New Year, New Running Shoes (weekly workout recap)


I’m not going to lie, getting up early again and squeezing in a workout today before work is super hard after being off several days over the last two weeks.

While I’m totally a morning person, I do appreciate NOT being on a schedule and definitely fell into a later morning routine during the holidays.

It will take me a day or two to adjust but one this is for sure — I won’t skip a workout. I know that I feel so much better after some form of movement in the morning before work and that is what keeps me motivated!

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday – 10 Min Power Abs + 3 Mile Walk

Tuesday – 4 Mile Run

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run

I was happy to be off today and run a little later in the morning!

Thursday – Melissa Wood Health Combo (bodyweight)

This combo that I put together was just SO GOOD. I was sweaty and working hard right away — I will keep this combination in mind for this winter when I want something that elevates my heart rate on days I can’t go outside to run.

  • 15 Min Cardio Warm-Up with Plie Squats
  • 15 Min Power Pilates with Plank Series – At first glance, I always hate planks but trust her workouts to be worth it.
  • 13 Min Inner/Outer Thighs

Friday – 5 Mile Run / 10 Min AbsĀ 

I had ordered a new pair of Ghosts earlier in the week and while I was running today, I saw the man delivering the new shoes to my front door!

I was 1.5 miles into my run but of course, I stopped to switch into the new pair of Brooks Ghost 14’s that had arrived!

brooks ghost 14

Is there a runner alive who wouldn’t stop midrun to switch into new running shoes in this situation?

Saturday – 30 Min Barre3 (3 lb weights)/15 Min Ab-Focused Flow

It was raining this morning (I HAVEN’T SEEN SUN IN DAYS!) so I couldn’t run. I wanted something different and of high energy (but not a total HIIT style workout) so I picked a Barre3 workout from youtube. This one is perfect if you feel like a sweaty, squat-filled workout that is still low-impact and built on the foundation of yoga/barre/pilates.

After the Barre3 workout, I added an ab flow from Melisssa Wood Health. All of her ab flows are different and although this one focuses on abs, it’s really more like a full-body experience.

Sunday – 5 Miles

Still no sun but at least it wasn’t raining so I was able to run outside in my new running shoes again!


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