What I Ate Wednesday – All The Blueberries


If you are wondering where yesterday’s post was since you didn’t receive it in your inbox, I can’t explain what happened because technology doesn’t feel the need to explain itself when it screws up.

Click here for the link to yesterday’s post which talked about how to start running. I apologize on behalf of modern technology.


So I had every intention of devoting this week’s What I Ate Wednesday fun to the specific changes I have made in my diet over the last couple of months and why those foods have been associated with making a positive affect on my menstrual cycle.

However, as terrific as I have felt now for two cycles, I have decided to hold off on discussion, give it one more month to make sure the changes I have made are legit and sticking to then get into the details.

Let’s talk about blueberries instead.


I am starting to wonder if I will turn into a blueberry like Violet from Willy Wonka from the amount of blueberries I have been consuming. Violet you are turning violet, Violet!

I have so many recipes to play with using fresh blueberries but when it comes down to it, I am just so simple and stick to the basics.

fruit with peanut butter

Straight from the container, on a plate with sliced banana and strawberries topped with peanut butter, or my favorite, on a Mighty Maple spoon.

mighty maple peanut butter and blueberries

Of course an abundance of blueberries means plenty of berries to cook into my oatmeal. I actually ran out of old-fashioned oats last week and decided to replenish my supply with Trader Joe’s gluten-free bag.

gluten free oats

I never had a gluten allergy or a wheat allergy that I have known about but over the last long while I have noticed that fresh cooked old-fashioned oats have been totally irritating the inside of my mouth.

Cold oats and/or the steel-cut oats I buy, no. Hot old-fashioned rolled oats, yes.

So I bought this gluten-free bag and haven’t had an issue since. Hmm, who knows what my deal is here.

The other day I went to mix the greek yogurt into my cold oatmeal when I noticed I bought the wrong variety.

stonyfield greek

I only ever buy plain greek yogurt since I prefer to add the sweetness from real fruit rather than the added sugar varieties.

Sweetened yogurt is candy to someone who normally eats the plain.

So lunch since my birthday has been all sorts of fun.

red mango

My friend Danielle who lives in Florida emailed me a Red Mango gift card for my birthday and told me she wanted me to fill up my cup as much as I wanted without worrying about the price.

So fill up I have been doing for lunch quite often this week. Thank you Danielle, once again. Thank you.

Modern technology may annoy me but for sending birthday gifts it can be really thoughtful and amazing.

Last night I had dinner at a terrific restaurant in Manhattan.

rosa mexicano

Have you been to Rosa Mexicano? I didn’t get any pictures from dinner but they make amazing guacamole table-side.

On the walk to the restaurant though, I couldn’t resist stopping at my most favorite vegetarian restaurant.


I figured if I asked for the smallest salad container, a little bit of their roasted broccoli couldn’t possibly fill me too much.


It’s not exactly normal to have zero will power around roasted broccoli but then in this same thought, I guess there are worse things to find irresistible.


And really, you should never drink on an empty stomach (I had sangria with dinner) or arrive to a restaurant starving anyway.

Last summer I had spotted a Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit truck on it’s way to their Hamptons store location. I had never tried this dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, fat free (everything free) delicacy and finally yesterday I found myself in front of their Manhattan store.

chloe's frozen fruit

Of course I went there for dessert.

chloes soft serve

It looks like a frozen yogurt shop but it’s not yogurt – it’s frozen fruit in soft serve form. It’s made with only water, fruit and a touch of cane sugar and is free of the top eight major allergens.

I had a cup of strawberry and dark chocolate with dark chocolate chips and some whipped cream on top to feel special.

Dark chocolate isn’t a fruit but the website says it is made from the seeds of a cacao fruit. Interesting.

I am always amused when I dine out late into the night and still wake up early super hungry.

Time for me to devour some blueberries with my breakfast. Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Do random foods you didn’t think you were allergic to irritate your mouth? Cinnamon does this to me as well.

What foods are you unable to resist?

Do you wake up starving even after dining out late into the evening?




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