Running Too Many Days and Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe


I am going to try to force myself NOT to run this morning. I can’t make any promises because I often do what I feel like doing rather than what I should, or really shouldn’t in this case, be doing.

I have woken up each day this week wanting nothing more than to run each morning (six days in a row now) when usually I cross train or take a rest day somewhere in between.

It’s all in the new shoes. I swear it. Blame them.

Yes, there is a downside to a fresh pair of running shoes.

I knew I needed a new pair of sneakers but since I have princess feet, sometimes I question how dire the situation really is.

adidas energy boost

Having now worn the new pink Adidas Energy Boost for ten days (and over sixty something miles), it has become clear to me that the yellow pair were more burned out than I even thought.

Over the last little while, I had been experiencing slight left hip pain throughout the day. Nothing major at all. I didn’t think about it or worry about it and just sometimes felt something. I noticed it randomly and attributed it more to an increase in mileage than anything else.

My heels, both my heels – they were an issue. Since it was both feet, I was confident nothing was seriously wrong but they were bothering me at the start of each run as well as walking after sitting (or sleeping) for extended periods of time.

Enter the new sneakers. No more aches and pains. In fact, I have been walking around with that overall feeling of having not run AT ALL.

You know what I mean, right? Even after a great run or workout, you somehow know you did something? Later in the day you are fatigued somehow? The next morning you have a general awareness that you ran ten miles the day before?

Feeling nothing can be a problem actually because one cannot run every single day. You just can’t.

And if you think you can, which subconsciously sometimes I do, out of nowhere the cumulative effect hits and you are burned out, tired, dead legged, overtrained and left severely injury prone, or, dare I say, actually injured.

Tomorrow is my long run so I really don’t need all of this catching up with me in the morning. I know it will catch up at some point. It always does.

I wish I wasn’t so stubborn.

runner ecard

Do as I say not as I do please.

The one place that I actually do feel sore lately is in my neck and upper back when I wake up because I need new pillows.

I kind of knew for a while that I needed new pillows but I have been putting it off because I would rather spend pillow money on frozen yogurt and running shoes.

Speaking of frozen yogurt, I won the battle of the ice cream man last night.

Not only do I have to compete with a musical truck riding around full of overly priced popsicles, my child feels that warm weather, extended daylight and no homework for the remainder of the school year means every evening should be out for dessert night.

I wasn’t spending the money when I knew I had a perfectly good carton of ice cream in my over-packed freezer.

I had to get creative really quick though last night because he was in one of those moods where everything I offered him was a terrible disgusting idea. As if.

graham cracker ice cream sandwich

Enter the graham cracker ice cream sandwich. Just place a big giant scoop of ice cream, frozen yogurt (or whatever frozen concoction you have in your freezer that you pass off as ice cream) on top of a graham cracker square, throw in some chocolate chips and close it up like a sandwich.

graham cracker ice cream sandwich

Go ahead and spread some peanut butter on those graham crackers too.

Voila. Graham cracker ice cream sandwich.

When I have cool whip (Trader Joe’s House Whip actually) in the house, I like to make cold smores in the summer which I know I posted about last year.

Here is a link to that recipe which is so super simple – all you need is cool whip, chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers.

I haven’t been food shopping all week (been living out of my freezer) but it is time to restock the kitchen and will now remember to add House Whip to my list.

The trick is to remember to bring the list with me.

Have a terrific summer weekend!


Are you a stubborn runner?

Favorite quick dessert recipe?

What’s one thing on your weekend agenda?



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