#HolidayRunList And Pro Compression Discount Code!


It’s bad enough that the stores feel the need to open at night on Thanksgiving but did you know that the Gap locations near me will be opened during the day on Thursday?

So few are the moments in life where it’s okay and expected to hang out at home in your pajamas until 2:00 pm watching the parade followed by flipping between every movie marathon until it’s time to eat stuffing and apple crisp.

As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I always appreciated the few stores and restaurants which were opened on December 25th but those were usually stores owned and operated by Jewish people like myself.

Thanksgiving is a National holiday for everyone, not determined by religion.

Taking away the ability for people to rely on holidays as a time to relax and disconnect from the outside world just feeds into the growing problem of constant connection, no downtime and the complete imbalance between work/obligations and a personal life.

I just felt the need to get that out, thanks for listening.

If you are looking to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping, I put together an awesome (well I think awesome) #HolidayRunList full of terrific ideas for the runners on your holiday gift-giving list.


Please note a few things about my list:

*I tried to be a bit out of the box. I hate to see the same recommendations over and over again.

*I don’t know about you, but I like to be creative in my gift-giving, focusing not on a dollar amount but on what I think would make a terrific gift for the special people in my life.

*I kept the price point relatively low because again, it’s not what you spend, it’s the thought that counts, not to mention, maybe all you need is a stocking stuffer, office grab bag gift or something awesome that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

*Runner’s are tough to buy for, especially when it comes to apparel. I don’t like to buy anyone clothing because I never know their size and don’t want to be rude in making the decision if I end up buying too big.

I hope you like my suggestions!

1. Mittens


Runners need mittens if they are dealing with cold weather runs. Not gloves, mittens!

Keeping your fingers close together helps to generate body heat and keep you warm far better than the tradition glove.

I know this through my own trial and error and crazy-insane high and low searching for the perfect pair of finger coverings ever since sharing my winter workout accessories essentials post a few weeks ago.

Lulu Fleece Run Gloves

Even if the runner in your life already has a pair of running gloves, I am recommending mittens, preferably the Lulu Run With Me Mittens *Fleece in the picture above, or, if you want to spend $48 and can actually locate the Fluff Over Mittens below, go for it!

Fluff Over Mittens

I finally found them the other day at my local Lululemon store and every run since owning them has been just what I am looking for in terms of finger/hand warmth.

Basically, the Fluff Over Mitten is the  Run With Me Mitten with the addition of a removable “Fluff-Over” layer which keeps your hands nice and cozy.

Fluff Over Mittens

Both pairs of mittens feature Polartec® Power Stretch® Fleece top and Rulu™ fabric palm which means sweat-wicking,  four-way stretch and tech-friendly for easy phone swiping!

2. What runner doesn’t love peanut butter with oatmeal?!



The Peanut Butter & Co. website offers a variety of Nuts About Oats gift ideas, including the set above which features three jars of Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter, Bob’s Red Mill Old-Fashioned Oats and an adorable oatmeal mug complete with a spoon!

Feel free to send me this as a gift. I probably won’t share but telling you ahead of time makes it okay.

3. Pro Compression

No run or recovery from a run is complete without a pair of Pro Compression socks or calf sleeves.


I own both the Pro Compression Calf Sleeves and Marathon Socks (pictured above) and don’t know how I made it before wearing them during my runs and especially after my long runs.

pro compression calf sleeves

Why choose Pro Compression?

  • True Graduated Compression – promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles towards your knees which also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation while providing critical support to your muscles and tendons
  • Arch support with just the right amount of compression
  • Stabilization zone through the sides to midfoot – helps to provide food bed comfort.
  • Open tow box so it will not keep your toes too tight
  • Wide cuff for added comfort
  • Moisture wicking materials


You need them. Get yourself a pair while ordering for the people on your list.

I even have Pro Compression discount code for you! Just enter PINK2 at checkout for a 40% discount. This code is valid through December 15, 2014.

4. Dior Addict Lip Glow


Running in the cold weather can create chapped lips.

Dior Lip Glow

What I love about Dior Addict Lip Glow is that it is super hydrating (plus spf 10) while also enhancing the natural pigment in your lips giving you a pop of color unique to each individual. It reacts with the chemistry of your lips or something like that.


5. Sparkly Soul headbands


sparkly soul

I mentioned these Sparkly Soul headbands in my accessories essentials post and I am still loving them as my go-to headband.

They come in pretty colors and patterns plus they really don’t slip around your head or cause headaches. What’s nice too is that they are slim enough to fit under a hat without getting in the way.

So what’s on your #HolidayRunList?

Will you be shopping on Thanksgiving? Do you have to work on Thursday?

What color Pro Compression socks will you be ordering?!

I received the black Pro Compression Marathon Socks and discount code for you as part of my Sweat Pink ambassadorship in exchange for sharing my #HolidayRunList. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.







Runner’s World Hat Trick Recap


The winner of the #NYTough P & G Product Giveaway is Amy Laforte!

Congrats Amy and thank you to everyone for entering!

Recap time!

Runner's World Hat Trick

As tired as I was Saturday night after running the 5k and 10k, I made it a point to take out my computer and start jotting down some thoughts from the day, knowing that if I didn’t, I would totally forget some of the key moments I wanted to remember and share with you.

It’s hard enough sometimes to remember all of your thoughts and experiences that occur during one race; try remembering the details from three races that all happen within 24 hours.

topic tuesday running

Before I discuss the races in brief detail….

The access to REAL BATHROOMS at the start of all three races was just an amazing feature.

I did not use one Porta Potty the entire weekend!  

Not only did we have plenty of access to real bathrooms with little to no lines, we had the opportunity to wait indoors before the races began which helped keep us warm and comfortable.


In the Arts Quest building, there was even the opportunity to buy food like bagels, muffins, coffee and other stuff.

Arts Quest

I know I saw Porta Potties scattered throughout the half marathon route but thankfully I did not need one. There were also plenty of water stops with Powerade too (which I didn’t take), some gels available on the half marathon course as well as Twizzlers at some point.

Okay, on to the races….

The 5K:

Was I nervous? Yes and no.

I had to remind myself over and over and over again that this was the first of three races and although I usually start off as if I was shot out from some cannon, I could not do that if I wanted to successfully make it through the weekend.

In my head I kept repeating pressure off but we all know that a start line will still produce that race day feeling.


I am pretty sure I put myself in the 8 minute mile section of the corral rather than in the 7’s.

picky runner

We can ask Sarah if she remembers which pace area we were in because she was right in front of me!

I had a slight side stitch during the first mile which worked itself out by mile two.

Even with the side stitch, I felt as though I had more to give, that I should be pushing and speeding the heck up but I kept forcing myself to hold back in order to conserve.

And this race was over before I knew it.

I know there was a hill somewhere but I honestly don’t remember much.

Runner's World 5k

I didn’t shut MapMyRun immediately and it was off slightly from the official timing but you get the idea.

Finish time: 24:24

Not bad, right? I think this was only slightly over a minute from my last 5k finish time.

I definitely picked up the pace when I saw the finish line on the horizon because as much as you tell yourself this isn’t your typical race because you have a 10k to run in an hour and a half marathon the next day, it is impossible to see a finish line and not run as though you are in a race.

A race atmosphere will always bring out the race runner in you, regardless of how much you try to run easy.

The In-Between Wait:

This got a little tricky.

waiting by the steel stacks

Just hanging around the Steel Stacks waiting for the 10K. There was an indoor area with nice, clean bathrooms too!

I had a little over an hour to spare before the 10k started and my fear in advance was getting cold while I waited.

I always get cold after running so I planned my outfit early that morning for both races accordingly:

*Nike running skirt

*Lululemon Race Your Pace Half Zip with just a sports bra underneath

*Pro Compression Socks – new pair from the expo

pro compression

If you run and do not own Pro Compression socks, please do yourself a favor and order a pair. No need to thank me.

I chose the Race Your Pace Half Zip specifically for these races because I knew it would keep me warm yet not let me overheat and the cuff-over feature for the hands would be perfect while waiting around.

Not to mention, it also has a perfectly sized zippered pocket to hold a packet of peanut butter.

banana and peanut butter

I had a bottle of water and a few jelly beans right after finishing the 5k and then a little while later I had a banana with some peanut butter.

I am so smart, right?

I mean, I knew a banana would not be enough to get through the 10K which started at 9:30 am.

I had eaten breakfast at 5:00 am and I get super hungry every few hours, especially when running is involved.

I needed something besides carbs to satisfy me so a drop of peanut butter on each bite of banana was perfect.

During the downtime, I began getting sleepy and then nervous that I wouldn’t be able to run the race.

No, I don’t mean that. I was getting nervous that I would feel tired or burned out once I started running again.


I think when we finally lined up for the 10K start I put myself back by the 9:00 minute mile sign.

10k start

I kept forcing myself to take that first mile really easy and slow, telling myself to run like it’s my usual morning run through my neighborhood.

I kept saying, just la-de-da yourself like you usually do and ignore everyone else around you.

Forget that it’s a race. Remember that you just ran a 5k and remember that you have a half marathon to run in less than 24 hours.

It worked!

The miles were flying by. I was enjoying myself. It was nice to be running rather than pushing/working. Does that make sense?

I tried to ignore the time clocks because seeing my pace for the first mile of over 9:00 min/mile was weird for a race but I forced my brain to reroute the thought process and let it go.

Runner's World 10k

Once again, slightly off but you get the idea.

The hills weren’t bad. They were gradual and nothing crazy.

Before I knew it, we were at the six-mile mark and yes, it’s that last .2 that gets you.

I was pushing at this point because hello, how do you not when you see the big FINISH?.

Finish time: 53:44

5k and 10k medals

At the conclusion of the 10k, I took my medal for the 5k too.

The Half Marathon:

Of course I remember the most details from this race since it was the last in the series as well as the longest distance.

It was windy and colder (like in the 40’s I think at the start?)  so I threw together a slightly unplanned race outfit.

I knew I would wear the Run Inspire Crop II’s with Pro Compression calf sleeves underneath.

half marathon outfit

The fact that I keep sharing these early morning-my-hair-is-too-long-no-make-up-puffy-eyes-from-a-pillow-I -was-clearly-allergic-to-all -night is something I really need to think about or, hmm, not think about and just keep typing.

On top I made a last-minute decision to wear a short sleeve Run Swiftly with a completely random (and yellow) Gap half zip pullover thing which I bought on clearance at the end of last winter.

I can’t even tell you which style this Gap top is but I will say that it worked well for me. Comfortable, breathable, I wasn’t hot or cold and the thumb holes always make me happy.

The gray thing you see over the Gap pullover was my “throw away” thermal hoodie which I took off a couple of minutes prior to the start of the race.

The zipper broke on this hoodie like two years ago. I always save things like this on purpose to use for cold race day mornings since I won’t care about leaving it behind.

I  woke up with a crampy feeling in my right big toe.

I never had such a feeling before and I kept trying to stretch it out as well as hoping (praying) that it went away as I walked around prior to the start.

I kept having a pep talk with myself to remind my brain that PR times were not an option.

That under 1:45 was not happening today.

I had to keep telling myself that I just ran two races and this half was to be run as any other routine long run.

Pressure off.

I told myself to ignore the pacers with their signs if they bob up and down past me. Even if it is the 1:50, 1:55 and the 2:00.

It is mentally confusing to run a race and ignore the times you typically strive for (and strive against).

I did have a loose goal in my head of still finishing at two hours or under but didn’t hold myself to anything other than running where I felt comfortable and okay.

The energy by the way at the start of each race was terrific.

start of half marathon

The music was blasting and totally had everyone dancing.

Anyway, I think I started myself in the 8 minute/mile or maybe the 8:30 minute/mile section and felt great..until my toe was cramping a little bit more around mile two.

It was pretty uncomfortable but I wasn’t stopping. I figured it would loosen up and I really didn’t give it much of a choice.

I was to complete this hat trick even if it meant I had to slow down or walk.

Luckily my toe responded, loosened up and felt normal by mile three.

As for the rest of me, I felt terrific!  I was shocked by the pace I was holding and completely forgot I ran the two races the day before.


I even handled the hills pretty well.

They were gradually inclining on me but I didn’t mind because I knew I would appreciate the downhill that much more.

I knew the 1:50 pace man was behind me somewhere with his sign. At one point he scooched ahead of me during an uphill but I made my way past him during the downhill.

I was so happy during this race. The miles were flying by. I was running faster than I could have hoped for, honestly felt pretty awesome and was just proud to be able to run among the rest of the Runner’s World runners.

I think I fueled really well for these races (more on that tomorrow) and truly appreciated all of the miles I log each week, day in and day out.

It’s all of those random miles, the good ones along with the bad ones that prepare us for these races.

I could not have done this race without doing my routine long runs each weekend.

It’s all of those runs, as fast or as slow as I run them each time, that made my legs capable of handling all of this, including the hills.

Especially that hill somewhere around mile six. Yeah. That hill tried to get me. I thought it was over but it was one of those that just kept going.


But I did it. I made it.

I didn’t really want water but I grabbed sips every so often after mile five. I popped my jelly beans starting around mile six. Sometimes spitting them out, sometimes holding them until they dissolved and sometimes chewing them real fast.

I couldn’t even believe it when I made it to mile ten. It seemed to have gone so fast….but then somewhere around there it started getting to me.

Somewhere around there the 1:50 pace man bobbed next to me with his sign and said, “great job, stay strong”.

My response, “Um,  I don’t know about that. My goal has been to stay ahead of you!”

I let that go though.

Finish time: 1:50:17

It would have been nice to unexpectedly finish this race under 1:50 but I earned this 1:50:17 and words really cannot express how proud I am of it.

In fact, this 1:50:17 which was run on tired legs was even faster than my first half marathon, exactly two years ago to the day, at Hershey Park, where I finished in 1:53 and I believe 37 seconds on a course almost as hilly.

Have I had moments since finishing on Sunday where I tried to find the points in the race where I could have/should have gone a little faster in order to have come in under 1:50?

Of course I did, it’s the runner in me.


And one final though for today….

Thank you to my favorite Adidas Energy Boosts sneakers. You may have been the most boring-looking pair of running shoes seen throughout all three race courses, but you are indeed the best and I could not have done it without you.


With honorable mention to my just-about-burned-out pink pair of Boosts which played the role of understudy for the weekend.

See you tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday over the weekend!


What’s the next race on your calendar?

What do you eat/carry with you during your long runs/races?

Tell me something random, this post took forever to write and I am out of thoughts!


Catching Up With A Thought Per Picture


Oh hi. Let’s catch up with a thought per picture again, okay?

My friends and I realized Friday night during a beautiful evening happy hour at Prime that we take living on an island for granted.

prime happy hour

For your information, my idea of happy hour involves water spiked with a lemon wedge, especially when running long the next morning.

I know I have been trying to save money without coupons but I did have a great coupon for a 99 cent any-sized Dunkin Donuts iced coffee so I just had to make the stop.

Iiced coffee

Iced coffee + water = Proper summer hydration.

When you find yourself wanting iced coffee again but don’t have a coupon, you must learn to make your own in order to save money.

hydration duo

I made the iced coffee using my Keurig and poured it into my Lifetime Athletic tervis cup for the ride to the beach on Saturday.

Since the beach is filled with people who leave their homes without looking in a mirror, I decided it was just fine to wear Pro Compression calf sleeves for as long as I wanted in order to fully recover from my twelve-mile early morning run. pro-compression

While this salad was delicious, it was way too expensive for what it actually was. For twelve dollars they charged me, I can easily combine chick peas, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn and avocado for myself AND my friends while still spending less money on the total sum of all ingredients.


For the first time ever, I spent under four dollars on frozen yogurt. Sometimes you just need a small lunch dessert. Usually I walk into yogurt stores and take a few samples as a snack but this time I needed toppings and I can’t get the toppings for free in the sample cups.

tutti frutti frozen yogurt

Another reason to love summer is because even at 8:00 pm, the sky looks sort of like the middle of the day yet everything is much more peaceful.

long beach

When you need to bake cookies but are pressed for time to get yourself ready and out the door, you still make your cookie dough from scratch only you dump it all into a brownie pan and bake your cookies in the form of blondies just to keep from needing to monitor the oven, swapping out pans and worrying how your cookies will form.


And of course you place mini peanut butter cups inside the dough.

You will be really proud – I have been reading the book on my nightstand. However, I opted for InStyle yesterday at Barnes And Noble.


I always loved InStyle and especially love it now in those moments where I want to read a magazine but I am burned out from reading about running, fitness and food.

Here are some important tidbits for you:

Nail polish will help block the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your nails. The more pigmented/darker the color, the better.


Remember my Facts About Sunscreen post? My favorite SkinCeuticals is mentioned for their eye-area sunscreen which I have been using this season.


And speaking of eyes, why didn’t they make goggles decorated in sprinkles when we were kids?


I am an old soul in that I don’t like to get my hair wet or go under water anymore (or even get into the pool unless it is 100 degrees), however, the child in me only wants to wear sprinkle covered goggles and dive right in.

Although I would probably need to jump in rather than dive in since I really never mastered the proper dive even with all of those instructional swim sessions at camp.


Ever get tired of reading about fitness and food?

Last thing you baked from scratch?

Best thing you ate all weekend?




Peanut Butter And Berry Quinoa


I had been mentally planning to run a four mile race this morning but was waiting until the last-minute to sign up because I wanted to ensure the weather forecast was ideal and that honestly, I didn’t have anything else on the agenda that I felt like doing instead.

I love to run and I don’t even mind running in the rain but I can run four miles any time I feel like stepping out my front door so unless the conditions are completely ideal to my schedule and mood, I am not paying and driving to a race location to run for thirty minutes.

I am super glad that I didn’t register in advance because the random hurricane that is passing on by is bringing more rain than my Lulu rain jacket and I find entertaining.

It actually isn’t all that rainy at this moment though so I will probably run outdoors for a bit anyway. Besides, I have something new to test out that arrived yesterday in the mail.

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

I finally ordered a new pair of Pro Compression calf sleeves. I went with the sleeves this time because I am insane when it comes to my feet and when I switch between types of socks it affects my lacing and I can’t have that.

I know Pro Compression has a pair of stars and stripes socks which would probably fit the mood a little bit better today but I am not all that festive and would probably only wear such a thing if it matched my outfit which it probably wouldn’t because I wear more pink than red.

It’s not that I lack holiday spirit. I am all about celebrating freedom and independence but I don’t doily it up with red, white and blue and insist upon typical holiday activities and foods just because tradition says so.

It’s a free country right, isn’t that the point?

So even if today calls for consuming foods you would find at a barbecue, if I feel like Chinese food later, that is what I will have.

Without really trying though, I noticed holiday spirit making it’s way into my kitchen.

fruit infusion berries

Just throw some blueberries and strawberries in a bowl or even better, layer them in your fruit infusion pitcher. See? Now that’s the spirit.

Fact: The strawberries lose their flavor after being in the pitcher for a few days but the blueberries are still tasty enough to eat.

In all seriousness, I realized you may be looking for a quick, easy, tasty and rather healthy side dish/dessert to bring to someone’s festive barbecue today and I didn’t want to let you down.

fruity peanut butter quinoa

I had leftover quinoa this week so the simple sweet genius that I am created Peanut Butter And Berry Quinoa by combining quinoa, peanut butter, sliced strawberries, blueberries and a drizzle of honey to make this satisfying bowl of holiday goodness.

fruity peanut butter quinoa

This peanut butter and berry loaded quinoa was terrific as dessert last night and will likely make a repeat appearance as breakfast this morning.

Maybe with some greek yogurt if I am feeling all fancy.

It’s really quite simple to make and stores well in the refrigerator too.


This recipe is certainly not an exact science. Add more fruit. Add more peanut butter. Cover it in honey. Do as you please.

It’s a free country.


Are you running a race today?

What are your holiday/weekend plans?

Do you prefer the Pro Compression calf sleeves or the marathon socks?


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