7 Random Things


1. I can’t remember the last time I had smooth (or do they call it creamy?) peanut butter. See, it’s been so long that I don’t even know the proper term.

2. My baking supply cabinet is a mess. I am a neat freak by nature but not a compulsive neat freak which means I like things tidy, uncluttered and in place BUT cabinets, drawers and closets may a bit more chaotic than my counters, tables and floors.

The baking cabinet right now in my kitchen though, it’s bothering me. It’s not even an organized mess that only I can navigate through, it’s a universal disaster. My problem with cleaning it out is that it will lead to cleaning out the kitchen drawers, then the pots cabinet, then the hall closet followed by my son’s closet and I just don’t have time for that.

3. I made four kinds of cookies last week and I only used my KitchenAid mixer for one of them.

cookie collage

I don’t know why I chose the old-fashioned bowl and spoon instead. Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to mix cookie dough by hand?!

The funny thing is, I resisted using a mixer for years. I felt like I had my cookie making system down to a science, had my hands and a big spoon and didn’t need any electronic help…until one day I used the mixer and silently wondered why I never had in the first place.

4. I stopped caring if I have sushi. Like, if you ask to meet me for dinner, instead of picking a sushi spot since sushi has been my favorite for years, I am back to thinking about pizza. And sauce. And anything covered in sauce.

Cravings are allowed to change/revert back to old favorites I suppose.

5. I skipped my easy run on Tuesday in favor of cross-training on the elliptical. I need to do that more often. It was nice during the day to go from sitting to standing and not feel it. Sometimes we get so used to tired legs that NOT having tired legs feels extra interestingly amazing.

6. Do you know who Ron Ben-Israel is?

The celebrity chef and cake designer, the judge of the new Food Network show Cake Wars and previous judge of Cupcake Wars as well as host and judge of Sweet Genius?



While I have met him in the past, last week I had the pleasure of speaking with him (the guy on the left in the picture) to talk to him all about Customized Wedding Cakes for an article I was working on for AllSeated –you can read it here!

You must know by now that this cake conversation was super interesting to me!

7. I crawled into bed last night before 8:00 am and I am not even the one who started school this week. I am naturally a morning person which makes me unnaturally a night owl but last night in particular, I was just flat-out exhausted and done.

Is there a better feeling than getting under the covers when you are tired and ready to hide from the world?

The best part? My son didn’t bother me once. Not one time! Quite often he likes to pop in to tell me unimportant things that suddenly become important almost as if he is checking in before the television can say, “It’s 10:00 pm do you know where your kids are?”

Great night of sleep which hopefully translates into a great TREADMILL run today. It’s raining out there but I am not disappointed. It’s important to switch up the running surfaces and equally important to remember I like running on the treadmill which is something I tend to forget.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today 🙂

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Favorite kind of nut butter?

If you are married, what kind of wedding cake did you have? Tell me all about it!

Where will you be running today?

















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