Thinking Out Loud 6/11/15



Have I told you about my struggles (more like battles) with the boxes of plastic wrap?

I just can’t do it correctly.

Somehow the plastic wrap always seems to go from tearing off neatly to peeling apart in small little pieces, sticking together and then suddenly, without warning, I lose the spot on the roll where it tears off and it can never be found again.

At least not by me that is. I need someone else to do it for me. I think I have three rolls of plastic wrap waiting for assistance.


So that new Run Swiftly short sleeve that I bought the other day at lululemon?

Run Swiftly

The real reason I needed a new Run Swiftly is because the other two that I have are a little bit damaged.

One shirt has rust marks where the pins to hold a race bib once were because I accidentally washed the shirt with the bib still attached after a race.

And just a couple of weeks ago, I sort of bleached the other shirt (the bleach only hit in the bib area which is great) when I — sit down for this one — somehow, by total accident,

Dropped the bottle of toilet bowl cleaner inside of the washing machine without knowing it and continued to run the laundry.


I know, right? I don’t know understand how that happened either. All I do know is that when I was sorting the laundry into the dryer, I pulled out the bottle.

It could have been worse. Really. Nothing else got ruined. Well, nothing aside from a few t-shirts of my son’s but hey, isn’t tye-dye still in style?

Speaking of tye-dye, I got this cute dress from the Gap yesterday.

Gap Tye Dye Dress

You need it. It fits real cute and comfy and it was 40% off (if you use your Gap/Banana credit card).

The Gap that I frequent is next to a Victoria’s Secret which I was shopping in just last week. I needed some new underwear but I also really needed one of those lingerie laundry bag things.

You know, to protect your intimates from the harsh cycle of the washing machine (and from people like me who have no clue how to do laundry).

While Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell the special lingerie bag (which I don’t understand but okay), the nice girl who worked there told me that all she uses is one of the cottony satchel bags that are normally used to protect/store her pocketbooks.

laundry bag

Genius, right?! I have a ton of those cotton bags which I use to keep my purses nice and neat but I certainly had one to spare. It works like a charm! You just load it up with your undergarments, pull the drawstring and proceed as usual with your laundry without ruining a thing.

And to round today’s Thinking Out Loud post with something random, I tried Dunkin Donuts new Chips Ahoy flavored iced coffee yesterday!

dunkin donuts chips ahoy iced coffee

It was good, it maybe tasted like a Chips Ahoy cookie for a brief second but it was almost too sweet for someone like me, who normally takes her coffee with the tiniest drop of skim milk and nothing else. If I were to order it again, I would have to ask for less flavoring but then it really wouldn’t taste like a cookie so what would be the point?

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Any laundry mishaps you want to share with me?

Are you good about folding your clothes immediately or do they sit in the dryer for a few days?

Have you tried the new flavors of iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts? Which is your favorite?

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