Beat The Boredom Treadmill Running Series



The weather this week has slowly led me to the treadmill.

It’s not a bad thing, really!

Of course I prefer the outdoors but I have reached the point where I want to say that I sort of like running on the treadmill and welcome the workout.

I did a bunch of posts last year which addressed different types of treadmill running workouts and decided that I should start a treadmill running series for us this winter so that we can find some positives to running indoors when the weather is less than welcoming outside.


I have a super fun, endorphin-producing treadmill running workout for you today which I completed on Wednesday but first, here are a couple of treadmill tips that have worked for me in order to run happy inside:

Stop the negative talk. We know you don’t want to run indoors but if you don’t have a choice, be positive about it. Going into your run stomping your feet, complaining and being negative will not help you.

Instead, smile and be grateful that you have somewhere to run.

Dress the part. Running indoors in the winter is not the same as running outdoors in the winter. If you choose to wear layers because it’s cold outside, make sure your base layer is short sleeves or a tank top because more than likely, you will warm up within minutes and want to strip down.

You don’t want to be overdressed where you end up uncomfortable and overheating.

Raise incline. Do not run flat. An incline of 0.5 – 1.0 is actually more comfortable than being at 0.0. Adding the incline will help you to get closer to the feel of running outside.

Complex Carbs. Regardless of where you run, your muscles need plenty of carbohydrates.

When I bumped up my carbohydrate intake, all of my runs improved and I saw a major difference in how my body handled the treadmill.

I used to get that heavy-legged feeling on the treadmill and I don’t get it anymore which I attribute to increasing the complex carbs in my diet – think more sweet potatoes, bananas, oatmeal –which have helped me to run faster, longer and recover quicker.

Wear the right running shoes. A lighter, cushiony shoe works really nice for me on the treadmill.

I can’t recommend which pair will work best for you but I know for me, a lighter shoe means I can move my feet better on the mill.

I alternate the Adidas Energy Boost And Hoka Cliftons – both light-weight compared to other neutral shoes yet super soft and cushiony with good support, especially to the heels.


Ready for your workout?


I call this a progression-style run because during each mile, you are starting slow and ending fast.

It’s fun, engaging and you will feel it!

Note: The paces shown are what I used and are for example only – your starting pace is up to you.

treadmill running workout

Find your starting pace. I call it my home pace — A pace that is comfortable but not lazy, easy but not a walk in the park.

An honest pace that you know you can keep up with, a safe zone for you to always drop yourself back to should you need to slow things down but this pace still has you showing up and working.

From that pace, every .10 miles push the speed button up one.

Once you reach the mile marker, drop your pace back down to the home pace and repeat.

I would love to see you repeat this progression-style run three times which would give you three sweaty endorphin-filled miles but of course, you can do less (or more!).

By the middle of the second mile, I was really feeling it!

For more running and workout ideas, check out my running page.

Have a terrific weekend!


How many of your runs were on the treadmill this week due to the weather?

Do you have specific running shoes that you like better for the treadmill than outside?

If you have bananas on your counter at the moment, how many days is it taking them to get ripe this week?!






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