14 Miles and Barbie’s Birthday


If I had a theme song at the moment, it would probably be Yellow by Coldplay.


I don’t even love the color yellow, it is just a coincidence that my sneakers have all ended up this shade from the rainbow.

You will notice that I am still wearing both pairs of Adidas. My older pair is just about burned out – well, that is according my  standards. A normal person would probably try for another 100 miles in the sneakers but since I am not normal, I think I have but a few miles left.

I did wear the new pair for Saturday’s long run. Long run as in 14 miles.


Terrific run except for the extreme hunger that took over my appetite like nothing I have ever experienced in my life come about 4:00 pm.

The kind where you must eat and it must be big yet you know in the back of your mind whatever you eat will not even make a dent.


Excuse me but how cute is this card? 

I didn’t eat a giant cookie nor did I go for the Crumbs cupcake which I had in the back of mind since Friday’s post.


I did see this mug though at Pier One Imports though. Ten dollars for a mug with a cupcake on it that I couldn’t eat on Saturday wasn’t what I was looking for.

I went with a gigantic Cold Stone Sundae after a big dinner which I cannot show you because I was too busy eating it to think about a picture. I sized up the serving of ice cream in the waffle bowl just to play it safe and ensure I would be full.

I went to bed satisfied yet afraid that the hungry would come back and wake me up but luckily, the dinner and sundae did the trick and I woke up feeling normal. Normal is a relative term here.

So I did something genius the other day; I took some time to explore the Pandora app when I wasn’t working out just to see the names of all of the songs I have given a “thumbs up”.

Did you know that Pandora keeps track of your song history you?

unnamed (13)

I loved this song whenever it would come on and I think I recognized the beat from warm-ups at Islanders games.

It really gets me moving yet I can’t say it does the same for the Islanders these days because it has yet to motivate them enough to keep a lead and win some games but that’s neither here nor there at this point in the season. And, if you want to know the truth, I am growing old with the same old saying, next season will be better.

Speaking of growing old, guess who turned 55 yesterday?


That’s right, my favorite doll, Barbie. Oh how I loved my Barbie dolls. In fact,  if you set a case of them in front of me right now (remember the cool doll trunks that stored all of your dolls and accessories?) I would probably take a pink plastic brush and start brushing their hair.

It is probably best that I have a son since I would most likely end up fighting with my daughter over who is going to play Barbie and would be Skipper.

Fact: I worked for Mattel during my college years. All I wanted to do when I grew up was be like Tom Hanks in Big. It worked for me for a bit…

Anyway, I loved my Barbies and never once did I aspire to look like her or hate my body because she was so pretty and thin with matching heels to every bikini.

In fact, I don’t even understand all of the mishegas surrounding her. Mishegas translates to “craziness”. Sometimes one looks for the right word and the right word just comes out in yiddush.

I enjoyed playing with my pretty dolls and dressing them up and making them ride in the yellow camper and party like a rockstar. It never dawned on me, or even my friends, to point out anything about her body.

She didn’t make me feel bad, if anything, playing for hours upon hours with my dolls allowed me explore my imagination which, if you want my opinion, is something kids today do not get to do.

Instead, kids today are glued to technology creating hashtags followed by words that aren’t even words.

I caught a text to my son from a friend that said, “biiii”. He meant bye.

And we were worried about a plastic doll ruining our children?

I could ramble on all day about this, instead check out this link regarding Barbie’s big birthday and her history.


How was your run this weekend? Was it warm enough for you to run outdoors?

How often do you experience the extreme hunger after a long run?

Did you love playing with Barbie like I did? Favorite Barbie doll or accessory?  I loved all of the dolls, the dreamhouse, the ice cream parlor, the cars, the double bicycle…should I continue?




Another Snow Day and a Cold Stone Sundae


While everyone else is recapping the Super Bowl, I much prefer to recap the best thing I ate over the weekend.


If this Cold Stone Sundae complete with a cherry on top doesn’t mirror your vision of happiness then we probably can’t be friends.

Not only was the chocolate dipped waffle bowl super big and super delicious, it looked oh so pretty as well.

You know what else is pretty? These macaroon dish towels.


Instead of buying the set of macaroon mugs I have been talking about, I chose the dish towels to hang on the oven door and brighten up the kitchen. I am waiting for the creases in the towels to un-crease – I can’t stand the sight of it if you want to know the truth.

Clearly I was in sweet-treat mode over the weekend:

IMG_0669 (2)

Imagine my disappoint when this donut iPhone case didn’t fit my phone.

Phone cases are now like jeans in my mind –  always make sure to try them on in the store before you buy them. Just because they claim to be your size, doesn’t mean they will fit.

Anyway, I popped into Trader Joe’s on Saturday because I always need something.


My “something” is usually in the form of produce with a few extras sprinkled in.

  • Apples – heaven forbid my supply ever falls below five on any given day
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Kale – on a kale chip kick these days
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrots – always the organic unpeeled – taste the best
  • Frozen brussels sprouts
  • Frozen asparagus
  • Frozen mixed peppers
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Skim Milk
  • Low-Sodium diced tomatoes
  • That frozen spinach pasta thing for my son

I am going to try to keep up with the snap shots of my grocery store trips since so many of you have requested and inquired about what I pick up each week. Sharing our food shopping tips, tricks and purchases helps all of us to expand our own grocery horizon and develop new recipes and ideas in order to avoid meal burn-out.

Special note: I always have frozen vegetables in the freezer. I do love roasting up fresh veggies but frozen work for me just as well and are quick to prepare in a moment’s notice. If you fear buying fresh vegetables due to the inability to eat them faster than they spoil (which is never an issue for me by the way), stock up on the frozen.

So surprise surprise – it is snowing today. I am trying not to care that the district-wide email alert just hit my donut-less iPhone to tell me school is closed.


I am not going to care. I was able to run outdoors all weekend and I will continue to ride that endorphin high.

I didn’t plan on running 7 miles yesterday considering I did over 13 miles on Saturday, but it was so beautiful outside.

It felt so invigorating to breathe in the fresh air and be able to run without looking at the display of the treadmill. I honestly could have kept going but thought better of it –   overdoing it would have jeopardized this week’s workouts so I kept the pace easy and followed the 10 % rule.

The 10% rule in this case means you end your workout knowing you still had 10% more to give.

Back to the treadmill it is this morning. Bleh, Happy Monday….


What does your phone case look like?

Best thing you ate Super Bowl Sunday? I didn’t get a picture of it but I had a fabulous brownie Sundae last night!

Veggies- Fresh or Frozen or both?




Always Room For Cold Stone


Monday morning already? Seriously?

Oh well. No time to think about it since I have quite a busy week ahead of me, beginning this morning with an important meeting in Manhattan.

At least it isn’t frigid today. Wait, let me correct that – At least it isn’t frigid this morning.

It is rainy yet “warm” with temperatures scheduled to drop from 50 degrees now down to 8 degrees tonight. Uh huh.

I can’t control the weather but I can control what I eat so let’s back up a bit to where we left off on Saturday.


I did my usual Trader Joe’s stock-up thing. I have meaning to ask you – do you remember the Trader Joe’s crunchy peanut butter with the flax seeds? I know they recalled it well over a year ago (or was it two years ago?) but they never brought it back and I really liked it.

I also made a pit stop at Fairway for PB2. Still loving the PB2.


Fage was on sale for 88 cents – how do you pass that up?

Of course yesterday morning as I went through the Sunday circular coupons (or Qpons as I like to pronounce the word) I discovered two coupons for my most favorite Stonyfield Greek Yogurt.


Little savings like this excite me. If you don’t clip your coupons, you need to start.

You know what else excites me? All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.


Ever do the All-You-Can-Eat Sushi (from a good place of course, not just some random icky hole-in-the-wall) where they give you the little menus and a pencil and you get to keep checking off what you want so that they just keep bringing you food over and over and over again?

So fun. SO SO SO FUN!


We got all giddy about this and just checked off everything – my favorite is the broccoli teriyaki plates. I think we went with five of those but who is counting.


Of course we ordered more rolls than this. How could you not when they just keep bringing it to you?

Were we full? Never too full for dessert.


I know I said I would have birthday cake for Saturday’s birthday girls but Cold Stone was calling my name. Actually, the chocolate dipped waffle bowls were looking for me.

Is it good or bad that the owner of Cold Stone saw me and made sure to point out their supply of chocolate dipped waffle bowls? I think I made him uncomfortable one too many times on the occasions his store was lacking in the waffle bowl department.


As amazing as this looks, the best part about it is that I wasn’t the only one in my party to order it.


Why was someone else’s sundae a good thing for me? Well, I just knew part of their waffle bowl would end up mine.

The trick is to always dine with someone not only willing to share but someone who gets full easily.

No one understands where I put all of this dessert but after a lengthy discussion on the topic, I explained that my stomach just has an extra compartment for sweet stuff.

There is always room. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to dinner followed by dessert. Bring it on.



How is the weather by you?

Do you always have room for dessert?

Would you share your waffle bowl with me or would you be able to finish it on your own?

Ever experience All-You-Can-Eat Sushi?

Do you remember the TJ peanut butter I am talking about?


A Spin Class Memory


I wasn’t going to post today but felt the need to pop in and tell you that 12 years ago this morning I took a spin class.

Yes,  I realize this may sound of very little importance but let me explain.

I still recall the spin class I took 12 years ago this morning because it was the morning of my wedding day. How many brides-to-be are up bright up and early spinning? I would love to take a poll on this.

As we all know, I am no long married. I am divorced. And really, quite happy about it.

But, the anniversary of what was once my wedding day still comes around every November 17th. Sure, I could choose to ignore it or curse it but that is just not me.

This day was once special to me.

How many of us have dates on the calendar that were once super special only to have life happen and make the dates something to be forgotten? Or dreaded?

I am always one to look for the positive in a situation and I always see my glass half full – this date on the calendar is no exception.

It was once what I wanted. It was a beautiful day, I was a beautiful bride (at least I think I was) prancing around in a big pretty dress and the food was amazing. Of course it was, it was my wedding.

And the best part about November 17th, it paved the way for me to have my son.

If we dread and wish away every date on the calendar that is a negative reminder, by the time we all reach the age of 65, there is a good chance that not a positive date in any given month will be left.

Life happens. Why not find something positive in every day, every date and celebrate it.

In all fairness, it is quite possible I find reasons to celebrate just to have an excuse to eat dessert.

Cold Stone Creamery Sundae

My favorite Cold Stone sundae in the chocolate dipped waffle bowl happened last night.

If celebrating with ice cream sundaes is wrong, then I don’t know what’s right.


Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

How do you handle dates on the calendar that were once special?

Long Run, Rest Day, Chinese Food, Sushi and a Cold Stone Sundae

Weekends are best recapped in food, don’t you think?

Let’s start with my little boy’s Chinese food craving that hit as soon as he got out of school on Friday.

He walked out of school with an extreme, out of nowhere Chinese food craving and since I never deny the boy an Asian meal, Chinese food it was.

IMG_0059 (2)

It was a bit early in the evening, but since he wasn’t heading off to his dad’s so fast and since I wasn’t going out until much later, it was all good.

IMG_0062 (2)

Or shall I say yum. I just love steamed vegetable dumplings.


As well as steamed shrimp and mixed veggies, heaving on the water chestnuts.

IMG_0064 (2)

The little boy likes chicken and broccoli, although he never eats the broccoli. Hey, at least he allows it on his plate. It is a step in the right direction.

I must admit, I really do miss boneless spare ribs. It may be the only food I truly miss as a vegetarian. They were my favorite.

IMG_0066 (2)

I quickly got over my longing for the Chinese spare rib as soon as I had my favorite sundae. Nothing beats the chocolate dipped waffle bowl from Cold Stone Creamery.

Chinese food and chocolate dipped waffle bowls should have provided me with adequate fuel for my long run Saturday morning, don’t you think?


Taking my sneakers off after running 12 miles = happiness.

My run was just OK. Mentally I was totally there, my legs were another story. They weren’t in total protest, they didn’t have picket signs to rally against the run or anything but they were tired.

IMG_5415 (2)

The jelly beans I carry in my pocket didn’t help much. But they made me smile since they matched my shirt.

Since none of my miles came in under 9:00/mile, I knew I was due for a rest day.

But I just couldn’t rest on Saturday after the run. Oh no. Too much to do.

Besides getting a manicure and my hair attended to, I really needed some new boots. And shoes.

IMG_0082 (2)

Let’s call this love at first sight. They had me at the pink bottom. I now can’t wait for the cold, rainy, messy weather.

IMG_0083 (2)

And these may just have to be worn immediately.

Something to ponder: I recently canceled a race registration and hotel reservation for a particular race weekend. That money was now used to buy myself these awesome boots and shoes.

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good race and the traveling involved with a race weekend but when you are able to spend that same amount of money on apparel…..hmmm. You decide.

Let’s discuss Saturday night’s dinner. I have decided that the sushi chef at one of my favorite restaurants may indeed have a crush on me.

IMG_0087 (2)

Please take note of the heart-shaped sushi roll which appeared on the  plate once again.

Turns out, it isn’t any specific roll that is made in a heart- any roll can be made that way and the chef randomly decides when he does it.

I am so glad he decides to roll out sushi in hearts for me. Makes me feel special.

Anyway, I gave myself a full day of rest yesterday which I really don’t do often enough. My body sincerely thanks me by feeling refreshed and ready for a run this morning.

The little boy is off from school today for Columbus Day and I kinda wish it was Thanksgiving here as it is for my Canadian friends up in Canada. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- for the food of course.

To all of my Canadian friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please eat extra stuffing and sweet potatoes and pie for me!



If you are a vegetarian, are there any foods you miss or feel you miss out on? I don’t crave anything that I used to eat but I do miss those spare ribs!

Run any races this weekend? How did it go?

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today? What’s on the menu?





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