Recipe Challenge: Baked Falafel


I got¬†a letter in the mail from my son yesterday. Among other things he listed about the fun he is having at camp so far, he let me know he is remembering to stay hydrated. See, I knew I was raising him right. ūüôā

This recipe challenge that Laura and I committed ourselves to doing each week is really keeping me accountable in the kitchen.

We have been thrilled to learn that so many of you have tried the recipes too and love that we are inspiring others to experiment in the kitchen rather than stay caught up in cooking the same meals every week!

This Week’s Recipe Challenge: Falafel

Falafel has been on my list to try making for way too long. I really wanted to finally attempt a falafel recipe that was baked, not fried and if possible, made without filler ingredients.

baked falafel

I chose this Easy Baked Falafel recipe from Peach & Plenty and it was just that, easy. And baked.


This falafel recipe came together so quick that I wondered why I never tried making falafel in the past. All I did was combine all of the ingredients in my mini food processor, scoop it into little patties and bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

baked falafel

I halved the recipe which worked really well too.

I served the baked falafel over a simple greek salad with a scoop of hummus on top and enjoyed it for lunch twice this week.

baked falafel


I definitely liked this baked falafel recipe. I would call it good although wouldn’t say it’s amazing or as good as Maoz, my fave vegetarian spot.

This is¬†a baked falafel recipe. It’s not going to taste like the crunchy fried types of falafel. It’s also made without filler ingredients which is noticeable too. But I liked it!

Next time I think I would want to try pan frying the falafel in my cast iron pan for a few minutes before baking in the oven to get more of a crispy outside.

baked falafel

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3 things you are doing this weekend?

Do you like falafel? Do you make it at home or have a favorite place to order it?

Any opinion on which type of recipe Laura and I should make next week?


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