Possible Shin Splints, Uggs Slippers As Shoes And A Sweet Little Treat

Just because I haven’t mentioned my runs this week, certainly doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening.

IMG_0158 (2)

As you can see, my path is still very much under construction but I am slowly getting used to the new route that I created for myself.

Slowly is the keyword here.

My pace has been a bit off for easily the last 5 runs. I am averaging anywhere between 20-30 seconds to sometimes a full minute slower than normal and I am not all that thrilled about it.

My father told me it doesn’t matter what my pace is as long as I am out there and feeling well. Being out there is never the issue and I would say I feel decent.

Why only decent? I think that the increase in my weekly mileage is starting to catch up with me, mainly with my legs.

Mentally I am totally there, totally up and ready for a great run. I am even enjoying my playlist so much these days that I stopped shuffling the songs to get to something better.

My legs are tired maybe? Need a foam roll? A massage? I don’t know. They are showing up but protesting the first few miles in the form of what feels like a possible shin splint, more in the right leg than the left and slightly into the foot.

I have never suffered from shin splints before, my sneakers are new yet broken in and whatever I do feel in the shin is not unbearable by any means and goes away pretty quick.

But I notice it, it is slowing me down and I will continue to monitor it to ensure it doesn’t get worse.

In the mean time, I have been treating my feet rather well when I am not running.

IMG_0162 (2)

I am just loving my new Uggs moccasins. Some may call them slippers. I refer to them as moccasins so that they pass for shoes that can be worn outdoors.

IMG_0167 (2)

You can’t tell that they are slippers. And if you can, well then, snicker and say what you want – at least I am comfortable. And Leslee, over at the blog, Her Happy Balance, is comfortable as well since she proudly sports her moccasins too.

I was wearing my moccasins in the mall looking for refill pages for my agenda yesterday. Not an easy thing to find.

Doesn’t anyone use pen and paper anymore? Have we all gone so technological that holding a pen in our hand to write something down on actual paper so that we remember it is a thing of the past?

It is only a matter of time before being a lefty or a righty is insignificant.

I always hated using the lefty scissors by the way.

IMG_0168 (2)

I did spot this mug though at the Kate Spade store. I am all for cake for breakfast.

Speaking of mugs, I did something totally random the other day that turned out to be so delicious that it has become my new little treat.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I had a chocolate fudge cupcake to celebrate National Dessert Day which was on Monday, in addition to Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving.


In my opinion, National Dessert Day really needs to stand alone as a holiday and not be accompanied by others.

To be fair, the cupcake belonged to the little boy- we received a free dessert email from Barnes and Noble for his birthday and we redeemed it after ice skating on Monday.

I had also ordered a cup of coffee and as he attacked the cupcake (he is not the best at sharing, I wonder where he gets it from?), a dessert bell went off in my little head.

I took the chocolate shavings off of the top of the cupcake and dropped them into my coffee cup.

The tiniest hint of chocolate added to my regular cup of coffee was simply divine. And special. It added a touch of cocoa in a smooth and creamy way, not in the added flavoring way that cocoa powder or brewed chocolate coffee may taste.

Those dainty little shavings added to my coffee put a smile on my face.

Sure, you can order those fancy coffee drinks but those are loaded with empty calories and if I am going to down 300 or more treat calories, it is certainly going to be in the form of food I can chew.

I decided in that moment that each afternoon, I will be adding ONE chocolate chip to my cup of coffee.

IMG_0144 (2)

One chip is cute, don’t you think? Such a sweet little concept and special  little treat to give yourself each day.

little things

Something so simple as a chocolate chip hidden in my coffee reminds me of being a kid and getting the conehead sundae at Friendly’s. They always “hid” a surprise at the bottom of the sundae and I always got excited to reach it, even though I knew every time it would be Reeses Pieces.


I vote for more of these sweet little moments in life.



Do you wear slippers out of the house?

Do you still write things down or use the calendar in your phone to keep track of everything for you?

What was your favorite sundae as a kid? I loved the Friendly’s Conehead but also loved the Peanut Butter Cup Sundae with extra peanut butter sauce- no surprise there.


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