Cake For Lunch Expert & What I Call Big News (TOL)


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Another week, another round of people asking google if it’s okay to eat cake for lunch and the google keyword search brings them to me.

I’m the cake for lunch expert I guess.

If cake is what you randomly want for lunch today, go ahead.

Honor the craving. You have my permission.

If cake for lunch will make you feel better emotionally today when you normally eat a salad, don’t feel guilty.

Indulge. It’s worth it for your happiness. Salad today is not going to make anything better if cake is what you really want.

I know these things. Cake for lunch has saved me many times. Just make sure it’s chocolate cake. Don’t ruin the moment with something other than chocolate cake. That would be silly.


I’ve got big news. Well, the kind of big news that I consider big news which really isn’t big news to anyone probably but me.

Last Thursday I told you that I wore real pants. Today I will tell you that I have been finding myself wearing my skinny jeans equally as often I have been wearing leggings.

And, my skinny jeans must really be comfortable because I caught myself sitting all comfy on the couch while sipping my favorite cinnamon vanilla Yogi tea.

Is there anything more wonderful than finding pants that have a real waist and button that are comfortable?!

yogi tea

My other piece of big news is that The Barclays Center seems to be kicking my Islanders out after next season.

If you ask me, it went like this:

The Barclays Center heard the Islanders wanted to leave so they did the whole, I will dump you before you dump me thing.

I am thrilled. You know I cannot stand going to Brooklyn to watch my team play hockey. Now the question is, where will the Islanders call home?

#TBT to that time I was Newsday famous with my featured article about the Islanders leaving me for Brooklyn. Look how little my son was in the picture!

Islanders article in Newsday



On This Day:

2/2/16: Finding Balance Between Our Diets & Workouts < – Laura and I wrote such a great series last year about finding balance between our diets & workouts! Definitely check it out if you missed it.

2/2/15: A Peak in the Life of a Treadmill Long Run < – So far this winter, I have only needed to run one long run on the treadmill and I would like to keep it that way.

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Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!

What’s your big news for today?

Did you ever dump someone before they had the chance to dump you?

If you were going to have cake for lunch today, what kind of cake would it be?



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