Friday Favorites! ( recent favorite skincare + fashion)


It’s Friday! And I’m off today!

While the weather won’t be picture-perfect today, I think I may run by the beach this morning. The summer is slipping away and I really want to take advantage of my favorite summer running scenery.

Long Beach boardwalk

I also need to finish my son’s dorm shopping list. He keeps asking me if I’m keeping the receipts because he doesn’t feel he needs everything that I’m buying but what does he know? He’s a boy. He should only know how much more I would be getting if he was a girl. The dorm stuff for girls is INSANE.

Anyway, I have some Friday Favorites to share for the first time in a few weeks!

nécessaire body lotion

I finally bought The Body Lotion from Necessaire.

People RAVE about this body lotion as if it’s the holy grail of moisturizers but it took me some time to give it a try. I had been using the body lotion from Drunk Elephant and wasn’t in the mood to switch. Well, finally I caved and bought Necessaire Body Lotion while shopping at Sephora. At first, I wasn’t sure what the hype was all about. I’m a give me all the heavy cream type of girl and this body lotion is on the thin side. It’s also fast-absorbing (which is a good thing).

I was so confused because the body lotion felt so basic to me that I reread the reviews to learn why people loved it so much. It seems that they say it works best over time—- and they are right. After a few days of applying the Necessaire body lotion every morning, I definitely noticed that my entire body felt soft and hydrated, at all times. I get it now. Let’s see how it holds up in the winter.

Speaking of my love for all the moisture, I decided it was time to overhydrate my lips and get started with a lip mask. Lip mask products were the only skincare products missing from my routine at this point!

I bought The Kissu Lip Mask from Tatcha and once again, this is a product that shows the best results when you use it every night for a few nights to really see/feel a big difference. I totally noticed my lips were soft and moisturized right away but definitely noticed more of a difference after using this lip mask every night for three nights. This is a great product – I really love it. It’s not that my lips were overly chapped at all but I like how soft they feel and over time, they claim it will further plump, soften, and help diminish lines within the lips. Also, this is a great product to have for the winter. In fact, I think I’m ahead of the game and will prevent any chapped, dry situations by getting in the prevention/protection routine now.

I also restocked my favorite Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer. This product is a game-changer. I cannot imagine applying makeup now without this primer. If you aren’t sure about it, buy the mini size. You will quickly see what I mean.

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In fashion news, I think I want these pink New Balance sneakers- not for running but for wearing casually.

Oh, and I bought this Smiley Face Terry Cloth Graphic Hoodie a couple of weeks ago from Forever 21. It’s so cute and fits so well. I can see I will be wearing it on repeat come fall.

I found this Alosoft Hooded Runner Long Sleeve Top from Alo Yoga. I’m noticing that I like Alo Yoga and Beyond Yoga more than lululemon these days. This shade of blue from Alo Yoga is my favorite. I wish this hoodie came in the blue but I will take the gray.

I knew we were due for a Bloomingdale’s sale! Right now is 25% off if you use your Bloomingdale’s card or 20% off no matter how you pay. Of course, their Stoney Clover collection isn’t part of the sale but take a look anyway- they really have a nice stock of the pouches and bags!

I was thinking about a new pair of 7 jeans so I’m happy to see the discount applies to this pair. Oh, and I don’t care what the trend is, I still like skinny jeans. 🙂

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