TOL- Unplugged, Runner’s Feet & My New Favorite Coloring Book


Oh boy am I tired this morning. And yes, this tired statement of mine really deserves an exclamation point but tacking it on to an already tired complaint just makes me feel like I would be feeding the tired feeling even more.

It was a beautiful night for hockey but gosh, these late games and the commute (which no, I am still not accepting) are tiresome.


The Islanders lost. Hopefully they win tomorrow and hopefully I don’t decide we need to trek back to an 8:00 pm weeknight game again unless it’s the Stanley Cup finals or the team moves back to Long Island where they belong 🙂


Last week I turned off all sounds and vibrations for email notifications on my phone. During the day, I am on top of my inbox so I don’t need the notification noise — but at night? On the weekend? Not necessary. It’s the greatest thing actually; without those sounds and vibrations, I have completely forgotten about my email during the times I do not need to be checking it!

I went for a pedicure the other day and my manicurist told me that for all of the running I do, my feet do not seem like runner’s feet (!!). She said other people come in with dry, hard feet and lots of calluses — not me.

You know she made my day.

I smiled and replied with how I take care of my feet:

  1. Regular pedicures
  2. Well-fitting running shoes and good socks
  3. Never walk barefoot unless on carpeting
  4. If my feet feel dry or I see a callous forming, I slather coconut oil before bed and sleep with socks on

I finally found an “adult” coloring book that fits my needs.

I usually prefer the Lisa Frank or Hello Kitty child coloring books because I like happy patterns and cupcakes rather than adult spirals and designs.

But look! Crayola heard my cries and created perfect “adult” coloring pages!

Crayola coloring book

And now I am also the proud owner of 48 fancy colored pencils. Between not checking my email and coloring during my downtime, I really feel unplugged and back to my childhood and 1980’s roots.

colored pencils

What I need to unplug from and NOT be checking is the long-range weather forecast. Checking the weather for the half marathon which is in ten days is not smart at this point. It’s too far away but I keep doing it anyway. I don’t want heat but I really don’t want rain so if I have to choose, give me the sunny heat. I think.

Two links I read on Facebook this week:

Long Island Dictionary: 14 Words You Need To Know I thought everyone knew what grandma pizza was?

20 Words All Jewish Kids Grew Up Hearing For the longest time, I had no idea these were Yiddish words. I just thought they were regular, everyday English language.

Don’t forget to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Do you like to color? Colored pencils, crayons or markers?

What’s for breakfast this morning?

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