but I swear by Mason Pearson hairbrushes. Totally worth the investment.

You know I love a tote so I couldn’t resist this one from the Gap. It opens up so big and is great for the beach, not to mention, it’s super cheap.

I finally got my hands (and lips) on the Lawless Forget the Filler Lip Plumping Gloss. Every time I tried to buy it, it was sold out. I definitely recommend this lip gloss – it does what it says and feels really nice on my lips. The only issue – there isn’t a ton of product it seems in the tube so don’t go crazy using it unless you want to be buying another one super quick.

I also bought the Kosas Brow Pop Clean Dual Action Defining Eyebrow pencil. I’m not overly nutty or particular about brow pencils but I gave into the hype over this one from Kosas and can see why people love it so much.

Shopbop added new styles from Stoney Clover which is great because you likely get fast and free shipping.

I think that I would like to get these Nike socks.

Oh, and I’ve mentioned Glossier’s Balm DotCom several times but seriously, you need it. Not only is it amazing for the lips, but it’s also a universal skin salve which means you can apply it anywhere. I’ve been using it on my eyelids (because they tend to be really sensitive and can get irritated/dry) and it’s been like a magic cure.

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Have a nice weekend and please eat pizza so that the Islanders win tonight!



Friday Favorites! (Dresses + Glossier + Lululemon)


I’m hoping to get to the beach this weekend (to sit in the sand, not run) as the weather should be perfect. We’ve also got Game 4 of the Islanders playoff series to watch, Father’s Day on Sunday, and oh, my haircut/highlight appointment! Love when I get my hair done. 🙂

Long Beach ny

I know I mentioned that the Brooks Ghost 13’s are currently on sale but I’m going to list them again because it’s always good to grab running shoes at cheaper prices when you can!

This time of year especially, the right sweat-wicking underwear matter SO MUCH. I wrote about my favorites last year, but I noticed that lululemon now has 5-packs of panties available. I don’t think I saw those last year.

Why do I keep putting off purchasing the everywhere belt bag? I need it for beach runs yet I do nothing about it. And it’s SO CHEAP. I spend more on eye cream.

This coconut terry heart embroidered small pouch is just so summer.

I bought a few shirt dresses from Bloomingdales (it’s buy more save more time until June 20)  and love them all. This chambray shirt dress with little white stars attracted my attention immediately when I saw it in the store. The fit is great and goes with heels or sneakers. This ditsy floral button-down shirt dress, also from Aqua, was too cute to resist.

I also bought this Ralph Lauren belted shirt dress because I loved the extra flare to the skirt. I’m a huge fan of shirt dresses as well as fit and flare so this dress is perfect for me.

Did you grab anything from Glossier’s sale?

glossier makeup

The good news is, if you missed the sale, it’s okay. Glossier is so well priced that even without a sale, you are getting quality skincare/makeup products at cheaper prices.

I love the new Glossier Ultralip. It goes on like chapstick and hydrates the lips while adding subtle color. Really nice for summer. Oh, and also so nice for summer, is the cloud paint (seamless cheek color) in Puff. I love the shade of pink!

I couldn’t help myself and also ordered the Glossier pink hooded sweatshirt. It seemed like something a little different, wasn’t expensive, and believe it or not, I actually didn’t already have a pink hoodie. But now I do. 🙂

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Friendly’s Ice Cream + Update on Chocolate Chips (plus favorite finds)


It’s been a BUSY week of work but a super exciting week at the same time because the Islanders won their playoff series and will move on to Round 2 of the playoffs!

While I didn’t go to the games, my son did, and might I add, I taught him so well.

He knew to stop at Friendly’s after the big win Wednesday night to celebrate with ice cream.

He sent me this picture of his sundae (again, taught him so well) which I needed to share here on the blog. Remember our Friendly’s ice cream sundaes from years past? We used to get the crowd-pleaser ice cream sundae. Good times.

friendly's ice cream

In not-so-happy news, I went back to Trader Joe’s to straighten out the semi-sweet chocolate chips issue.

It’s still an issue.

My favorite chocolate chips are still missing from the shelves. I asked the cashier about the situation (to me this is a situation) and she informed me that it’s simply new packaging.

Well no. It’s not. I compared the ingredients to a package I still had in the house and the ingredients are different. She wasn’t aware of this so she didn’t really know what to say to me.

Great. I can’t talk about it. I will miss those semi-sweet chocolate chips if Trader Joe’s changed the recipe.

Trader Joe's chocolate chips

I’ll cheer myself up by looking at my new Stoney Clover pouch again. I wish the weather forecast was looking better for this Memorial Day weekend so that I could use this pouch at the beach but whatever, I will take the extra day off on Monday.

stoney clover clear pouch

Recent Favorite Finds:

I bought Glossier’s new Ultralip and it lives up to the description of being the cashmere sweatpants of lipstick.

What it is: The rich moisture of a balm, the sheen of a gloss, and the buildable color of a lip tint, without the hassle of layering multiple products—it’s one tube, one step, one… Ultralip!

If you are looking for a clean ingredient, natural deodorant that works, I do recommend Sweet Pitti from Drunk Elephant. I’m shocked it works so well.

I’ve never been a face powder person but suddenly I’m obsessed with Tactcha’s new silk powder protective setting powder. Clean ingredients, a little goes a long way, I barely need other makeup, and it doesn’t cake or matte your face. There’s a glow without shine when you look at yourself on zoom.

I knew I should have ordered this smocked mini dress from Rails. My size is sold out but maybe they still have it in-store. This one is nice too.

The button-downs from Rails aren’t cheap but they are honestly worth the investment. I love this one with the little hearts.

Bloomingdale’s now sells Carmen Sol bags for summer! The baby blue is the most gorgeous color, remember when my friends bought me one for my 40th birthday?

Last but not least, I really like this tie-back tank from J.Crew. They are on sale for the holiday weekend too.

Have a great weekend!

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5 Favorite Beauty Products To Try Right Now

Obviously, it’s impossible for me to really select just five favorite beauty products. I have an overflowing abundance of favorite beauty products filling up my bathroom and Stoney Clover pouches!

However, for the purposes of this post, I wanted to put together five favorite beauty products that do stand out to me and are worth sharing with you as must-have beauty items.

5 Favorite Beauty Products

Mason Pearson Hairbrush

While this list is in no particular order, I am putting my lifelong most favorite hairbrush first.

mason pearson hairbrush

If you haven’t tried a Mason Pearson hairbrush, I do think your hair is missing out. Don’t let the price tag scare you, if you invest in a Mason Pearson hairbrush, you will have it for at least 20 years. AT LEAST. I know I’ve said this before but I’ve been using a Mason Pearson hairbrush since I’m a little girl. It’s a classic beauty necessity and worth every penny.

This hairbrush instantly boosts shine and brushes hair as no other hairbrush can do. It’s a known fact. Plus, it comes with a nylon cleaning brush to assist you in keeping your hairbrush in tip-top shape.

mason Pearson hairbrush

Drunk Elephant Milky Micellar Water

I have more ways to remove makeup in my bathroom than most but this Micellar Water from Drunk Elephant is the most gentle, the most effective makeup remover I’ve ever experienced.

What it is: A milky, ceramide-rich micellar water that thoroughly and gently removes makeup, dirt, pollution, and bacteria from the face and eye area—no rinsing needed.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

If you want a makeup remover that doesn’t irritate in any way and can remove your face and eye makeup all at once, here it is. I’m always so fascinated at how quickly and easily the makeup from my eyes is removed with zero burning or irritation.

drunk elephant micellar water

See also: Drunk Elephant Skincare Routine

e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Um, this brow pencil is literally two dollars. You can’t NOT at least try it! Like even if you have another brow pencil that you use, how do you not add this e.l.f. brow pencil to your makeup bag as a back up? Again, it’s two dollars and I find it to be a terrific brow pencil. Grab it at Target, it’s a no brainer!

e.l.f. brow pencil

See also: E.L.F. Skincare Review


I wear sunscreen every day and if you have been reading for a while, you know that I preach about the need for sunscreen and the importance of the ingredients in the products you apply to your skin.  All sunscreens are NOT created equal.

I’ve been using Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 this winter on a daily basis. It sits well under makeup and works well for running too.

What it is: A sheer physical sunscreen that delivers powerful broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and aids in the prevention of free-radical and oxidative damage.
Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily
Skincare Concerns: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Dark Spots, and Dullness and Uneven Texture

umbra sheer daily defense spy 30

My all-time favorite summer sunscreen for running, the beach, and every day is Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50.

Without a doubt, this product is my must-have spring and summer item. My face has never even come close to burning while wearing this sunscreen and I do believe it has helped to prevent premature aging, sun damage, and wrinkles. I do not run in the spring or summer without this sunscreen on my face and I never go to the beach without it.

skinceuticals sunscreen

Product Details: Offers the photo-protection of trusted physical filters zinc oxide (Z-COTE®) and titanium dioxide, and is enhanced by artemia salina, a plankton extract known to increase the skin’s defenses and resistance to UV and heat stress. Color-infused technology enhances natural skin tone and boosts daily radiance.

Key Features / Benefits: Infused with translucent color spheres that blend with all skin tones, this weightless fluid boosts daily radiance and provides broad spectrum UV protection with 100% physical UV filters. Dries quickly with no residue and contains no chemical filters. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive. 

See also: What’s in my Stoney Clover Pouch For Summer Running

Glossier Lash Slick

I’ve professed my love for Glossier’s Lash Slick mascara several times in the past so of course, it was making this top 5 favorite beauty products list.

glossier lash slick

Why it’s special: Lash Slick’s weightless, flexible formula enhances the look of your natural lashes. The secret’s in teeny-tiny fibers that coat each individual hair from root to tip creating maximum definition and length—think less “your mascara looks good” and more “your lashes look good”

  • It’s water-resistant, not waterproof—that means it stays in place without smudging or flaking for up to 12 hours, but then removes easily with warm water (and without harsh, damaging rubbing) when you’re ready to take it off

  • As your everyday mascara, nourishing ingredients like Provitamin B5 and Biotinyl Tripeptide-1 help support sleek, shiny, cared-for lashes long term

I’m telling you – if you haven’t tried Lash Slick yet, you just have to if you want perfectly lengthened, lifted, natural yet enhanced and pretty lashes. It’s all in that wand and how it so easily separates the lashes. It’s fascinating, actually. There’s a reason it’s a cult favorite!

Mascara Trick: I like to use the Lash Slick wand with my Dior Mascaras too. I keep one Lash Slick for this purpose. When I really want to amp up my lashes (like if you actually have somewhere to be), I dip the Lash Slick wand in Dior Mascara which gives the lashes extra volume while separately them perfectly.

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