Playing Hooky, a TJ Stop & Apple Recipe Roundup


I really don’t like to fully write my posts in advance and never set them to publish ahead of time.

Of course there are certain topics which need development and I do spend time editing photos, working with PicMonkey images and sorting out my ideas into words that make sense but no matter what, I always edit, tweak and add something each morning before hitting publish.


Here I am right now sipping my first cup of french toast coffee as I talk to you.

I do often type out what I am thinking in lots of drafts just to get the thoughts and ideas out of my head and use my planner to list various topics that come to mind at random times so I don’t forget them.

This provides me with great topic outlines and I can either come back to further develop the posts, combine some ideas or just let them sit in my draft folder for months until the mood strikes again to fully discuss.

I don’t always use the posts I have loosely planned for the week but my brain feels better knowing that there is some sort of blog-plan should I want to follow it.

It feels so good to release the thoughts from inside which is something I devote an entire section to in my divorce and co-parenting ebook. (I feel the need to keep saying it’s almost done!)

Writing things down helps me to make sense of what I am thinking and makes me feel super organized as if I just cleaned out a closet.

And while blogging is something I like to keep a bit in-the-moment, I really do prefer to have things completed as far in advance as possible.

I never waited to study for an exam at the last-minute. In fact, the night before an exam was more like a short review for me.

If I didn’t know it by then, I wasn’t going to know it.

School projects and freelance work now —always done as soon as possible.

I don’t enjoy the feeling of  an assignment weighing on my mind and I live in fear of something interfering that would prevent me from fully dedicating myself to complete it on schedule.

The word interfere sounds like a bad thing but sometimes, good things can interfere.

Like a spontaneous opportunity to play hooky in the middle of the week at my favorite restaurant.


They made some sort of sculpture with the onion strings this time, can you tell?

In a moment’s notice, I was able to go out and play because I was already ahead of my own schedule.

I finished the work I needed to do in advance so I wasn’t operating with a deadline which meant freedom to enjoy a long lunch and share Linda’s Fudge Cake.

lindas fudge cake

I can only share if I have main access to the fudgy parts and chocolate chips.

I also stopped at Trader Joe’s since I was out of apples (I don’t even understand how this happened), berries, eggs, chicken cutlets (for my son), frozen vegetables, potatoes and most importantly, jelly beans for my long run tomorrow.

jelly beans

I picked up a box of these wannabe Good & Plenty licorice candies because I love black licorice and will totally look forward to them at the 6-mile mark tomorrow.

Or today. The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking snowy so I am currently on the fence over moving my long run to this morning instead. I needed to decide like five minutes ago about this.

I was really happy to see that Trader Joe’s had these big bags of organic granny smith apples for $5.49.

organic apples

It’s a great deal since it’s lots of apples, they are even organic and they are actually large in size rather than dinky small.

My good friend asked me yesterday for some of my apple and peanut butter snack recipes so just in case you missed them too, here they are:

Baked Oatmeal Apple Sticks

Apple Peanut Butter Pie Hummus

Peanut Butter Cup Apple Bowls

Apple Skins

And if you only have bananas, I just remembered my grain-free banana bread bites.

Have a terrific weekend!


Is it supposed to snow by you this weekend? How will you handle your long run? Outside, treadmill or move it to another day?

Do you wait until the last-minute to do things or like to get things done in advance?

Am I the only one who likes the taste of black licorice?

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