No Long Run For Me

Fact: I have not missed my weekly long run since the week I added the run to my routine almost two years ago. If for some reason I couldn’t run on a Saturday, I adjusted my schedule accordingly to get the long run in Thursday or Friday.

New fact: I am missing today’s long run.

I randomly came down with a virus yesterday and since I don’t normally get sick, I was in denial for the first half of the day assuming that I was fine and just feeling a bit off.

Yeah, that all went down hill in the afternoon when every part of my body ached, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t stand up or even lift my head and had a fever.

Thankfully the little boy is with his dad this weekend so I have time to recover and not worry about taking care of him.

I should’ve known I was sick yesterday morning when I decided I didn’t want oatmeal for breakfast.


Although I must admit that this Cinnamon Raisin Ezekial Bread topped with crunch time, mashed banana and blueberries was so good that I may start eating it for breakfast more often.

IMG_4771 (2)

Another indicator that I must have been sick was when I didn’t have the strength to empty the dishwasher therefore I had no bowls for the boy’s breakfast and had to use the Islanders sundae cup for his cereal. Kinda cute though, yes?

We totally love Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk. Note the word “we”. I love it too; just the right amount of chocolate added. Sometimes I even take just a spoonful or two of the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk and mix it into the plain greek yogurt for an added flavor boost.

Anyway, I didn’t sleep much last night but I am feeling  much better this morning.

No, I will not suddenly decide to run.

As weird as I feel right now knowing it is Saturday and that I am not out running, I know my body can’t do it. I also know that I barely ate anything yesterday after 2:00 pm therefore in addition to having some virus, I am nowhere near properly fueled to run.

I am dedicated but not stupid.

I never understood how people could push themselves to exercise without eating enough or feeling well enough. I know that I can be stubborn and that I don’t take enough rest days and sometimes push my pace too many days in a row or even run with a slight cold, but I know my limits and could never ever run without being properly fueled nor could I run 10 miles while being sick to the point where my energy is zapped and muscles ache from illness.

I am going to try to take it easy today although I am looking around the house and feel the urge to clean and organize cabinets. I am so not good at lounging around for too long.

I have a huge party to attend this evening that I have been looking forward to all year but not so sure I will make it.

I guess sometimes our health needs to take precedence over everything else?

Oh well…Hope everyone else is out enjoying one of the last weekends of summer!





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