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I had a running dream the other night, actually, it was more like a running nightmare.

I was about to run a half marathon when I realized at the race starting line that I forgot to bring my Hammer Gels AND also forgot my headphones.

At first I panicked but then said this to myself in my dream:

You forgot your emergency jelly beans too?! I guess you can always grab a Gatorade in place of water at one of the water stops but you didn’t train with Gatorade so maybe not a good idea. This is bad. However, you know you can certainly run 13 miles without fuel. It is not ideal, may keep you from going super fast but totally doable.

The headphones. How could you forget your headphones?! Fuel is one thing, but the music? Run 13 miles without music? Oh this isn’t good but can be done.

Of course I felt the need to analyze this dream during my workout yesterday.

Was this dream really all about being afraid of forgetting race necessities? I don’t even have a race coming up that quickly. My next half marathon isn’t until November 12.

Was this dream really about running or was it more of a symbol for realizing the strengths and abilities I have in other areas of life beyond running?

Interesting symbolism to think about, right? Dreams are fun like that.

When I have time, I love going back to read old posts.

For some reason though, I always jump back to look at 2013 or check what I was doing exactly a year ago, completely ignoring 2014.

Why do I ignore 2014? I haven’t the slightest idea.

When I realized that I have been ignoring 2014, I took a quick look at some of the posts from around this time two years ago and here’s what I found:

Citifield Luxury Suite Eats < – I can’t believe this was two years ago already! Such a fun night of food and the Mets game was okay too. 🙂

That time I went to Philadelphia for lunch < – I keep telling my son that we need to road trip to Philadelphia again really soon for lunch. We went two years ago for lunch at Reading Terminal Market and saw the Liberty Bell before making it home in time for dinner. Philadelphia isn’t that far from New York. Maybe we will go again next week before school starts!

I haven’t stepped foot in lululemon in a really long time.

I only realized this when I walked past the lululemon store the other day when I was in the mall. I don’t need anything at the moment so why even go in? Maybe this fall I will add another Run Swiftly long sleeve shirt to my rotation, maybe I will get another pair of pace rival pants but beyond that, my regular wardrobe deserves the attention, not what I wear for an hour a day at 6:00 am when only the dog walkers see me.

Did we ever discuss that Trader Joe’s started carrying Synergy Kombucha?! The best part is that the price is only $2.99 per bottle which is a lot cheaper than anywhere else around here.

synergy kombucha

I am sort of ready for my son to start school so we can get back into a routine but at the same time, I am just not ready. My running routine will have to stick to a strict time schedule during the week and that combined with later sunrises is sounding like a real drag.

Speaking of my running routine, yesterday I needed to shake things up and rejuvenate myself from the same old, same old. I felt burned out from the thought of my usual running route and couldn’t bear the thought of listening to my usual music. Even with using Pandora to change-up my songs, it just all sounds the same after a while.

I felt like I needed something different yesterday so I skipped my easy run and headed inside to my community’s gym for an elliptical workout. I really believe you can achieve a heart pumping great workout on the elliptical machine if you put the effort into it which I did – what a great workout!

elliptical machine

I watched the news in place of listening to music and felt so energized by doing something different. I also skipped Pure Barre and replaced it with weights in the gym along with squats and things like that in between two sets of 20 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Don’t be afraid to do something different in your workout routine!

Quick Bar Mitzvah planning update:

My son’s photo shoot was yesterday. We already got the link to see the proofs so now from over 100 pictures, I have to narrow things down to about four photos.

I had my first dress fitting the other day. The best part about my dress isn’t how pretty it is but that the bra is built-in so I technically don’t need to wear one. It doesn’t even feel like I am wearing a bra which you know makes me so happy!

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Do you remember your dreams often? Ever dream about running or forgetting your stuff for a race?

If you are a blogger, do you look back at old posts?

Anything new of interest going on in lululemon that I am missing?





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