Recent Meals + Best Margarita Pizza + Cookie Dough Ice Cream


So I finally tried a slice of margarita pizza from Stew Leonard’s. And um, it was absolutely delicious. Like so delicious that I was confused about how it could be one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had. Although why be confused? I am in New York. Even if Stew Leonard’s is technically a grocery store, we are still in the land of great pizza. The crust, the sauce, the cheese — just perfect.

margarita pizza

But then the next night I needed a slice of my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza from Mario’s to see if I still liked it as much as usual. I do.

I’m just going to put the two kinds of margarita pizza in different categories which makes sense anyway since one is the regular crust and one is whole wheat.

margarita pizza

Don’t think I forgot that I started an NYC pizza tour before the pandemic shut things down. I didn’t forget, it’s still on hold. Not so much because of the virus, more so because the other half of my pizza tour journey is out of the country for now and I promised him I would not go to any of our places until he is back.

Last week I mentioned that I had a $10 reward to use at Chopt. It was very exciting to order this salad and only pay one dollar. It’s also exciting every time I use my Stoney Clover fanny pack. I’m obsessed with this fanny pack and I’m working on a post all about it.

chops salad

My custom salad creation was a mix of romaine, spinach, onions of some sort, spicy peppers, quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. Tahini on the side. I love ordering through the Chopt app. It really makes things so easy to pick up.

chops salad

I forgot that I bought a bag of those little organic mixed baby potatoes at Trader Joe’s so I had to use them before they went bad. Little roasted potatoes in salads are always a good idea.


I also made this easy stir fry and added some little roasted potatoes to it as well.

stir fry

My iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts yesterday was really a cup of ice with some coffee added to it.

iced coffee

And finally, last night’s simple cup of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. 🙂

cookie dough ice cream

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