Friday Favorites February 1, 2019

Oh, hi Friday and first of February! Nice to see you.

Listing a few favorites for today – have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

I will talk more about my renewed interest in Yoga in my workout recap (either Sunday or Monday) but for now, it’s worth noting that I reacquainted myself with the website, Do Yoga With Me. Longtime readers may recall that I bounced around with using this website a few years ago. While yoga is not totally my thing, I do, at times, appreciate the beginner practices from this site. Most of the practices on this site are free and definitely worth checking out if you want to do some yoga from home. The Yoga For Runners series was always a favorite of mine. In fact, I’ve had the pre-run practice basically memorized since I started doing it years ago and often do it on my own to stretch before a run.

Yes, You Can Wear Sweatpants To Work, Here’s How – I just made your day, didn’t I?! Totally down with the dressing up joggers trend. I’ve pulled off the joggers with heels look for work things and LOVE IT.

I feel like giving a shout out to my favorite hairbrush. I really do love my hairbrush so much! It’s like an instant boost of shine and perfection to your hair every time you brush it with a Mason Pearson (at least for straight hair like mine). One can complain about the price but I think it’s worth every penny, especially since I’ve only ever had two Mason Pearson hairbrushes in my lifetime. I’ve been using the same Mason Pearson hairbrush since I’m twenty and have no plans on replacing it yet.

So Bloomingdale’s is getting clever with their email marketing techniques. As if this subject line is going to convince me that I need to shop based upon them saying I need the items in my life?! Trust me, I don’t need the extra encouragement.


Everything I am browsing is on sale which is a major plus!

I like the looks of this Chaser Frayed Bell Sleeve Jacket.

And oh, how cute are these Sanctuary Camo Cargo Joggers. Cute for work!

Killing myself over the sale price of my favorite jacket. You need it if they have your size left! I have been wearing this jacket more than any other coat this season and love that I have an option as to which side of the jacket to wear! The “teddy bear” side in the pink is my favorite right now although I do love the green side too. Sometimes, I wear both sides in one day which makes me feel as though I changed my jacket. HA.

LOVE this collared bodysuit from Bailey 44. Definitely getting it now that it’s on sale. I had tried it on in black but I like the white too!

How pretty is this bright pink Splendid Distressed Sweater?! And this Aqua velvet jacket is on sale for a super great price.

Last but not least, if you haven’t bought my favorite 7 jeans in the destroyed style, they are on sale for $99 right now. More comfortable than sweats, I swear it!

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Anyone else use the site Do Yoga With Me?

What are you currently shopping for right now?

Friday Fashion Links: Bendel + Abercrombie + Bloomies!

So we are supposed to get some sort of Nor’Easter tomorrow with a lot of wind and rain. I’m thinking this is the perfect excuse  and the right time for me to clean out my closet. It’s not that I don’t clean through it often, it’s just that it’s been on my mind to really weed through a bit more AND organize it better.

Besides, making room means I can buy more stuff. 🙂

I’ve got some fun fashion links for you again today which I am sharing below. I’m a bit all over the place still with what I’m looking at but maybe something will be of interest to you!

Friday Favorites

From Henri Bendel:

I am really interested in their bracelets right now! I tried two this week and can’t decide which to get or if I should get both.

The Influencer Glam Stretch Bracelet caught my eye immediately. It comes in a few color/metal options. I like the Hematite I think? It’s like a pewter instead of the lighter silver. Or the Influencer Stretch Bracelet in the black or the white. I really like them both!

This Lenox Stack Ring is fun. I like the little star.

Miss Bendel Pouch On A Chain –I feel like it would be a mistake to not get this bag before Bendel is closed at the end of the year. It’s a classic.

In case you missed my Henri Bendel Must-Have’s list before they close, here’s that post filled with great items!

From Abercrombie:

Big sales right now! They are running 50% off (with exclusions) plus 15% off with every $100 you spend with code 11747.

My picks:

Lace Trim Cami. Every color, please and thanks.

Cashmere Off Shoulder Sweater. In pink.

I’m curious about this cozy parka.  Love the pink although my Sanctuary Parka that I told you I ordered last week (in the green and pink) arrived and I love it so do I really need this coat too?

I always like Abercrombie pajamas because the material is usually so soft and nice! This year’s selection is no exception. I was in the store and couldn’t get over how soft the pajama pants were!

I liked the flannel pants (with the side satin stripe) and the cozy joggers (in the blue) were adorable.


Just a few Bloomie’s picks for this week!

Adidas Women’s Superstar Leather & Leopard lace Up Sneakers – Not exactly my style but I appreciate them for being a little different. The leopard gives them personality.

Sorel Cold Weather Boots  – In the white maybe? If I don’t get the glitter snow boots?

Posie Lace Up camisole – every color.

These cashmere fingerless gloves are nice but oh shoot, look at these Aqua star embroidered tech gloves! How fun!

Have a great weekend!

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Any fun plans for the weekend?

Have you started holiday shopping yet?

Are you in search of a new winter coat or boots or anything specific?

Friday Favorites: Pizza + Fall Fashion + Sale Alerts


Well this week totally flew by so fast, didn’t it? I mean, Monday feels forever ago but at the same time, it’s Friday just like that.

I definitely have a few favorites to report for this week so let’s get started.

I’m back on my pizza kick.

I don’t think I had pizza for a few weeks and then this week, I had it for dinner two nights in a row. I grabbed this margarita slice in the city the other night.

Perfection. And actually, over a dollar cheaper than out here on Long Island. Interesting fact.


Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish 

It’s been years since I wore a dark color on my finger nails because I hate to see a chip! However, since starting to use the Essie Gel Couture polish (the Essie website calls it Essie long wear polish), I able to go back to dark colors without having to worry. I bought a new bottle for fall and had my nails and toes done over the weekend. It looks more red in the picture than it actually is, it’s more of a deep red/Burgundy. I really like it and it has yet to chip! I bring my own polish now to the nail salons because if you use their Essie Gel Couture polish, they charge an extra three dollars. Also, there’s no UV light needed and this polish does not weaken your nails at all. It seems just like regular nail polish but it doesn’t chip.

Please note the Vintage Havana Moon and Star Sweatpants in the picture. Those are new for fall too. They fit so well which is really important to discuss because for someone like me, it’s hard to find sweatpants that don’t go up to my neck. I am happy to be petite but geez, most sweats and joggers are cut for people SO MUCH TALLER. This pair sits in the right spot and are so cute and comfortable! Good price point too. I think I wore them three days in a row. Just saying.

vintage havana joggers


I also picked up the J/Slides Platform Booties that I mentioned last week and have worn them several days in a row as well. That’s how you know you need something, when you continue to wear it day after day.


My New Jacket!

I suddenly needed a new in-between jacket because it suddenly became jacket weather here! I don’t know what I was wearing during the fall months in years past but I looked in my closet for an in-between coat and couldn’t really find one. I honestly think it’s my age. Hitting 40 means I constantly need a coat. Under 40, I would wear a scarf and call it my jacket. Nowadays, I have that old lady chill, requiring layers and a coat to stay warm.

One thing about me — I may not know what I am looking for but when I see it, I know it. It took a few minutes searching the Bloomingdale’s website and then I saw this Sanctuary Reversible Hooded Parka.

I was sold.

Sanctuary jacket

Quick Sale Info!

Bloomingdale’s is running their Buy More/Save More which is 20% off $100-249, 25% off $250-$499, and 30% off $500 or more!

It’s friends & family at Henri Bendel! You save 25% off everything, 30% off $500 or more, and an additional 15% off anything already on sale. Check out my Bendel Must-Haves list if you need suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Did the weather suddenly turn cold by you? Do you have an in-between jacket or do you need one?

What color is currently on your nails?

Friday Favorites (Mostly Fashion!)


Sharing some favorites today — Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites

First, I’m so happy that I ordered the new Dior Backstage eye shadow palette which I did tell you about recently.  The price for this eye shadow palette is terrific as it includes eight Dior shadows AND the primer. Highly recommend it!

dior backstage

From Abercrombie, I like this boyfriend shirt which is a light weight/soft white button down with little navy hearts. It runs a bit on the big/looser side but you can tie it at the front to make it fit a little cuter.

Bloomingdale’s is having their “Denim Days” so one pair of jeans is currently 15% off and if you buy two or more pairs, you save 25%.

These are my most favorite skinny jeans. I was thinking I could use the Grey version, also from  7 For All Mankind.

The side stripe is all the rage right now so how about this shimmer stripe pair of jeans? It’s the same high waist ankle skinny style that I love too.

Did I tell you that I got this choker top from Bailey 44 on sale? I can’t even remember.

I LOVE this small Crosby crossbody bag from MZ Wallace. I don’t need it but I visit it every time I’m in Bloomingdales. My pal Lisa has it and we always like/buy the same things so it’s no surprise it’s one of her favorite bags right now.

I can’t get these Prada bow slides out of my head. I tried them on and totally adore them but just can’t justify the price. Yet. Give me some time.

Last but not least, this is a great price for a cold shoulder blouse!

Have a great weekend. 🙂

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Are you looking to buy new jeans for this winter? Which style/brand is your favorite?

Short Week + Food + Fashion


Of course I woke up and thought today was Monday but was pleasantly surprised to learn it’s actually Tuesday! Not that school starts for us today or anything like that. Nope. Not until tomorrow. Some districts start this morning but of course I’m in the district that starts tomorrow. Yet still, it’s nice to begin the week on a Tuesday, right?

And to further confuse myself momentarily, I am sharing a few food highlights today when I normally share them on Wednesday. I think I mentioned last week that my blog routine is sort of out of the window right now. My guess is that I will find it again but in the mean time, I’m just going with it until I figure out how to get back to where I was/find a new routine and schedule.

This year has been one that highlights change and part of that change now seems to fall with my blog. I’m not feeling my typical routine or the same interest in keeping up with what I’m eating and doing the same way as I was for so many years. Rather than fight it, I’m hoping that I will naturally find what I feel like talking about while still sharing some of what I eat as I know it’s a favorite around here!

We had sushi the other night. One of my favorite and most basic rolls is the peanut avocado roll. It’s not a sushi option in all restaurants but when I see it on the menu, it’s a must order.


I had to take two pictures of my whole wheat veggie pizza because I swear this slice was the biggest I’ve ever had!


The pictures aren’t doing my veggie pizza enough justice though as the vegetables were piled so high although I don’t think you can really see that.

veggie pizza

Related: My post on best veggie pizza on Long Island.

I love to grab a veggie plate from The Little Beet while shopping. This was a 3-part plate of the roasted broccoli, the Brussels sprouts salad, and a cauliflower and quinoa combo (I think, I can’t recall correctly but I do know it was a fairly new cauliflower concoction).

little beet

Shopping details: Lots on sale at Bloomingdale’s right now! This Aqua Camo Anorak is a great price. I also liked this Camo Velvet Bodysuit because I love anything velvet and bodysuits are totally back. You know I love the brand Bailey 44 so I was beyond thrilled when I was able to get this velvet slip dress on sale! Also, this Bailey 44 dress which I wore back in the winter is still available on sale too! On the topic of dresses, I think I like this Flounce Hem Plaid Dress.

I didn’t run yesterday but I’m in the mood to run today so I think I will do that even though it’s super hot here again. Have a great (short) week!

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If you are a blogger, how has your blog routine changed over the years?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Currently! (March 2018) + My E-book Update!


The last Currently post that I wrote was back in October. That’s not okay! Currently posts are a fun way to share some of the things I’m up to, interested in, and doing so I need to write these posts more often!

currently march 2018

Currently Watching…

The Islanders season slip away. it’s getting painful although I’m trying my best to toughen up, accept it, and move on to baseball.

Also, Siesta Key ended for the season. Sometimes I feel pathetic that I love an MTV reality series with people who are almost 20 years younger than me but then again, I don’t really feel my age.

So what am I watching? That’s a good question.  I’m waiting for Imposters to start up again April 5 and Younger should start at some point in the spring/early summer.

Currently Wearing….

HEELS. I’m on a mission to wear the heels in my closet whenever I go out at night. At some point I started getting lazy in the heels and high wedge department and that needed to change. A girl should wear her heels!

high heels

Currently Craving…

I would like a repeat of my dinner of Thursday night at Rothmann’s please. Gosh I have always LOVED Rothmann’s. I also really love going out for nice dinners on Thursday nights. It’s not something I do as often as I did a bunch of years ago (Thursday nights became a regular out for dinner night after my divorce) but I think it’s time to try to bring Thursday night back when I can.

Rock shrimp tempura in a spicy peanut sauce was delicious but I need to always be mindful of how much “tempura” I eat because my body doesn’t love fried food. A little bit I can handle, more than a little bit can upset my stomach.

Rothmans rock shrimp

Rothmann’s makes a true quality sushi roll. Note the onion strings on the table. Uh huh, more fried food but I LOVE onion strings!

rothmans sushi

Current Excitement…

I told you scrunchies were back! Do you know that I let out a high pitch happy giggle when I spotted this scrunchies display at Francesca’s the other day?! I was only in the store to kill some time before picking my son up from the gym and I was so pleasantly surprised!


Definitely get this pack or this pack! I love the velvets!

Currently Ordering…

I’m so NOT an online shopper BUT sometimes I do get inspired (and carried away).

Bloomingdales order

Bloomingdale’s had one of their sales this weekend (buy more save more!) so I ordered a few new things!

I had been waiting to get these  Splendid Sccop Neck Camisoles (I bought the black and the white) plus I ordered these Juicy Black Label Studded Joggers and this cute white off the shoulder dress for summer.

I try to stick to classic wardrobe staples and quality brands because then I know I can count on durability and the ability to wear what I buy season after season. This way, if I spend a little more, I know it’s worth it.

Currently Can’t Believe…

I was a guest on Dr. Oz exactly 5 years ago!! I wrote this post as a recap of my experience 5 years ago today. How crazy is that?! Did you know I was a guest on Dr. Oz?!

This picture of me in the dressing room with my half-opened eyes (it was early!) is so funny to me. I remember sitting there like it was yesterday waiting to be taken back for hair and makeup before getting dressed to be on air.

guest on dr. oz

I was a guest on Dr. Oz to discuss the topic of “healthy revenge after divorce”. The timing of the anniversary of my Dr. Oz experience is so ironic in a way because I’m currently in the process of finalizing my No-Nonsense Guide To Divorce and Co-parenting E-book so that it can be available for download! I wrote the guide a few years ago when I was given the e-book deal on this topic. Long story short, I took over the rights to publish it myself — but then never did.

Until now. I decided it was finally time to get this guide ready and out there so that my readers who are going through a divorce and learning how to co-parent can benefit from my experiences!

I’m REALLY excited about this! When I read through my draft over the weekend, the content is still bringing tears to my eyes. It’s not that it’s sad, it’s more that I cannot believe I wrote it and that I wrote it SO WELL. I just know that the content in my e-book guide will help people because the words still help me!

I will share more about this when it’s ready. 🙂

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How was your weekend? Best thing you ate?

What’s are you currently watching, eating, ordering, and/or excited about?


Weekend Sentence Per Picture

Recapping the last few days weekend sentence per picture style…

The roasted brussels sprouts and root vegetables are what will keep me returning to Core Life Eatery again and again.

core life eatery

A great meal at Market Bistro featuring tuna tartare as an appetizer followed by this beet salad and a few of those crispy French fries.

market bistro

While chocolate sits in first place in my heart, a good apple crisp really isn’t far behind.

apple crisp

By the way, this Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie is hiding in my freezer until I feel like taking it out to try it/my son discovers it.

Trader Joe's deep dish chocolate chip cookie

If you think you can’t get a quality, crazy burning arm workout without weights, think again.

pure barre

^Screenshot from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout. OMG, try pushing a ball into the wall to work your triceps. 

It rained ALL DAY yesterday which made me want to hide in my bed all day… but I didn’t.


Bloomingdale’s is running 25% off everything (I’m sure there’s an exclusion, there’s always an exclusion) so that’s where I was instead of joining my son at Lifetime yesterday afternoon.


I bought a new pair of Seven Jeans and this Splendid Long Camo Hoodie BUT I ended up ordering them online after being in the store just so I could score the Ebates. 🙂

And just to finish off this Monday post, THIS QUOTE IS SO ME.


Wishing us all a great week ahead!

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Who has tried the Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie?! What did you think?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Do you use Ebates when you shop online?

Why are my weekend recaps mostly about food?


As I put this post together, I realize that I always end up with weekend recaps mostly about food!

You may remember that Maoz is one of my favorite places for a loaded up vegetarian salad bowl. It’s been a while since I last had a Maoz salad so this bowl was extra special even though it really wasn’t big enough for me. I like the Maoz locations in the city much better since those stores are set up salad bar style which means I can load my bowl really high with no one to stop me.

maoz salad

Yesterday I told you about Saturday’s long run and my decision to take a bit of a break from running this week. I also need a break from greek yogurt which is funny since I just said how I brought it back into my diet and was all excited about it.

Here’s what happened…

I came home to my post-run breakfast on Saturday which I prepared before my long run. The usual cooked, cold oatmeal and berries in an almost-empty peanut butter jar only this time, with a small amount of greek yogurt mixed in which I haven’t done post-long run in like a year.

I took one bite and wanted to gag. Even the color, which occurred from the berries mixing with the greek yogurt, made me want to gag.

post run oats in a jar

Isn’t that funny? I used to eat this combination all of the time after my long runs but I haven’t in so long that I just couldn’t handle it. I took one more bite before deciding I could not eat anymore of it. I made myself a new and better bowl of oatmeal, fruit, Skoop B Strong and peanut butter. Good thing I always have cooked oatmeal servings waiting in the refrigerator!

Check out my lunch on Saturday, rather, my lunch in comparison to my son’s lunch.

We headed to Bloomingdales for some shopping (more for my son than for me but whatever) and he requested we have lunch at Forty Carrots (the Bloomingdale’s restaurant).

I felt like something savory for lunch while he was the one ordering the large frozen yogurt with toppings as his meal.

lunch at bloomingdales

Remember when I met up with Michele earlier this summer at the city Bloomies for lunch and I ordered the big frozen yogurt? Read it here if you missed it.

We went to the Mets game Saturday night.

I figured I would get the ice cream sundae in the cute little helmet but then I saw Cracker Jacks and had to have a bag.

cracker jacks

I get really excited when the Mets hit a home run not because I want them to succeed but because I want to see the big apple pop up in centerfield.

citifield big apple

We took our show on the road yesterday afternoon to spend time at my parents’ house. We watched the Little League World Series game and I was in charge of dinner. My son wanted salmon for dinner and my mom loves it too so I couldn’t say no.

I made my usual side dishes of roasted vegetables plus I roasted three kinds of potatoes which I recommend for the variety of texture and flavor.

I roasted regular potatoes, sweet potatoes and Japanese sweet potatoes.

roasted vegetables and roasted potatoes

The only thing I did differently this week was use olive oil instead of coconut oil since I was working with what my dad had in the pantry. He actually has a wonderful set up for cooking in terms of pots, pans, utensils and ingredients but coconut oil could not be found in the cabinet. I was not at all disappointed, in fact, I appreciated the flavor and texture difference!

roasted vegetables and roasted potatoes

Of course I didn’t get a picture of the salmon because I don’t care enough about salmon. Although, I did actually eat a small piece (anyone who knows me knows I really do not like fish) to reap the amazing health benefits associated with wild salmon. Since my son ABSOLUTELY LOVED this dinner, I think it will become a weekly occurrence which means I will share how I made the salmon in more detail next week.

On our way home, we stopped for ice cream at Marshall’s Ice Cream Bar. It just seemed like the end of summer thing to do. Once I ran out of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and hot fudge though, I was done. I am like that sometimes.


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3 things you did over the weekend?

Which do you use more often, coconut oil or olive oil?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

lunch with Michele at Bloomingdales, beach day & really good salads


My weekend can be summed up in salads, summer weather and a really fun day with Michele at Bloomingdales. Let’s take a look!

We are definitely regulars at Chopt. Do I love it? It’s not my most favorite place to have a salad but my son is obsessed.

chopt salad

In the Chopt Mix:

  • Romaine/Spinach
  • Beets
  • Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Charred Onions
  • Quinoa
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes

I was up early for Saturday’s long run since I wanted to meet Michele in the city by 11:00 am the latest. I don’t like to rush my workouts so I made sure I gave myself enough time to run at a leisurely pace (workout recap here if you missed it) and then enjoy my post-run oats in a jar.

post run oats in a jar

Michele is a lot nicer than I am. She made it to the city and parked her car a few minutes ahead of me yet waited outside Bloomingdales rather than go inside to start shopping as I would have done if I arrived first.


Lunch at the Bloomingdales’ restaurant, Forty Carrots meant frozen yogurt for me. Some days I do crave real food for lunch after a long run but most of the time, sweet is what I want.

Besides, it’s really hard to pass up Forty Carrots frozen yogurt because I have always loved it so much. I would say half of the Forty Carrots menu features the various frozen yogurt meal options and toppings which means I am not the only one who eats frozen yogurt for lunch in this world.

I went with the fruit salad served with plain and chocolate frozen yogurt plus a side of chocolate chips.

forty carrots lunch

It was awesome catching up with Michele over lunch while shopping. We weren’t sure at first where we would meet for lunch, we just knew we were meeting somewhere in the city. When I said let’s do Bloomingdales, there was no turning back from that idea! So much fun.

The two of us fools attempted a few selfies in the handbag department. It was pretty funny.

michele and me

Even better is that Bloomingdales isn’t crowded on a sunny Saturday in the summer since most people leave the city on the weekend in favor of the beach.


The traffic heading into the city and even driving in the city was nice and light yet my ride home was horrendous. I guess there were some people who didn’t exit the city on Friday (Friday afternoon beach traffic heading east is usually the worst) so it took me almost TWO HOURS to get home.

I was back in time for dinner at the East Bay diner. I love their giant Portobello mushroom and avocado salad. We also ordered onion rings but I didn’t get a picture.

diner salad

We ended up at the beach on Sunday which wasn’t the original plan but I am not complaining.

It was gorgeous outside, the humidity was low and the people watching was on point.


We had lunch at Gino’s and I think I will be recreating this cranberry, candied walnut and goat cheese salad at home. I used to make salads like this but there was something about this specific one that was legendary.

It might have been the ratio of each ingredient. I will figure it out!

cranberry, walnut and goat cheese salad

Oh right, there was a Cold Stone thrown into my weekend too. I didn’t love it though. I have a feeling the fudge brownie yogurt was freezer burned. I ate it anyway but with each bite, I sort of tasted that freezer taste. The cookie dough chunks were delicious though.

cold stone sundae

We are leaving for Hershey Park tomorrow! I haven’t fully decided my posting schedule while we are there. I have a fun post planned for tomorrow and maybe one more to share this week too. I am going to try to pop in though from Hershey to say hi but in the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as I will probably update those most!

Have a great week. 🙂

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Favorite salad topping combo?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

June 5th, Tush Issues & Birthday Cakes


I have been having random comment reply issues. If I haven’t replied to your comment (including some comments on last week’s posts), I do apologize.

thinking out loud

Have I mentioned that my birthday is Sunday? Yes! June 5th!

Since my divorce, I have dated a lot of men (stories for another time) but three of the more important relationships during the last seven years have involved guys with ties to June 5th:

Guy #1: His daughter’s birthday = June 5th

Guy #2: He was engaged twice before dating me, both girls birthdays = June 5th

Guy #3: His two best friends have the same birthday = June 5th

What is this about? Am I a magnet for men who are drawn to Gemini girls born on June 5th? Or, am I attracted to men who are closely associated with my birth date? I think I need to call my psychic. Yes, I have a psychic, another story for another time.

I am about to be 38 years old.

Me? Late 30’s? This doesn’t even make any sense.

Although, maybe it does make sense. Maybe I am not as young as I think. I decided the other day when I realized I have been digging through my lingerie drawer for my bikini cut briefs rather than my usual thong underwear, that yes, perhaps I am getting old.

Please send me some granny panties because my tush is getting finicky with the warm weather and cannot handle such closeness to my shorts.

And be careful what you wish for in your fitness goals because all of this Pure Barre seat work which gives lovely definition between my thigh and seat now leaves me with an increased likelihood of sweating in that defined leg to seat crease.

Basically, if I don’t have some sort of bikini brief covering more of my tushy, I am uncomfortable and sweaty in all the wrong places.

Come to think of it, Pure Barre or not, do older women even wear thong underwear? I bet not.

I bet as we age, we revert back to the pack of panties from Fruit of the Loom. And Dear God, please don’t let me become that grandma who wears a Moo Moo of a house dress as her comfy clothing.

At what age does one make that switch from youthful loungewear to the floral printed zip up house dress? Can’t I always wear my tie-dyed sweatshirts and Butter sweatpants or one day does it just happen that the flowing floral house dress is the better option?

It’s all downhill from here.

Once you start reaching for the fuller cut panties, you know you are aging in the worst way.

It’s only a matter of time now before I begin inching away from the trendy section of Blooomingdales and over to the Eileen Fisher department followed by selecting St. John suits for all of my formal attire.

spin bike in bloomingdales

Random but who remembers when I rode a spin bike in Bloomingdales?

Even worse, once you start writing blog posts about your underwear and tush issues, you know you have reached your late 30’s because you have zero issue holding these discussions with anyone who will listen, not caring what they think.

That’s what they say about your late 30’s, you just don’t care.

I still really care about my birthday cake though.

Somehow I got it in my head that this year I was going to bake my own cake which is just plain silly when I think about it now. I love to bake for others but I really don’t want to be cooped up in my kitchen baking myself a cake when I could be out doing things. I deserve to relax, don’t I?

So now the question is where is my birthday cake coming from or do we just pick a restaurant for dinner that has terrific dessert that meets my standards.

Or do I just suck it up and bake my own birthday cake. This is a big decision you know. One that can’t be taken lightly as the right birthday cake sets the tone for the year, sort of like picking the right named nail polish for the week. We can’t mess this up or we are doomed.

Birthday cakes on my mind:

I have been wanting to make a piñata cake ever since having one last year on July 4th.

pinata cake

I pinned this Pinata Cake recipe a while back and can’t stop thinking about it especially since it involves pretty m&m’s and chocolate frosting.

I have also considered this Ultimate Layered Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for a long time as well as this Confetti Ice Cream Fudge Pie with M&M’s.

But I really like a basic chocolate fudge cake which I made a few years ago for my dad’s birthday. With cookie dough of course because everything is better with cookie dough.


Ugh, I can’t decide!

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I have a lot of questions today!

Do you bake your own birthday cake?

Favorite cake to have on your birthday?

Should I bake my own cake or buy one or have dessert in a good restaurant?

Do you have underwear issues like me?

Do you know anyone born on June 5th?

When is your birthday?





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