TOL-Build-A-Bear, Maoz, Playing Hooky


First things first.


If you knew about this Gloria Jeans coffee flavor and didn’t tell me, I am reconsidering our friendship.

Brown Sugar Cake K Cup

Brown Sugar Cake?! It is like THE BEST coffee flavor ever to the point where I think it rivals my all-time favorite coffee, Green Mountain’s Golden French Toast.

Or maybe, which is entirely possible, it tastes just about identical to the Golden French Toast which is why I love it so much.

You must try this Brown Sugar Cake coffee along side an English muffin with peanut butter. Or anything with a spread of peanut butter. The combo is just divine.

On Tuesday I attended a special Grand Opening event for the Build-A-Bear Workshop pop-up shop in Times Square which is opening just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.

Build A Bear Times Square

Since I am a cool mom, and since the weather was gorgeous, I decided it was okay just this one time to allow my son to play hooky from school so that he could come along for the fun.

Build-A-Bear was launching their new Frozen merchandise so we received a special Olaf the Snowman bear in our goodie bag along with a gift card, m&m’s and giant snowflake cookies.

snowflake cookies

Either he was savoring the moment or I just took a bad picture.

Build A Bear Times Square

He may think he is some cool tween but he still appreciates a cute teddy bear.

Build A Bear New York

There were two Build-A-Bear New York exclusives so we went with the New York City bear with the cute apple nose even though the Yankees fan in me wanted the bear on the right too.

The best part of the whole event was that for every bear made, another bear was donated to the YMCA Toys For Tots collection for the holidays.

Build A Bear

We didn’t dress our bear because we kind of liked him the way he was.


So part of the not going to school deal which I made with my son was that he must agree to Maoz for lunch directly following the Build-A-Bear event.


I load my bowl embarrassingly high but there is no sign that says I can’t so why wouldn’t I take advantage?

And then he talked me into that banana pudding again from the Magnolia Bakery because he claims it was the best dessert of his life.

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

I am not one to deny someone the best dessert of their life but I only allowed a small cup this time, not the medium. I mean, the kid just had a giant snowflake cookie and the medium banana pudding cup was only acceptable on his birthday.

Do I feel guilty taking him out of school? Yes and no.

Days like this, days where your mom lets you skip school because she is taking you into the city for a special event in Times Square which includes building teddy bears, giant cookies, lunch and the best dessert of one’s life is the stuff that makes memories.

Not to mention walking several city blocks and avenues is great exercise and children need exercise.

I like to think that the fun part is what will stand out when he looks back on our time together rather than focus on the my mom always made me eat lunch at a vegetarian salad bar and only let me have a small cup of banana pudding part of the day.

And anyway, we have been working real hard these days with the school thing that a random Tuesday off was justified.

cereal experiment

We conducted a super serious science experiment last week trying to determine which cereal would stay crunchy the longest when combined with milk.

Which do you think? Count Chocula, Crispix or Cheerios?

Count Chocula

And this week? We are working on building a Dunkin Donuts store out of a box to represent a plant cellular system.

Dunkin Donuts

Don’t ask me because I don’t understand this either. I will just blame it on the implementation of the Common Core way of thinking like everyone else does.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Do you remember staying home from school even when you weren’t sick? What did you do?

Favorite cereal at the moment? Favorite as a kid?

Favorite K Cup coffee?


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