Rosh Hashanah + Recent Eats + Whole Foods


I’m so excited that today is already Wednesday! It’s going to feel like Monday since we were off and busy with Rosh Hashanah since Sunday but each time I realize it’s Wednesday, I will be extra excited today. I’m already looking forward to the weekend — Friday night is opening night for the Islanders AND Sunday is my son’s birthday.

Anyway! Let’s talk about food today.

I thought I would do a better job with photos from Rosh Hashanah but no such luck. It’s okay though, I really wanted to keep my phone away as much as possible these last few days. And that’s just what I did. The break was nice.

I managed a quick picture of the apple blueberry crisp from one night. Although I totally wish I had a photo of the heavenly challah bread. I love raisin challah, with honey of course during Rosh Hashanah.

apple blueberry crisp

A few food photos prior to Rosh Hashanah:

A salad from Chopt. They had roasted carrots as an option the other day so I chose them along with sweet potatoes, beets, quinoa, avocado, and maybe something else that I can’t recall. Bread and Mexican Goddess dressing on the side.


Vegan Cobb salad once again from The Cheesecake Factory. Recently I had my beloved Barbecue Ranch Salad and felt nauseous after eating it (not totally sure why) so now I can’t look at it for a bit.

vegan Cobb salad

Back to Monte for the whole wheat vegetable slice. I don’t know, I still like it but the whole wheat margarita slice is my current favorite for sure.

vegetable pizza

Unpictured from Whole Foods:

365 Cinnamon: I like the Whole Foods 365 cinnamon better than Trader Joe’s cinnamon. I do not know why this is but please do a taste test and let me know your thoughts.

Purple Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are not my thing like they used to be but I did buy the big purple sweet potatoes at Whole Foods recently and have been roasting them in wedges to have for salads and whatever else. Even my son likes them which is funny because at first he didn’t want to eat them because they were purple. They taste the same as regular sweet potatoes but have a ┬ádenser, chewier texture.

Cinnamon apples: Apples, like sweet potatoes, haven’t been my thing either anymore like they used to be but I bought the giant organic honey crisp and have been slicing them up and then heating in the microwave with cinnamon. If you never microwaved diced apple slices with cinnamon, please do it as soon as possible! The cinnamon apples (as we call them in my house now) when cooked like this taste like apple pie filling while being crazy healthy at the same time. One giant honey crisp apple makes enough cinnamon apples for a few servings. I keep the apples in the refrigerator and either eat them cold, or reheat to serve warm.

Here’s a post from a REALLY LONG TIME AGO of possible interest: Health Benefits of Cinnamon.

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