Catching Up With A Thought Per Picture


Oh hi. Let’s catch up with a thought per picture again, okay?

My friends and I realized Friday night during a beautiful evening happy hour at Prime that we take living on an island for granted.

prime happy hour

For your information, my idea of happy hour involves water spiked with a lemon wedge, especially when running long the next morning.

I know I have been trying to save money without coupons but I did have a great coupon for a 99 cent any-sized Dunkin Donuts iced coffee so I just had to make the stop.

Iiced coffee

Iced coffee + water = Proper summer hydration.

When you find yourself wanting iced coffee again but don’t have a coupon, you must learn to make your own in order to save money.

hydration duo

I made the iced coffee using my Keurig and poured it into my Lifetime Athletic tervis cup for the ride to the beach on Saturday.

Since the beach is filled with people who leave their homes without looking in a mirror, I decided it was just fine to wear Pro Compression calf sleeves for as long as I wanted in order to fully recover from my twelve-mile early morning run. pro-compression

While this salad was delicious, it was way too expensive for what it actually was. For twelve dollars they charged me, I can easily combine chick peas, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, corn and avocado for myself AND my friends while still spending less money on the total sum of all ingredients.


For the first time ever, I spent under four dollars on frozen yogurt. Sometimes you just need a small lunch dessert. Usually I walk into yogurt stores and take a few samples as a snack but this time I needed toppings and I can’t get the toppings for free in the sample cups.

tutti frutti frozen yogurt

Another reason to love summer is because even at 8:00 pm, the sky looks sort of like the middle of the day yet everything is much more peaceful.

long beach

When you need to bake cookies but are pressed for time to get yourself ready and out the door, you still make your cookie dough from scratch only you dump it all into a brownie pan and bake your cookies in the form of blondies just to keep from needing to monitor the oven, swapping out pans and worrying how your cookies will form.


And of course you place mini peanut butter cups inside the dough.

You will be really proud – I have been reading the book on my nightstand. However, I opted for InStyle yesterday at Barnes And Noble.


I always loved InStyle and especially love it now in those moments where I want to read a magazine but I am burned out from reading about running, fitness and food.

Here are some important tidbits for you:

Nail polish will help block the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your nails. The more pigmented/darker the color, the better.


Remember my Facts About Sunscreen post? My favorite SkinCeuticals is mentioned for their eye-area sunscreen which I have been using this season.


And speaking of eyes, why didn’t they make goggles decorated in sprinkles when we were kids?


I am an old soul in that I don’t like to get my hair wet or go under water anymore (or even get into the pool unless it is 100 degrees), however, the child in me only wants to wear sprinkle covered goggles and dive right in.

Although I would probably need to jump in rather than dive in since I really never mastered the proper dive even with all of those instructional swim sessions at camp.


Ever get tired of reading about fitness and food?

Last thing you baked from scratch?

Best thing you ate all weekend?




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