Random, Cool and Weird

This week is flying right by me. Luckily, I slowed down enough to not trip myself out the front door.


Boys. I will never understand.

He is lucky I didn’t hurt myself – it would have interfered with dinner.

pizza bagel

Welcome back to Wednesday Night Pizza Bagel Night. You kinda want to eat over at our house, don’t you?

Some people start up the elaborate cooking in the kitchen thing once again when the school year starts. Me? Not so much at the moment.

pizza bagel 2

Instead of completely throwing in the towel and picking up a whole pizza, I went with grabbing a few whole wheat bagels and making them into pizzas all by myself – sauce, mozzarella cheese and a quick side salad makes for a cost-effective, relatively healthy and what I still consider a home cooked meal.

I am not sure why but I really haven’t been interested in elaborate cooking or meal planning. Although wait, I did make the boy baked chicken parm the other night….And that turned out to be quite an experience.

When I took the last egg out from the refrigerator on Monday to get the breading for the chicken going, I discovered something rather interesting:


Is it me or is that a sunshine looking at me on my egg?

It isn’t cracked, it isn’t stamped but there is clearly a sun shining at me. My friend thought maybe it was an eye with pretty lashes but if you ask me, it is sunshine.

Totally random, weird and cool all at the same time, yes?

If you are too cool to consider my sunshining egg cool, check this out:


It’s a donut. It’s a bracelet. It’s a donut bracelet.


I came across this delicious piece of jewelry at the Kate Spade store.

I don’t know that I would want to wear a donut but I am partial to the pink frosted with sprinkles simply because it was my favorite as a little girl. Why? Well, because it was pink. And pretty.

Interesting take on the term hybrid if you ask me….And actually, so is this:

th (6)

Crumbs joined in on the craze to cross donuts with croissants and launched the “Crumbnut”. You can even get your Crumbnut filled with Bavarian Crème.

I don’t know – I am sure these croissant donuts are good but according to me, dessert bliss must involve chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate, you should know that I had an extreme chocolate craving Monday night. I don’t often get strong cravings so when I do, I must obey.

I had already eaten dinner, already eaten dessert yet I just could not get the feeling of needing serious chocolate out of my mind. My taste buds were basically crying out for straight up chocolate. Or fudge. Or fudge cake topped with fudge.

I really wanted Linda’s Fudge Cake but since it was late and I couldn’t get to The Cheesecake Factory (or Chocolatecake Factory as I like to call it), I made the executive decision to go with some handfuls of chocolate chips.

Several handfuls.

And you know what? It did the trick. I felt much better.

I know there is the whole debate about cravings and how to squash them with as little calories as possible but let’s face it – a sugar-free chocolate jello pudding is just not going to cut it when you want the real thing.

If you don’t give yourself what you truly crave, you will end up eating 6 different low cal options, remain unsatisfied and then go and eat a half-gallon of the ice cream you fancied anyway.

I am not saying to stuff your face with fudge cakes, cartons of ice cream and packages of cookies every single day.

What I am saying is, if you can learn to truly be in tune with your body and learn to recognize a real craving, there is no reason you can’t give yourself what you want AND need without falling off the healthy eating wagon.

Everything in moderation people.



 What would be your ultimate food hybrid? I think my favorite dessert hybrid is the cookie cake. Can’t get enough of a good chocolate chip cookie cake topped with fudge icing.

Do you give in to your cravings? What do you crave?








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