Scenes From The Weekend


The Tofu Buff Bowl at Noodles & Co.

tofu buff bowl

A chocolate caramel apple from Kilwin’s is as good, if not better, than the chocolate covered apples from Disney World.

chocolate caramel apple

When there’s so much good chocolate to go around, you don’t limit yourself to just one dessert.

kilwins fudge

The Kilwin’s fudge guy talked me in to the just made, still warm, sea salt caramel fudge.


Uh huh. SO delicious. Even after my chocolate caramel apple. And oh, after I tasted this chocolate fudge frosted brownie from Torta Fina.


Yes, I satisfied my sweet tooth just fine thank you.

Saturday’s run by the beach made me love my Mizuno Wave Enigma 5’s even more than before. They took a long time to break in but now, with each run, I am happier and happier with them.

beach run

I packed my post run cooler with watermelon and the mandatory post-run oats in a jar. After a run at the beach, one must refuel and hydrate immediately. And put on a light weight sweatshirt because I get cold from sweating in the heat.

post run oatmeal

I saw this lunch bag at Denny’s (a children’s store here in New York) and I sort of want it for myself. It’s insulated and really roomy too!

cupcake lunchbag

I still can’t get my grocery shopping down to a science and that has to change. I am tired of going to Trader Joe’s every other day although maybe it has something to do with needing watermelon.


Instead of going to the beach yesterday, I chose some me-time in the form of working in the morning and hitting the mall in the afternoon which meant window shopping while enjoying a Red Mango parfait.

red mango parfait

I needed clothes (as usual, it’s a never ending hunt) but found none so I went with some makeup stuff instead.


And now it’s Monday which I am not exactly in the mood for but apparently I have no choice. Sometimes I really miss being a kid. As if the cupcake lunch box wasn’t evidence enough of that.

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Do you remember your lunchbox from when you were a kid? Which cartoon was on it? Mine was Cabbage Patch Kids!

Favorite kind of fudge?

What’s your favorite way to spend time by yourself?


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