Skipping Breakfast?! + Pizza Bagels + Other Recent Meals


So last week I shared my opinion of the whole dieting in January thing. This week, I’m catching clips about this new belief in skipping breakfast. I won’t even dignify this with a comment other than how I laughed when they said don’t eat breakfast, wait until you are hungry. Well, I wake up hungry every single morning without fail so there’s that. I’m never going to skip breakfast, ever, and I will never advise anyone to skip eating first thing in the morning, either. Breakfast is such an important meal for so many reasons, metabolism-boosting effects included, and no new study is going to try to tell me otherwise.

In other news, I worked from Panera the other day which was a welcome treat. It’s not often I work from Panera anymore but when I do, I find I get so much done AND enjoy a salad (plus unlimited coffee) while I’m at it.

It seems Panera no longer has their cilantro hummus which made me sad. This salad was still good though. I order the seasonal greens with hummus plus avocado. It’s my own custom creation and very good.

panera salad

Pizza bagels have been a major dinner trend for me as of late. Like last week? I NEEDED a pizza bagel for dinner I think three nights in a row. Some nights I’m all about roasting sweet potatoes (you know, as my complex carb if we want to get technical) to add to my dinner plate and some nights, I truly need bread. Listen, I am all about nutrient-dense, whole foods but part of my balance is eating what I crave too. I feel like I sound so blogger-cliche and cheesy when I say “my body needed a pizza bagel” but it did. I needed a bagel.

This night, in particular, was a whole wheat pizza bagel.

pizza bagel

And this night I made my pizza bagel on a bialy. Always with a side salad.

pizza bagel

I remembered that I really liked Core Life Eatery when I was there fairly recently so I chose it over Chopt for lunch the other afternoon. I’m pretty sure that this salad involved romaine, quinoa, pickled onions, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, beets, and tomato. So hard to keep track of ingredients!

core life eatery

Oh hey, and here’s a true flashback of a meal to my earlier blogging days. A stir fry! I used to eat these stir fry bowls several nights a week for years. Long-time readers may remember these bowls from my What I Ate Wednesday posts. I don’t know when I stopped making them but very randomly, I made this for dinner the other night. Roasted purple sweet potatoes, broccoli, peppers, chickpeas, and avocado with Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce. As good as I remembered!

stir fry

I’m realizing as I close out this post that I never even share pictures of my breakfast anymore. I mean, what’s there to see, really. In case anyone is wondering since I did start this post talking about breakfast, I do still eat my oatmeal every single morning without fail. A small bowl with coffee before I run, and a bowl after my workout. I may skip the breakfast photos, but I can’t even imagine skipping breakfast. Pretty sure I would feel extremely sick, weak, off-balance, and unable to exercise to full potential without something in my stomach, let alone the ability to function properly to work and be nice to people.

Friday Favorites: Core Life Eatery + J.Crew + The Marathon


Full list of favorites from this week to share today! Can we believe we are now in November? Geez, this year has flown by, don’t you think?

Core Life Eatery

I had this salad at Core Life Eatery a few days ago. It had been a long while since I had last been to Core Life but I really enjoyed this salad that I created! I often put Core Life and Chopt in the same category – similar yet different, both good in their own way.  It’s possible I start going to Core Life Eatery more often – it’s fairly close to my house and a great option when I don’t feel like eating something at home.

In my salad was a mix of:

  • Romaine
  • Quinoa
  • Peppers
  • Chickpeas
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Roasted beets and sweet potatoes

The roasted beets and sweet potatoes were EVERYTHING to this salad. So delicious.

core life eatery

Article of Interest

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I love to use coconut oil as a full-body moisturizer and eye make up remover. Check out this article to learn the 5 beauty uses of coconut oil. I found it interesting.

With the marathon happening on Sunday, I want to share the post my dad wrote for the blog a few years ago about his experience running it back in the 80’s. Here’s the link if you have missed the post in the past. It’s worth mentioning that my dad ran the New York City Marathon three times, which is three more than me. I truly do not have the desire to run a marathon – which is weird considering everyone in New York assumes that if you are runner, you have run the marathon, but I have not. And likely won’t. 

nycm 1986


I’ve got a whole lot of love for J. Crew right now!

First, I bought this Chateau Puffer Jacket which I think is the absolutely perfect warm, puffy jacket for winter that still has some shape and classic style. Puffy jackets can be overwhelming in size, shape, and well, puffiness. I was so happy to find this coat as it fits so well, has an excellent shape, pretty gold zippers, and comes in a ton of colors. I ultimately went with the black, but really wanted the pink!

If you aren’t looking for a puffy winter coat, I also recommend this Chateau Stadium Parka (wool) from J. Crew. It’s a classic style, also available in an array of colors. I have the black from a few years ago — total classic.

Bought these texting gloves in the bright pink color to match my black coats. Also, I like these cashmere texting mittens with the hearts and polka dots. 🙂

Want this Cashmere Cardigan with Jeweled Buttons. I have a few longer cardigans with jeweled buttons from years ago (from Abercrombie actually) which I still wear, but I really love the shape and style of these cardigans now available at J.Crew.

A button-down pinstriped top with little embellishments of rhinestones? Totally me. I had to get it immediately when I tried it on.

Should we discuss these Satin Slingbacks Flats with Bow?!

Oh, how I want them in this bright shade of pink. Also, want these Laney Pumps with Bow in Velvet and of course, the Satin Pumps with Glitter Sole.

You know I love my hair bow from J. Crew, but now I really need the Lele Sadoughl headband. I tried it last week at Neiman Marcus and really love how it looks in my hair and on my head. No wonder it’s so popular! The Lele Sadoughl collab with J. Crew is slightly cheaper than the versions sold at other stores and just as nice! Definitely check it out.

And on another note before I finish this post, two pairs of boots from Kate Spade.  The Kate Spade Stormy Boots and Frosty Boots are on my radar.

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Weekend Sentence Per Picture

Recapping the last few days weekend sentence per picture style…

The roasted brussels sprouts and root vegetables are what will keep me returning to Core Life Eatery again and again.

core life eatery

A great meal at Market Bistro featuring tuna tartare as an appetizer followed by this beet salad and a few of those crispy French fries.

market bistro

While chocolate sits in first place in my heart, a good apple crisp really isn’t far behind.

apple crisp

By the way, this Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie is hiding in my freezer until I feel like taking it out to try it/my son discovers it.

Trader Joe's deep dish chocolate chip cookie

If you think you can’t get a quality, crazy burning arm workout without weights, think again.

pure barre

^Screenshot from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout. OMG, try pushing a ball into the wall to work your triceps. 

It rained ALL DAY yesterday which made me want to hide in my bed all day… but I didn’t.


Bloomingdale’s is running 25% off everything (I’m sure there’s an exclusion, there’s always an exclusion) so that’s where I was instead of joining my son at Lifetime yesterday afternoon.


I bought a new pair of Seven Jeans and this Splendid Long Camo Hoodie BUT I ended up ordering them online after being in the store just so I could score the Ebates. 🙂

And just to finish off this Monday post, THIS QUOTE IS SO ME.


Wishing us all a great week ahead!

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Who has tried the Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie?! What did you think?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Do you use Ebates when you shop online?

LOVE Party + Core Life Eatery + DreamSkin (Friday Favorites)


I’ve got a few Friday Favorites for us today! I’m so glad it’s Friday. 🙂

Friday Favorites

City Nights:

I was in the city last night for an event industry party at “Above Twelve”, also know as Ron Ben-Israel’s Cake Studio. He threw a “LOVE Party” in conjunction with Marcia Selden Catering. I love when they throw parties!


If you missed my post on the time I took a tour at Ron Ben-Israel’s cake studio with a cake tasting, here’s the link.

love party

candy table

love party

Ron always has a “cake room” at his parties which offers bites of all of his delicious cake combinations!

rbi cakes

As you can tell, everything at the LOVE Party was RED. It was a bit difficult to capture this picture below of the heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches yet still, how cute?

heart grilled cheese

I always leave with a candy box from their candy table. It was such a fun night!

Times Square

We tried Core Life Eatery:

Do you have a Core Life Eatery in your area? One recently opened near my house so my son and I gave it a try the other night for an early dinner. It’s definitely my type of place because it’s loaded with fresh, whole foods, tons of plant-based options plus carnivore options for my son that are organic and GMO-free.

core life eatery

The Core Life Eatery sort of reminds me of Chopt in terms of picking your ingredients but also offering a menu of various bowls and plates.

core life eatery

I went with creating my own bowl which included quinoa, four types of vegetables, hummus, and two types of roasted vegetables – brussels sprouts and root vegetables.

core life eatery

It was delicious! I look forward to going back again to create another combination. On purpose I will force myself to order something different just so we can discuss it.

Dior DreamSkin Perfect Skin Cushion:

And I need to do an updated Skincare/Beauty Favorites post but in the meantime, I’m really loving the Dior DreamSkin Perfect Skin Cushion!

“A compact of tinted skin care that blurs imperfections and helps to minimize visible signs of aging while you’re on the go, leaving skin looking flawless and luminous while protecting with SPF 50.”

I wore it on the plane last week for extra hydration and SPF (you should actually wear SPF on a plane!) and continued to wear it throughout the trip rather than my typical foundation. It’s so super hydrating while giving you a light coverage with skin treatment properties. I like that it comes in a compact too.

Dio DreamSkin Cushion

If you aren’t one to put on makeup everyday, don’t love to wear foundation and often skip sunblock, this product is for you. It will give you some coverage, even out skin tone while also giving you some of the treatment your skin needs (which is extra great if you aren’t good about moisturizing/skincare routine).

Have a great weekend!

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Any fun plans for this weekend?

Ever try the Core Life Eatery? What did you think?





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