Thinking Out Loud – Today’s Thoughts

In no particular order, welcome to my thoughts of the moment…


1. Please tell me that I am not on the only one to leave the house while still talking on a house phone.


I find myself in the car not connecting to blue tooth only to realize I am not using my cell phone. To make matters worse, I then drive around the town with my house phone in the car and forget all about it so later when the phone rings in the house, I can’t find a handset and blame my son for not putting the phones back on the chargers.

2. I rarely answer my house phone if it rings. I prefer to talk on a landline than a cell phone if I am home and I will instruct people who call my cell to call me on the home phone instead, but, if it actually rings unannounced, I don’t always answer it.

In fact, I don’t remember the last time I checked the house phone answering machine. I can take this a step further – I don’t check voicemail on my cell phone either. Please don’t leave me messages. I don’t want them. Thanks.

3. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. When this theory is applied to my running, the outside force is actually an inside force known as my brain.

I am really doing so super well this week tuning into my speed and tuning out my thoughts. But, as soon as I jog a few recovery steps, my mind takes over, gets lost somewhere over a rainbow and the focus on speed is all but on the yellow brick road en route to the land of Oz.

4. Did you know that your colorful headband is not just there to look pretty and keep hair out of your face?


I mentioned to the girl who cuts my hair the other day (hairdresser? Is that still the term?) that I didn’t want to wash my hair after my run the next morning because I hate ruining a good blow out as well as fresh highlights.

She told me to wear my headband along with a pony tail and that the headband does the job of keeping the hair from getting too sweaty. She then said that if the hair is sweaty underneath, to leave the ponytail in until it dries completely.

It worked. Like magic. She also informed me that sweat in the hair isn’t actually icky or dirty which was a big concern for me.

I don’t always wear the headbands but now I am hooked. My hair was much less sweaty (like significantly) and dried completely normal. I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.

5. The black pants I am wearing in the above picture are from the Gap. I found them in my drawer and swear to you that I have no recollection of ever buying them.

They are the same cut as the pair I once mentioned I hated from last year because they used to slide down but I really don’t remember ever buying them in black. Like at all.

Usually when I can’t find things in my drawers, I decide that someone snuck into my armoire and stole them; this time I am convinced that someone snuck in and gave these pants to me.

6. Let’s talk Fruity Pebbles. I was more a fan of the Cocoa Pebble but did enjoy my fair share of Fruity Pebbles as kid.

In the past week I have encountered a bunch of cereal-involved recipes including two using Fruity Pebbles.

Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Cookies

Fruity Pebble Parfait

This is one of those situations where I know too much about ingredients, preservatives and nutrition.


Rice, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Coconut And Palm Kernel Oils), Salt, Contains Less Than 0.5% Of Natural And Artificial Flavor, Red 40, Yellow 6, Turmeric Oleoresin (Color), Blue 1, Yellow 5, Blue 2, Bha (To Help Protect Flavor).

Enjoying a pebble-ladened cookie in a bakery is one thing but buying the box of cereal for my house where I can see this list makes me twitch in all different directions.

7. Please tell me what to do with this pan.

williams sonomon pan

I have had this Williams Sonoma ice cream cone shaped cupcake pan for years and have never figured out the perfectly dense recipe that makes the cones hold up nice and tall without falling.

williams sonoma ice cream pan

Cake Mixes don’t work. I have tried my own versions, I have tried cookie dough, brownie batter and combinations of them all. Please share with me a dense cake recipe if you have one. The cones are really cute especially when piled high with fudge frosting.

I have been drinking my French Toast coffee as I type up this post and feel the need to inform you that I am really not good at communicating prior to eating my breakfast. I know I sound all friendly and sweet, I realize I claim to be a morning person but I am hungry and it is early and actual verbal communication just wouldn’t happen if you were sitting here with me.

And on that truthful note, I am off to eat my oatmeal.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Do you use your house phone anymore?

Favorite sweat band/head band?

Fruity or Cocoa Pebble? Favorite cereal now vs. favorite as a kid? I loved the Pebbles, Life, Multigrain Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, Waffle Crisp and Ice Cream Cones Cereal….Now, I don’t ever want cereal. Just call me weird.




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