My Favorite Macaroons & Workout Recap

The best part of Passover in one bite…

chocolate covered chocolate macaroons

Chocolate covered chocolate macaroons steal my heart even more than the chocolate covered chocolate chip macaroons although I will take either variety of macaroons that you have leftover from your Passover seder tables.

Just saying.

I hope everyone is busy enjoying their holiday weekend (Happy Easter & Passover to you and your families!) so let’s just take a super quick look at my workouts from the week…

weekly workout recap



Pure Barre Mile High 2 & 4.25 Miles  – My run was pretty bleh so I cut it shorter than usual in favor of saving some energy and regrouping for a better run on Tuesday.




9 Miles – Yep, cutting yesterday’s run short was the right thing to do.

While yesterday I struggled to maintain a 9:45 pace, 8:44 was my warm-up mile today.

running path

It was glorious and slightly fascinating what a difference a day can make.

Overall average pace @ 8:29. Much more like it.




Pure Barre Studio Series & 5 Miles – Easy-paced run as recovery from yesterday’s run!




9 Miles – I loosely planned to run 8 miles but the time went by so fast and I was chatting on the phone towards the end of the run that suddenly 9 miles happened!

Another consistent run from start to finish averaging 8:40.




Pure Barre Studio Series – I knew I didn’t want to run again today but didn’t feel like going to the gym for the elliptical so my cardio for the morning was cleaning the house after Pure Barre.

Pure Barre DVD




13.1 Windy Miles  – You know you are a runner when you say you ran 13.1 miles rather than saying I ran a half marathon this morning!

The difference? 13.1 miles run at your leisure, not on a race course, and at an average pace of at least a minute slower per mile than your race pace.

The wind was crazy strong yet I held consistent and felt terrific (ave pace @ 8:50).

I could have kept going but had to get to my son’s first little league practice for the season.



A few miles, I haven’t decided just yet!

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Favorite chocolate treat/dessert from this weekend?

If you celebrate Easter, what are you doing for the holiday today?

If you celebrate Passover, which stores are open in your area today?! I heard the mall is open here!!


Good Food Talk Friday



Today’s post is almost an extension of yesterday’s Thinking Out Loud because I have a ton of randomness to discuss with you on this Good Friday with Passover to begin at sundown.

Should we talk cookie dough or coffee first? Hmm.

It almost makes sense to start with coffee since I am currently drinking a cup but how can anyone choose coffee over cookie dough when faced with both in the same question?

cookie dough

If I am in the mood to eat cookie dough then I am going to eat cookie dough and I don’t want to be limited to a dinky little cup traditionally used for pudding that’s packed in a child’s lunch box.

I get the concept of course, really I do, but this two-bite little cup of dough would not be enjoyable for someone like me, especially since I would first be getting into my cookie dough groove after finishing the two spoonful serving.

For me this cookie dough cup is like taking just a sliver of cake, as my grandmother would say.

Why bother with  JUST A SLIVER?

So I am no scientist or anything but I am convinced that flavored coffee does not stay hot as long as a regular cup of coffee.

caramel vanilla cream coffee

I am telling you — every time I brew a flavor, such as the Caramel Vanilla Cream I am drinking now, it gets colder much quicker than a regular cup of coffee and yes, I have tried using the same mug because I do think some mugs keep beverages warmer longer.

I should really conduct some sort of coffee experiment with my son over this little spring break with the questions, hypothesis, variables (look how much I recall from science!) and have him test and graph the findings.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have finally spotted Love Grown Foods at the Fresh Market near my house!

Hot Oats

I don’t shop at Fresh Market often, as gorgeous as it is, because their pricing plus majority of product selection just doesn’t match my needs but they have the Hot Oats which my son loves so I will have to become a regular.

I bought coconut this week to make my own macaroons for Passover.

BUT I couldn’t resist my favorite chocolate covered chocolate chip macaroons from the Shop Rite Passover candy counter so I bought a pound.

I guess I can make my own anyway but gosh the macaroons from Shop Rite are just so good that I don’t know that I will bother.

chocolate covered macaroons

Try freezing your chocolate covered macaroons. Trust me, I know these things.

I also bought this Edy’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yogurt the other day at my son’s request and after giving him a bowl, I went through and picked out just about every chunk of brownie available in the container.

Edy's Slow Churned Chocolate Fudge Brownie Yogurt

I would say I am sorry but I am not since it’s something I have always liked to do and it’s my house so I can do what I want.

Ha, I love being the adult because I can say things like this is my house and I bought the food therefore I can and will take any chunks of brownie that I please!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of chocolate and macaroons 🙂

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Favorite coffee flavor? Does it get cold fast or am I nuts?

Are you the type to pick the toppings out of the ice creams or do you go for the ice cream part instead?

Are you baking for the holiday weekend? What are you making?



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