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I didn’t plan on running yesterday since I ran six miles both Monday and Tuesday but I couldn’t resist when I woke up to “warm” temperatures.

I decided to just run and ignore my pace. Some runs need to be easy and keeping track of my pace while attempting to “just run”  becomes too much information and can interfere with my intentions.

Speaking of too much information, the topic on the radio the other day (Z-100 if you were curious which station) was facebook stalking.

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Oh just admit it – you have done this at least once in your life.

You have looked up someone and proceeded to stalk out their facebook page along with their friends and their friends and then their friends hoping for the public profile which will allow you access to some picture, post or link in order to put together recent whereabouts of your “person of interest”.

One of my finer qualities is my ability to figure things out. This innate ability of mine is so strong, so overwhelming, works too well and really needs to be saved for emergency situations.

I am capable of tying things together so quickly that if you give me a name, within minutes I can tell you what their second cousin on their mother’s side ate last Wednesday.

I ask you though, how much information becomes too much? Are you really better off finding things out? Does seeking out or shall I say, stalking out, really benefit you in any way or does it all just become information overload not only taking up brain space but affecting how you may lead your life?

I may have changed my tune on the whole keeping your head out of the sand thing. There is a fine line between needing to know certain things and choosing ignorance is bliss as your frame of mind.

But where do you draw the line?

Take food for example.

I am not a calorie counter but I am someone who has learned to pay close attention to ingredients.

If you eat an unprocessed, nutrient dense diet, you haven’t much to think about since apples, sweet potatoes and legumes aren’t going to involve extra ingredients you can’t pronounce, but everything else? You could really lose your mind.

Once I learned about what we should avoid, I have had moments where I feel like it has become information overload.

I have to stop sometimes and ignore what I know just to eat out or allow my son to enjoy certain foods and “live a little”.

It isn’t easy. It isn’t easy to ignore Red #40 or Yellow #5 or trying to explain to my son why I don’t buy the blue box of Mac and Cheese.

Would it be so wrong to buy it? We all ate it as kids and are here to tell about it.

Instead of taking on the blue box debate with him last night, I took us for dinner at Whole Foods.

unnamed (115)

The head in the sand approach is much needed when you are hungry and loading up your bowl. You just cannot think about the price at this point.

My wallet may not agree but last night, our bowls were worth every bite.

unnamed (116)

Hard to tell but my son loaded up on the Whole Foods Mac and Cheese which he loved. So maybe we don’t need the blue box?

By the way, how often do you pick up food from the Whole Foods  deli counter?

Their prepared foods, like the roasted vegetable dishes, giant meatballs, pastas and tofu creations, looked so delicious that I am considering a head in the sand approach to their pricing by the pound and letting Whole Foods take care of our meals for a week.

That would be fun, yes? I really could use a break from cooking.

I don’t know when that cooking break will take place but I will be taking a running break today. It is back to below freezing once again and raining or snowing or something so I am off to the gym for cross training.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Thinking Out Loud fun!


Confess- Are you a social media stalker?

How often do you ignore your pace while running?

Do you struggle to ignore what you know sometimes about food?

Favorite prepared foods from Whole Foods?




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