Thinking Out Loud + Salad Pizza!

thinking out loud

Welcome to the first day of baseball season. While I will certainly attend more Mets games than I care to this season in favor of making my son happy, I will be following my Yankees super closely as they are expected to be terrific.

My Islanders on the other hand, well they might as well forfeit the season already. It’s too painful for me to even watch anymore and I’m pretty sure it’s painful as a player to continue playing without a post season ahead.

I don’t know where the Islanders season went wrong BUT it did. I’ve had enough of their seasons going wrong over the years. What the heck already? Why can’t I ever see a winning team from them? It’s no wonder the loyal Islanders fans set up a Go Fund Me to pay for a giant billboard in Brooklyn that cleverly states how badly the Islanders fans want the General Manager (Garth Snow) fired. Every time I think about the fact that so many fans donated money for this Go Fund Me reason, I laugh out loud. I hope you laugh a little too even if you don’t care at all about hockey.

Snow must go

I hurt my neck earlier this week. How? Stretching my arms up when I first woke up. I know. I sound ridiculous. This is almost as ridiculous as the time I dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot¬†although actually, this hurt more. Maybe it’s my age. I am approaching 40 in two months you know.

My neck is feeling better now but IT REALLY HURT. I couldn’t turn from side to side, it hurt into my upper spine, back of my head, ears, and jaw. It’s the kind of pain where you wince if you move, it spasms without warning, and life is only ok if you still perfectly still.

It took a good couple of days to feel just like a normal discomfort rather than a ruling my life type of thing. Thankfully I’m better and no, I haven’t run since it happened. I’ve also skipped Pure Barre upper body and core workouts. You know I’m not that type to run if something is bothering me. I’m thinking I should be ready for a few miles today though and maybe back to regular Pure Barre tomorrow.

LOOK AT THE PIZZA I had last night! SALAD PIZZA. Rather than pizza and a salad, I had true salad pizza! So, I never really order salad pizza. While I have had this specific salad pizza in the past, it’s been a few years since I’ve ordered it in favor of my favorite whole wheat vegetable pizza.¬†For some reason yesterday, I walked into the pizza place and just felt like the salad pizza. So that’s what I ordered. So delicious.

salad pizza

And wait! I’m getting really excited about the Dior Skincare and Beauty 101 event! The responses from local readers are coming in (please let me know if you want to join us) so I am working out a date with Jill and the readers who have responded to pick a good time for all of us. It’s looking like either a Saturday morning in early May or even a Sunday early afternoon in April. Definitely let me know if you want to join us for this private event at Bloomingdales, info in this post!

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Which baseball team is your team? Do you plan to attend games this year?

Salad pizza – yes or no?

Local readers, please leave or comment or email me directly if you would be interested in joining us for the Beauty 101 event!

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