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1. As freezing as it was last night on the Little League field, and trust me, it was beyond freezing, yesterday morning I woke up to gorgeous sunshine and warmish temperatures….but didn’t run. Any other day and I would have skipped the plan for crosstraining in the gym in favor of running outdoors but I am really serious during a taper week in terms of not running back-to-back days. It isn’t easy for someone as stubborn as me but I know on Sunday I will thank myself.

2.  Remember when the old-fashioned phones would leave you all tangled up in the cord or at the very least the cord would get tangled up in itself? We may not have to deal with that anymore but I find myself having the same issue with the cord from my hair dryer. Anyone else?

3. My favorite three-ingredient pancake is best made with a not-too-ripe banana.


It’s all about the texture. The riper the banana -> the mushier the texture – > the mushier the pancake.

Using a banana which is ripe yet not really getting speckled on the skin will give you a sturdier batter and thicker pancake.

Also, I think the pancake is best when made with only egg whites. My son tends to agree even though he loves regular eggs.

I think egg whites get a bad reputation sometimes, especially in blog world. I tend to notice criticism when people choose egg whites over eggs as if we are avoiding the fat and calories.

Not the case. At least not for me and not for several people I know. Some recipes just work better with egg whites, especially my pancake recipe or when you want to whip up your bowls of oatmeal to a fluffy texture and boost their protein content at the same time.

Egg whites are known to fluff up and that quality alone is the main reason why recipes (including several desserts) call for the white versus the whole egg, regardless of nutritional content.

Amanda’s recipe for her Pumpkin Chili Mexican Scramble is no exception to this rule.

4.  I left out an important taper week essential currently on my list – the daily prayer I have been saying for weeks to ensure that my monthly visitor is late.


I always have this kind of luck. Amazing isn’t it? I went months without having to worry when I went through my time with amenorrhea but as soon as I went back to operating like clockwork? My wedding day, trips to Disney World, cruise vacations and now a race.

It’s just not nice.

Let’s pretend we aren’t grown ups dealing with a 28-day calendar for a minute though…

5. 39 Things That Only Girls Who Grew Up In The 80’s Would Get

Popple? Check. Charm necklaces? I would still wear them.

Poochie? Forget it, my love for her rivaled Hello Kitty for a brief moment.


Rainbow Brite? Halloween when I was nine. Cabbage Patch Kids? Hi, I had about 16 plus the Koosa and pony.

My Little Pony? I would go through a McDonald’s Drive Thru tomorrow if they had them in the happy meal.

Pound Puppies? My first of many puppies was named Brownie.

Lisa Frank? Hello, have you seen my Slam Book page? I may just have the largest Lisa Frank sticker collection in New York.

I had the exact pink boom box, that same caboodle and still listen to Debbie Gibson to feel the Electric Youth.

Should I continue? Because I can. I can tell you that I have Punky Brewster on DVD, still watch The Cosby Show and stop everything and call my cousin if I find out Facts of Life is on television.

And while I am reliving my youth, I just so happened to catch a bit of the original Parent Trap yesterday.

One of my all-time favorite movies, it is fascinating to watch your childhood favorites as an adult and see things in a whole new light. I see The Parent Trap on a whole new level now that I am not only divorced but divorced with a child. Classic.

Make sure you check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Favorite childhood movie?

Please tell me you clicked on the link and what you had from the list!

Ever get unlucky and have to deal with your monthly visitor while running a race?

Quick – Whole egg or egg whites?

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