When To Replace Running Shoes And My Favorite Salad

I received a few questions yesterday regarding how to know when it’s time to replace your sneakers.

They say your running shoes should last you anywhere between 300 – 500 miles, with lighter-weight runners supposedly getting to the upper end of the recommendation.

I always laughed at this concept because as a pretty light-weight runner, I usually notice my shoes wearing out closer to the 300 mile mark. Princess feet, total princess feet.

On average, if you run let’s say 25 miles a week, you should be looking to replace your sneakers every three to four months.

But go by how you feel.

If you are suddenly experiencing random aches and pains, if your feet suddenly feel lack of support, the loss of cushioning and comfort, it may be time for a new pair of running shoes.

My feet are so sensitive that suddenly I will notice the fronts of my running shoes feeling a bit worn, that the cushioning is not there or lately in my last pair of Adidas, my heels just felt a lack of support and slight pain.

When these symptoms occur, I do a quick average mileage count since owning (and wearing) the running shoes and usually find myself somewhere between 300-350 miles.

The Adidas Energy Boost are known to give you more miles than other shoes which shockingly, was the case even for me.

I have been able to get more miles out of these sneakers but I am still on my third pair since November. ecard

Running in worn out sneakers can cause injury. I don’t need that. And neither do you.

I know it can get pricey, especially since the more you run, the faster your shoes wear out but it’s worth it.

Your health, fitness and the mental stability you receive from working out is worth paying for. ecard

If you find a sneaker model you love, keep an eye out for the sales and then stock up. Only on rare occasion have I had an issue where the exact same shoe didn’t feel the same.

Regarding finding the right shoes for you, click here for a previous post on the topic. This post also includes some good running tips which we discussed a few months ago. Sometimes even I benefit from rereading my own posts.

Moving on….

cheesecake factory salad

Yes, I had my salad once again last night. And look, the universe heard my craving for corn this week and blessed me with a big portion.

I had to take my son shopping for a suit yesterday afternoon which was the opposite of fun. I knew it wouldn’t be fun so I purposely planned our shopping to take place in the vicinity of The Cheesecake Factory.

I know we shouldn’t eat our emotions but knowing I would have my salad topped with onion rings once we were done shopping was motivation to stay smiling as we tortured some store employees looking for the suit.

Can’t begin to tell you about the experience. Let’s just say that the store employee was taking my son’s measurements and he was busy texting around the measuring tape. I was mortified and grabbed the phone but he was texting a girl and I try to be cool and understanding but oh the embarrassment.

I love that today is Friday. Tonight I will be having dinner with two of my friends from high school.

I was informed last night that our plan is to meet at The Cheesecake Factory.

Good thing I always say I could eat this salad every day for the rest of my life.

Before I go get my day moving, I must share one more ecard with you this morning: ecard

This would be me. You want me to run? No problem. Fold the laundry? I just can’t today, no energy to do it.

Have a great weekend!


How often do you replace your running shoes?

What restaurant could you dine at every day and never get tired of it?

What do you hate more – folding the laundry or emptying the dishwasher?      

Mars vs. Venus

Good Morning and Happy New Year!


This ecard cracked me up. I just love a good ecard, don’t you?

So would you believe that I tried to go out for an early easy run yesterday morning only to spot that pesky male runner on my path ahead of me?

My father always questions how I know he is “ahead” of me, like how do I know when or where he started and maybe he is so slow that I am actually about to lap him.

In any event, he appeared on my horizon, apparently ahead of me. I tried very hard to ignore it. Very hard. But of course, the gap between us slowly became smaller and smaller and I had no choice but to pass him.

Yes, it feels that good every time.

Anyway, we are off to temple a little later today. Please think of me sitting there for a good two hours next to the little boy who spends a majority of the time asking when the service will end as well as letting me know that his shoes are uncomfortable and that he needs to go home and change his clothes.

Boys and girls are quite different, aren’t they? I mean, sure, I love my leggings but still jump at the opportunity to wear a pretty dress or put on my nicer clothes.

IMG_4984 (2)

And, I don’t know about you, but I always loved school supplies- especially sets like this. I couldn’t resist buying this set for the boy.

Although my inner child would have preferred a Hello Kitty version (and Islanders as well), there was always something so fun to me about a new set of folders, pencils, erasers and pencil case.

Man, I loved my pencil case.

The little boy? Well, he could care less. In fact, he thinks I am nuts that I get excited about this stuff.


Instead he gets excited about tossing a ball in the air or at the wall or anything it may bounce off of, including me on occasion.

I should frame this ecard and hang it in the house as a constant reminder for the no ball throwing. Why do boys feel the need to constantly toss a ball in the air or at something? Geez.

I guess the whole Mars vs. Venus thing is very real and starts at a super young age….

In fact, quick story before I go – when he was only 6, he told his best little friend Alexandra to go home. She wondered what she did wrong and his response was, and I quote:

“I am tired and would like some alone time. You did nothing wrong, it is not you – it is me.”

Mars vs. Venus friends, at it’s best, yes?

Have a great Thursday and if you are Jewish, please enjoy your apples and honey for a sweet new year.

If you aren’t Jewish, please have an apple with honey anyway – and some peanut butter.








Happy Friday friends!

I know you are all curious to see if I ran again yesterday.

I sure did. Another 4.50 miles.

Now remember, I do normally run quite often, it is just that since last Saturday, my runs are occurring as if I had not run the day before – completely free of any form of tired, sore, stiff and/or heavy legs.


One of my favorite ecards.

I am trying to keep myself from running this morning so that tomorrow’s long run isn’t affected but I really have the itch to run again.

I hate to cross train when I feel like a good run.

My Lifetime membership is really being neglected. I can’t justify paying it when I find myself only getting there once or even twice a week. I have decided to notify them that I wish to freeze the membership beginning August 1.

They require notification one month in advance so if I let them know now, they will honor my request.

I can unfreeze at any point so if I decide in August that I want to start going more, I can just walk in.

In other news, I took the boy for his monthly orthodontist appointment.

As you may recall, we often get in trouble at these appointments.

I say “we” because they blame me for his neglecting of the night brace.


If you ever felt I was exaggerating, here it is – it black and white. Or shall I say red.

I snapped a photo of the chart when no one was looking. Three separate times we have been accused of poor cooperation.

One time with an exclamation point.

Not this time friends.

Thank goodness. Because if I got in trouble again I was prepared to inform them that I am in summer messy mode and his wearing of the apparatus was at the bottom of my to-do list which I had yet to write.

Speaking of my to-do list, I don’t feel as though I accomplished everything I wanted to this week work-wise. But sometimes that can happen, yes?

Since it is the weekend, I am going to focus on what I am neglecting on my bucket list rather than my to-do list.

yellow watermelon

Ever had yellow watermelon? Me neither.

Rumor has it yellow watermelon is even better than the classic red.

I have big intentions of heading out east soon to a watermelon farm to locate the yellow fruit and see what all the hoopla is about.

pb and co

I have been talking for too long about making my way to the Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich Shop in the city. I am disappointed in myself for not getting there yet.

carnival sunshine

I feel a cruise on the horizon. It has been on my mind for a while and I am all about checking out Carnival’s newest ship, Sunshine.

I know the cruise industry has taken a big hit and people are wary of boarding the ships these days but I remain unphased.

Carnival especially has been in the limelight but reviews and description of their newest ship make me quite curious and eager to plan a trip.

I don’t know that this weekend will allow for me to cross anything off my bucket list but we shall see.

Before I head out for my run (we all knew cross training wasn’t happening), here is my favorite ecard from this week:

chocolate cake

Have a great weekend!


I need to know:

Have you ever had yellow watermelon?

Do you have a bucket list?

Do you have a favorite cruise line?

Friday Humor

Happy Friday friends!

Everyone loves Friday. Even when you have nothing planned for the weekend, just the idea of Friday and the arrival of the weekend is enough to put people in a good mood.


As you can probably tell by now, I am pretty good at putting myself in a good mood and making light of even the heaviest of situations.

So what’s the secret to my endless positive attitude?

Confession: I can make myself laugh. Often. Like hysterical, uncontrollable laughter.

Laughter my friends is up there with exercise as the best form of medicine.

laughter is the best medicine

And while it is great to get your laugh on with your friends, sometimes, you need to be able to make yourself smile.


So how to do make myself laugh? Well, modern technology has been assisting me lately.


I am absolutely obsessed these days with the funny and sarcastic quotes and ecards circulating the internet.

Some people love the sappy, meaningful quotes for inspiration. And I do too.

But sometimes, one needs the sarcastic humor of the quotes in order to mitigate some of life’s challenges.


I read them and laugh. When I am feeling super generous, I forward them by text to my friends or we go back and forth posting them on facebook.


I thought I would share a sampling of my favorites for you today to kick off the weekend for you. I am telling you that there is a sarcastic ecard quote for just about any situation:


I am the queen of contacting customer service.


I hate cleaning out leftovers in my pyrex containers.


Welcome to my world. I was told last night that the fact that I make quinoa makes me weird.


I can’t help but picture those funky pants M.C. Hammer used to wear.

Speaking of pants, here are two of my favorites:



My favorite facebook quotes:


I always have my sunglasses on.


Tell me this hasn’t happened to you?


OK, if you aren’t laughing yet, I don’t know if we could be friends.



And in the spirit of my favorite little hobby:

th (3)

Have a great weekend!


Do you make yourself laugh?

Do you love these ecards?

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