Frozen Treat of a Weekend

Friday night sushi for dinner is the best way to start the weekend.


Especially when it’s all you can eat so you keep ordering more. And more.


My son talked me into Cold Stone after dinner even though I was extremely full and didn’t want to overdo it the night before my long run.


I skipped the waffle bowl (which means I was really full!) and went with chocolate fudge brownie yogurt mixed with chocolate chips, hot fudge and whipped cream.

Normally I order a vanilla based flavor but chocolate was calling my name.

After my long run Saturday morning, we made waffles with coconut flour because I am currently making everything with coconut flour.


The original plan was to go to the beach for the rest of the day on Saturday but then I saw on instagram that the Islanders were holding an open to the public scrimmage so…


It was totally freezing but totally fun to experience hockey in the summer!

I followed it up with my favorite frozen lunch.

Red Mango

Apparently, as I assemble this post, it was a frozen treat of a weekend.

We were headed to a last-minute barbecue Saturday night and on the way to pick up dessert to bring to the hosts, I felt the need to stop at 16 Handles to satisfy my own immediate desire for something sweet.

frozen yogurt

If that wasn’t enough, Sunday afternoon featured more frozen yogurt from a fabulous new-to-me place which we found by accident called the Berry Good Yogurt Café.

Berry Good Yogurt Cafe

Not only was the frozen yogurt terrific (seriously, so much better than your average self-serve shop) but they had refrigerated bakery cases filled with these ridiculous chocolate-covered delicacies!

berry good yogurt cafe

You can’t imagine our excitement to have landed upon this gem of a store.

We were in the town of Patchogue and had already left one restaurant due to poor service and less-than-appealing looking food so finding ourselves here was really exciting.

Gigantic chocolate-covered strawberries, truffles, assorted chocolate crème pies and the most creative chocolate-covered Twinkies, Devil Dogs and fudge cakes on sticks.

berry good yogurt cafe

We ended up with a peanut butter chocolate pie and a giant chocolate-covered strawberry to go with our frozen yogurt lunch.

chocolate covered strawberry and peanut butter pie

The chocolate-covered strawberry was as big and delicious as the kind you can get in Disney World which is a really high compliment coming from someone like me.

If you are wondering what the inside of the peanut butter pie looks like, I cut it in half for you.

Berry Good Yogurt Cafe

I didn’t eat many vegetables this weekend but somehow I found the time to finish almost all of this fruit.


Time for a restock today! Have a great Monday and week ahead 🙂

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Have you ever been to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant?

Which did you like most as a kid – Twinkies, Devil Dogs or Hostess Cupcakes?

Have you had any success yet this summer with peaches? I bought a few and they were not sweet!

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