Recent Lunches and Dinners (plus Easy Vegan Cacciatore)

I’ve got some lunches and dinners to share with you today! No breakfast to showcase, as usual, because I’m still eating the exact same oatmeal every single day. I just cannot start my day any other way. It would feel wrong and weird.

It’s been a while since I shared my long-standing favorite combo of a slice of whole wheat margarita pizza with a salad.

I’m still eating it! At least once a week for dinner.

whole wheat margarita pizza

This story is actually a little funny.

I was in Whole Foods and decided to buy a package of organic peppers, thinking I would make an old recipe that I shared on the blog a few years ago. Vegan cacciatore. Well, I thought that I loosely knew the recipe for this so-called vegan cacciatore only to realize after the fact when I looked it up that it was a recipe for eggplant cacciatore.

I didn’t buy any eggplant.  I had no recollection of eggplant in this recipe! HA.

vegan cacciatore

It worked out fine though. I just reinvented the recipe a bit to be what I thought it was as a vegan cacciatore using peppers, onions, mushrooms, chickpeas, olive oil, seasoning, stewed tomatoes, and tomato paste.

This recipe I made up for vegan cacciatore was so delicious and easy to throw together. Just saute it all in one pan. There’s really no way to screw it up!

I’ve made this basic vegan cacciatore recipe now two weeks in a row. It’s good on its own or mixed with quinoa (which I also made this week!) or with pasta of your choice.

It’s also totally fine to make this recipe vegetarian and sprinkle mozzarella cheese or parmesan cheese on top.

vegan cacciatore

This vegan cacciatore reheats really well too and is SO GOOD the next day.

vegan cacciatore

In salad news, I picked up a chopped salad from Town Bagel and ate it at my parents’ house over the weekend. This bowl is giant which helps to understand how much they pack into the chopped salad container.


And I made this simple greek salad with a baked potato one night for dinner. Easy to make and reliably good to eat.

salad and potato

Oh, should we jump back to last week when I shared the Nicoise salad that I had from Bar Frites? That is in fact tuna on my plate. I really identify as a vegetarian BUT I will eat sushi or tuna in a salad like this on a super rare occasion. Rare as in every several months or so.


One more salad for you! I had a salad from CAVA the other day. I love how they fill up the bowl so nicely that it’s hard to close!

CAVA salad

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