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I am about to make you wait until tomorrow for the birthday in food recap because I honestly didn’t have the time to fully devote to putting the post together the way I would like it.

cold stone

I know you want to know what was in a shopping bag from Cold Stone…we will discuss tomorrow, I promise.

Blogging takes a lot of time and dedication.

Translating post ideas from my brain into words that flow for you to understand, sharing thoughts and photos which require editing and letting you into my life takes a  genuine effort along with a level of thoughtfulness that perhaps only my fellow bloggers can understand.

Sometimes it may appear to happen so effortlessly but that is a mirage. Writing and posting on a regular basis takes crazy creative brain power to be able to produce day in and day out.

You will never find me offering you blogging how-to’s because half the time I haven’t a clue as to what I am doing other than focusing on typing out my thoughts in an organized way, running a spell check and hitting publish.

I don’t even know if I get the behind the scenes work of operating my own website accomplished the right way, if my SEO’s are working for me or if my widgets and plug-ins are even doing what they should be at the right times and in the right places.

I annoy Amanda when I need assistance and I shoot off HELP ME! emails to my website designer when I am truly experiencing a blogging/website emergency (or what I consider an emergency).

But, of all the things I don’t know about blogging, the one thing I do know is ethics.

They say you should be flattered not upset when your friend copies your latest outfit, hair style or gets the same nail polish as you did the last week.

When I find myself reading all of my experiences, thoughts and sentences on someone else’s blog as if they are their own, I am not flattered.

Did you even know that the copy and paste feature can be violated and used for inappropriate things? Because it was and it is just not okay.

If I love something that I read and want to share it, I offer you the direct link to the website.

Why would I want to pretend like I thought of it myself?

My life experiences are mine and while they may be similar to yours, the way we write about them is completely different.

We all have our own styles and that’s what makes following several blogs and being a part of the blogging community a good time.

What I have trouble understanding is how or why someone would try to pass something off as their own.

Like, does that make you proud? It’s not yours, you didn’t write it yet you want the world to think that you did?

And what about when people notice that not only you didn’t write it but you copied it word for word from someone else?

Did we not learn at a young age about proper citation?

On a side note, do the kids still read Cliff Notes? I am just curious.

Blogging for some people is a business, for some it is a hobby and for some, it is both.

Either way, the law of ethics applies as does the little copyright symbol at the bottom of this page.

The blogging community is pretty tight-knit. We may not all know each other personally but we feel as if we do and support and respect each other as though we are real life friends.

I think that my fellow blends (blog friends) agree when I say that there’s an unspoken zero tolerance policy when it comes to blog plagiarism.

you cant sit with us

We may not be able to catch and prevent all plagiarism but there are some things we can do.

I found some helpful information on the subject which, of course, I am sharing with you in link form rather than pretending I thought of it all by myself:

How To Deal With Blog Plagiarism

Blogging, Copyright & Blog Plagiarism Part 1

When Your Blog Is My Content

No real questions today, just share you thoughts and experiences with blog plagiarism if you feel like it.

I will be back tomorrow with the birthday food fun!








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