I Tried Doughology Donuts


Where did the weekend go?! I’m not even asking this to make small talk. I don’t do small talk. I’m also not the type to gush about being so busy blah blah blah. Nah. I’m not one of the bloggers people. The weekend just went really fast between schlepping my son around, shopping, cleaning out drawers, getting my haircut and sitting on the couch watching television. I caught great old episodes of the Golden Girls! I love the Golden Girls!

And just somehow, it’s Monday already.

Anyway. The only thing I really feel like discussing quickly today from the weekend is that I finally tried Doughology donuts.

When it comes to trending desserts, I was ALWAYS more of a cupcake person than a donut person. Of course as a kid I loved Dunkin Donuts but the trendy donut shops that are popping up right now are featuring way more exciting donuts than the Dunkin selection.

With the cupcake trend dying (Crumbs closed on me) and trendy donut shops opening up all over the place, it was about time I tried Doughology donuts!


Photo Credit: Doughology

Looks like an amazing donut selection at Doughology based on their menu, right? They even have a custom donut bar where you can customize your own donut!

My only real issue is that I went there wanting to try Doughology’s rainbow cookie donut which I see plastered all over social media BUT it’s only available every other Sunday. Whatever, I will be back in two weeks to try it.


Photo Credit: Doughology

From Doughology’s pretty donut menu, I chose the Devil Dog donut. It was as yummy as it looks and really hit the spot for me this weekend!

For the Devil Dog donut, they sliced a fresh chocolate donut and then filled and topped with a delicious whipped cream and chocolate chips.

devil dog donut

I took a few bites from the Churro donut too. A churro donut would normally not be my style but was actually really terrific! The only time I truly enjoy a churro is when they serve it with hot fudge on the side. However, the churro donut at Doughology was really good, even without chocolate.


Now you want a donut, don’t you. I know, me too. Alongside my cup of coffee would be just perfect on this Monday morning.

doughology devil dog donut

I’ll keep you posted regarding the rainbow cookie donut. It’s definitely on my calendar to go back to Doughology in two weeks to try it!

In terms of other trending dessert spots, I’m remembering that Spoons Ice Cream & Cereal bar is now open for the season! Here’s my review from last summer in case you missed it.

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How was your weekend? Did it go way too fast for you too?

Do you like donuts?  Do you have a trendy donut shop near you? What’s your favorite type of donut?


Chocolate Chip Strawberry Baked Donuts


I am so excited to see that my loaded blueberry muffins have become such a hit!

I have received many emails and social media shout outs about the recipe (including mentions from Lake Shore Runner and Run2Golden) and I LOVE hearing how creative everyone is getting in developing their own muffin variations!

In fact, I got creative too.

I loved how well those muffin ingredients combined and had a feeling they would work beautifully to make donuts so I tweaked the flavors a bit to bring us something super special for Valentine’s Day.


chocolate chip strawberry baked donuts

Oh my gosh. Get excited.

We are talking holiday pretty with chocolate and strawberry, baked with heart healthy ingredients yet tasty for our soul delicious donuts.

If you don’t have a donut pan, donut worry. Ha, I am funny today.

You can use this exact chocolate chip strawberry donut recipe to make muffins instead.

I made mini muffins and they came out adorable.

chocolate chip strawberry muffins

I swapped the Chobani 100 blueberry greek yogurt from the blueberry muffins recipe for strawberry greek yogurt and used chocolate chips in place of blueberries.

And one other adjustment: Chocolate milk.

Instead of basic boring organic skim milk, I used chocolate skim milk for added chocolate flavor.

I think I am on a chocolate milk kick this week actually which is not something I drink on the regular but when a craving strikes, I am not one to ignore.

chocolate milk

I thought I had a dream that I was drinking chocolate milk in the middle of the night but it turns out, it wasn’t a dream.

The empty chocolate milk on the counter is proof it happened.

So you don’t have to frost the donuts but they come out really pretty and extra chocolately if you do.


And if you have Valentine’s Day sprinkles, go for it.

chocolate chip strawberry baked donuts



Please reach out and let me know if you make these chocolate chip strawberry baked donuts or any of the yummy recipes I share on the blog.

I love hearing from you!

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Do you have a donut pan? Do you remember to use it? I forgot I had one!

Last food craving you had? Do they ever hit you in the middle of the night?

Are you baking for Valentine’s Day or did you buy lots of chocolate instead?


Running Observations And Quinoa Flakes Breading Recipes

IMG_0043 (2)

Oh hi!

Over the weekend I realized some things and thought I would share them with you this morning:

Observation #1: I like to run in the rain.

Weird? Yes, I think so. At least for me. I mean, when would I ever want to spend time in the rain? Never.

Except while running. As long as there is no wind, I have come to realize that I enjoy my runs in the rain.

When we last spoke Friday morning, I planned on an easy and quick workout before my busy day. I didn’t mention anything about running in the rain because I didn’t know I would be running in the rain.

It started raining about half a mile in but it certainly didn’t bother me. In fact, I had a great and fast 4 mile run.

Observation #2: No two runs are alike but the feeling at the end of each run is the same.

I laughed to myself at the beginning of Saturday’s long run because as great and as fast as Friday’s run was in the rain, Saturday’s run in the sunshine was the complete opposite and anything but awesome.

It might have felt like my longest, most never-ending run yet. But I didn’t stop. Well, only to go to the bathroom and adjust my shoe laces more times than I care to admit.

Nothing hurt me, nothing was actually wrong, so no reason to call it quits. I just didn’t have the same awesomeness going as I did the day before. When that happens, I slow down and enjoy the ride. Or run in this case.

I realized that no two runs are ever the same nor can you ever really predict when the great or not so great runs will occur.

Yet, regardless of the run, when you are finished with what you set out to do, you will always feel proud.

Observation #3: Nothing is better than running early, taking a shower, putting the pajamas back on and climbing back into bed.

IMG_0813 (2)

Hiding under my covers, especially when the temperatures are suddenly in the 20’s with wind chills in single digits, is simply divine.

Observation #4: I may actually like the bicycle.

IMG_0809 (2)

I randomly decided to cool down on the bicycle yesterday after completing 30 minutes on the elliptical and my version of strength training. 5 lb weights used for bicep/tricep routine.

I didn’t even realize that the bike in my gym had so many options; in fact, the screen made me think I was on the elliptical since it was exactly the same.

IMG_0807 (2)

While I only pedaled for 7 minutes, I do think I may attempt a full workout on this bike, making use of the intervals and resistance levels.

Observation #5: I have yet to post my Quinoa Flake Breading recipe.

Just because I don’t always post on the weekend doesn’t mean I am not doing something blog related. I often use the weekend to catch up on blog maintenance and site enhancements.

I spent some time compiling my recipes from the past year all in one new page and realized I had never posted my quinoa flakes breading recipe.

I mentioned making eggplant parm using quinoa flakes in this post but never got around to the post where I would explain how I did it.

IMG_0043 (2)

It is so simple that you must go and buy a box of Quinoa Flakes. This combination of the flakes, parmesan cheese and some seasoning really makes for a nice breadless breading.

It crisps up all nice and you can feel cool for cooking and eating quinoa.

The Quinoa Flakes Breading recipe is the same for anything you wish to bread; eggplant, chicken, mozzarella sticks, zucchini fries….endless possibilities.

IMG_0028 (2)

The amounts really depend on how much you wish to bread but a standard recipe is as follows:

  • 1/2 Quinoa Flakes
  • 1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese
  • Oregano or any desired seasonings
  • one egg or two whites

Combine flakes, cheese and seasoning in a bowl. Dip eggplant, chicken (or whatever you wish to bread) in egg or egg whites and then coat in the breading.

Bake on a lightly greased pan. Or pan fry.

IMG_0034 (3)

I promise you that no one will notice you used quinoa instead of breadcrumbs. In fact, they will rave about the taste and texture of your amazing “breading”.

IMG_0636 (2)

See this tomato soup with the baked mozzarella bites floating on top? Oh yes. You must make this.

I used the same quinoa flakes breading listed above to make the mozzarella balls instead of the typical breadcrumb recipe. For the original inspiration for mozzarella bites in tomato soup though, please  click here for all of the yummy details.

Baked mozzarella sticks are nothing new in these parts. So simple to make and are always a family favorite.

Speaking of family favorites, we have a new love around our house:


I was in total cooking/baking mode yesterday, playing around with creating donuts and latkes and who knows what else.

The recipe for these flourless donuts to come this week. I will tell you now that they absolutely contain quinoa flakes.

I know, I am so quinoa cool.


How was your weekend? Did you run in the rain or freezing cold?

Do you like the bike or do you only pedal when outdoors or in spin class?

Bake anything good over the weekend?

Long Run, Donuts, Red Mango and Whole Foods Food Bar Fun


I know you spent your weekend wondering if I found time to make the donuts.

IMG_0574 (2)

Oh…You bet I did. I actually squeezed in some baking time late Saturday afternoon before I went out for dinner. Sushi. Amazing. Sorry. No Pictures.

I really wasn’t in the mood to bake but I felt that the activity would keep me moving around a bit which is key after running 13.13 miles.

Let’s back up a bit to those miles:

IMG_0553 (2)

I was up bright and early Saturday morning for my long run. I bundled up in my layers and I am loving this Nike vest that I scored on sale for $31. As you can tell, my eyes were half-opened when I started my day.

My plan after running those 13.13 miles (funny number to finish at, yes?) was to take a shower, put my pajamas back on, eat, and go back to bed.

Now, going back to bed is not something I normally do but I decided I needed and deserved a mental health morning.

I must say, rest is something special. I should do it more often. It doesn’t come naturally to me to lay around all morning but man, I could get used to it.

I did finally get myself up just in time for lunch.


Red Mango of course. And look what I got:

IMG_0558 (2)

The owner gave me this discount key chain because I am a special customer. Actually, the only reason I received this special discount key chain is because I went calmly wild in the store after seeing the price of my parfait.

My pretty parfait cost me $11. Eleven Dollars. Insane? Insane.

They have once again raised the price per ounce and I felt the need to notify the staff of my displeasure.

Their peace-offering after listening to me plead my case was a discount key chain. I will take it.

Anyway, let’s discuss the donuts.

I came home later in the day really tired but didn’t want to sit down. Once I sit, that’s it. And, as I said, sitting only causes stiffness.

I can’t begin to tell you how fast and easy these donuts were to make.


And yes, that is a bite. I couldn’t wait.  I have little dessert patience.

IMG_0581 (2)

I followed Amanda’s recipe exactly (only using skim milk instead of almond. Have I mentioned I am allergic to almonds? Yeah, slightly. And sometimes not so slightly. Just like the walnuts).

This is the beginning of the most beautiful of relationships. My donut pan and me.

I have already gone pin crazy on pinterest in my quest to review some additional donut recipes to develop ideas on what to make next.


Go ahead, click the pretty picture and follow me. I even created a board dedicated to donuts.

You would think making donuts or receiving a special Red Mango discount key chain is the most exciting thing in my life at the moment.

It isn’t:

IMG_0590 (2)

Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt is ON SALE. Have you ever tried their greek yogurt? In my opinion, it is absolutely the best tasting, but the MOST EXPENSIVE.

I don’t buy it often, as in I don’t buy it unless it is on sale, which is basically never. It normally costs a dollar more per container than Chobani or Fage and as much as I love it, I can’t justify spending so much more. All of those dollars add up.

I would rather save those dollars for the Whole Foods Food Bar:

IMG_0585 (2)

When I saw the roasted vegetable variety yesterday when I met my friend at Whole Foods for lunch, I didn’t know what to do first. It took great restraint to not sample my way through the food bar. OK, I admit to sampling the roasted cauliflower. A few times.

But come on, how could you not?


If someone had told me when I was a teenager that eating a box of roasted broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, squash, eggplant and mushrooms topped with beets and tofu would excite me one day, I never would have believed it.

So here we are at Monday. I have a bit of a busy week ahead, especially today with the little boy off from school. Routine doctor appointments, a playdate and weekly sports class.

And of course, a chilly morning run before all of the fun begins.

Have a happy Monday!


Do you find that your frozen yogurt creations are costing you more and more these days?

Which greek yogurt is your favorite? Do you choose which brand you buy based upon the price?

What do you go for at the Whole Foods Food Bar?




Time To Make The Donuts And Muffin Tops

So yesterday morning I stopped midrun to stretch my legs. I don’t often stop to stretch but I find it helpful sometimes to stretch my hamstrings and quads a bit after the first mile and then continue on my way.

Next time I need to stop midrun, I am going to try to not look down.

IMG_0486 (2)

Uh huh. I am glad I didn’t step on him. Ick.

Serves me right for encountering a worm. I shouldn’t have been outside in the first place. Remember I said I was going to run inside on the treadmill come rain or shine at least once a week? Yeah, that little plan has yet to happen.

I couldn’t help it. It was just too nice outside yesterday and with winter on the way, I just couldn’t pass up an outdoor morning run.

You know what else I couldn’t pass up?


Yes, those are number 9 donuts custom-made from Dunkin Donuts. Or, if you are a Wayne Gretzky fan, you can read the two 9’s as number 99 instead.

I didn’t even know that Dunkin allowed you to custom-order number donuts. And I consider myself a dessert queen? Hmm.

My close friend/close neighbor, you know, the selfless one who  shares her Edible Arrangements, shared with me once again by giving me not one, but TWO of these donuts since she ordered them for her daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mia!

IMG_0490 (2)

And I, who really never shares, decided to share with her some KIND bars from the big package I received on my doorstep the other day.

IMG_0482 (2)

I am still working my way through all of the bars (and granola!) but if you are looking to try a KIND bar today, I will always recommend the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew.

Anyway, back to donuts. I have been thinking about making my own donuts after seeing throughout the blog world and various recipe websites that it can certainly be done at home with the help of a donut pan.

IMG_0511 (2)

The other day Amanda over at Running With Spoons posted what looks to be a delish (and relatively healthy) chocolate donut recipe and right then and there I decided it was time to purchase a donut pan.


How amazing do Amanda’s donuts look? See. Now you don’t blame me for running out to buy the pan.

I love a homemade dessert. But, I also know that there are times we must rely on store-bought snacks and treats because we don’t always have the time or the patience for baking.

IMG_0504 (2)

Look what I spotted at Target yesterday- the Market Pantry version of those pricey Vitalicious Muffin Tops with basically identical nutrition content for a lot less money.

IMG_0506 (2)

They come in blueberry too.

IMG_0505 (2)

I didn’t buy them because I really have no room in my freezer but if you are looking for a 100 calorie treat and don’t have the time to make something yourself, for a packaged snack I can’t see why you shouldn’t try these out. Of course I prefer a shorter ingredient list but this one really isn’t so terrible for a packaged 100 calorie snack.

If you are looking to get busy in the kitchen, besides making your own donuts, you CAN make your own muffin tops.


Copy Cat Chocolate Brownie Vitamuffins

Click on the picture or the link above to test out Chocolate Covered Katie’s version of Vitamuffins- her recipes are always fab and low-calorie.

My plan is to try making both Amanda’s donuts and Katie’s muffin tops in the next few days. Hopefully I follow through on this plan unlike my plan to run on the treadmill.

Which recipe are you going to try first?

Have you ever made your own donuts?

Do you buy Vitalicious muffin tops? Ever try the Target version?


Random, Cool and Weird

This week is flying right by me. Luckily, I slowed down enough to not trip myself out the front door.


Boys. I will never understand.

He is lucky I didn’t hurt myself – it would have interfered with dinner.

pizza bagel

Welcome back to Wednesday Night Pizza Bagel Night. You kinda want to eat over at our house, don’t you?

Some people start up the elaborate cooking in the kitchen thing once again when the school year starts. Me? Not so much at the moment.

pizza bagel 2

Instead of completely throwing in the towel and picking up a whole pizza, I went with grabbing a few whole wheat bagels and making them into pizzas all by myself – sauce, mozzarella cheese and a quick side salad makes for a cost-effective, relatively healthy and what I still consider a home cooked meal.

I am not sure why but I really haven’t been interested in elaborate cooking or meal planning. Although wait, I did make the boy baked chicken parm the other night….And that turned out to be quite an experience.

When I took the last egg out from the refrigerator on Monday to get the breading for the chicken going, I discovered something rather interesting:


Is it me or is that a sunshine looking at me on my egg?

It isn’t cracked, it isn’t stamped but there is clearly a sun shining at me. My friend thought maybe it was an eye with pretty lashes but if you ask me, it is sunshine.

Totally random, weird and cool all at the same time, yes?

If you are too cool to consider my sunshining egg cool, check this out:


It’s a donut. It’s a bracelet. It’s a donut bracelet.


I came across this delicious piece of jewelry at the Kate Spade store.

I don’t know that I would want to wear a donut but I am partial to the pink frosted with sprinkles simply because it was my favorite as a little girl. Why? Well, because it was pink. And pretty.

Interesting take on the term hybrid if you ask me….And actually, so is this:

th (6)

Crumbs joined in on the craze to cross donuts with croissants and launched the “Crumbnut”. You can even get your Crumbnut filled with Bavarian Crème.

I don’t know – I am sure these croissant donuts are good but according to me, dessert bliss must involve chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, you should know that I had an extreme chocolate craving Monday night. I don’t often get strong cravings so when I do, I must obey.

I had already eaten dinner, already eaten dessert yet I just could not get the feeling of needing serious chocolate out of my mind. My taste buds were basically crying out for straight up chocolate. Or fudge. Or fudge cake topped with fudge.

I really wanted Linda’s Fudge Cake but since it was late and I couldn’t get to The Cheesecake Factory (or Chocolatecake Factory as I like to call it), I made the executive decision to go with some handfuls of chocolate chips.

Several handfuls.

And you know what? It did the trick. I felt much better.

I know there is the whole debate about cravings and how to squash them with as little calories as possible but let’s face it – a sugar-free chocolate jello pudding is just not going to cut it when you want the real thing.

If you don’t give yourself what you truly crave, you will end up eating 6 different low cal options, remain unsatisfied and then go and eat a half-gallon of the ice cream you fancied anyway.

I am not saying to stuff your face with fudge cakes, cartons of ice cream and packages of cookies every single day.

What I am saying is, if you can learn to truly be in tune with your body and learn to recognize a real craving, there is no reason you can’t give yourself what you want AND need without falling off the healthy eating wagon.

Everything in moderation people.



 What would be your ultimate food hybrid? I think my favorite dessert hybrid is the cookie cake. Can’t get enough of a good chocolate chip cookie cake topped with fudge icing.

Do you give in to your cravings? What do you crave?








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