WIAW – Citifield Luxury Suite Eats


Whenever I eat something yummy, my first thought is that I need to tell you about it.

oatmeal with cereal

Like the other morning when I had a random craving for cereal but didn’t want to give up the usual oatmeal so I mixed both together before I set out for my run.

And, whenever I eat multiple yummy things in one day, I stop to think what day of the week it is and if I can hold off to save all of the yumminess for a What I Ate Wednesday post since Wednesday is all about food.


Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending a Mets game. I only say pleasure (hello, I am a Yankees fan) because we had luxury suite tickets.


I will never turn down the opportunity to attend any sporting event that has me sitting on the club level in a luxury suite for one main reason –

The Food.

In recent years, especially with the redesign and building of newer stadiums and more specifically Citifield replacing Shea Stadium (yet I still refer to the Mets as playing at Shea and have no intention of changing my thought process) going to a game means more than just a hot dog and beer, it means exposure to a wide variety of diverse and tasty options.

While access to the luxury suite level also gives you access to a few good restaurants, the actual suite provides you with a ton of food choices which, by the way, are endless, unlimited and all included.

luxury box

There was an endless display of Shake Shack burgers, in cute little mini-burger form as well as full-sized cheeseburgers paired with crinkle cut French fries.

shake shack burgers fries

My son went to town in the burger department before I could even grab him a plate.

He is equally as excited about foodie events because, well, he is mine.

I didn’t eat the burgers (vegetarian over here) but I didn’t suffer.


Not sure what that dip was with those house-made kettle chips but it was quite tasty.

Fruit and cheese platters, chips, salsa and guacamole plus popcorn were readily available at all times.

chicken string beans

I couldn’t eat the chicken in this dish but I loaded up on the string beans.

My day was made when the sushi arrived. And the unpictured shrimp cocktail.


Oh, those fries.


French fries are not onion rings to me but I can sometimes make the exception for well done fries since they are kinda special.

There were hot dogs, sausage and peppers, chicken fingers and tons of alcohol including vodka, beer and wine.


Here’s a fun fact: My body can’t metabolize alcohol all that well, (mainly vodka – a few sips and I faint and it has happened enough that I have learned to stop drinking it in order to avoid landing on the floor in restaurants) so I stick to wine and even that I don’t drink too often.

Here’s a view of the kitchen area of the suite from where I was sitting.

luxury suite

Having unlimited sushi within reach was really a good time.

citifield luxury bos

And the freezer drawer where the Shake Shack milkshakes were stored but by the time I took a picture, only one was left.

shake shack milkshakes

My son was feeling full by the second inning but rumor had it dessert was coming out during the sixth inning which was of course my main focus.


Before the desserts came out, our server restocked the freezer with ice pops and ice creams.


Who knew there was a game going on? I was way too busy eating, picking, deciding I was full and then eating again.

I felt slightly bad for the rest of the people in our suite because they weren’t focusing on the arrival of dessert and were not aware of my sweet tooth, selfish attitude and insatiable dessert appetite.


Peach Cobblers and mini cupcakes….And cookies!


I really like cookies. A lot.


And, the only way to eat chocolate chunk cookies is to top them with the fudge frosting from the cupcakes. I ate the oatmeal raisin cookie plain.

cookies and cupcakes

I see nothing wrong with disassembling the cupcakes to frost the chocolate chunk cookies in public while eating peach cobblers.

peach cobbler

Yes, cookies and cobblers were meant to be plural because I took a second cobbler and multiple cookies. I couldn’t help it. I get all sorts of excited with unlimited desserts.

Another fun fact for you: I once snagged the dessert off of a bride’s table while she was dancing. I decided she wouldn’t want it and if she did, she was the bride and the servers would locate her another one.

mini cupcakes

Cupcake review:

Only the frostings were worth it. I left the cakes behind.

The chocolate frosting was my favorite, the cookies & crème frosting was pretty good and I only had the strawberry and coconut frostings when I ran out of options. Decent but never a first choice.

Honestly, I have said this before but I will say it again just to make my point super clear:

I can’t see the point in running a bazillion miles while lifting, toning and burning at Pure Barre if you can’t leave room to for your favorite foods and dining enjoyment.

A lean physique and “perfect” body means nothing to me if I cannot have it while still enjoying myself and stuffing my face with chocolate chip cookies.

If it means I have a little more padding around my bones, that’s just fine with me.

At least I know how to have a good time. Yeah, this is totally my idea of a good time.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Last sporting event you attended?

Favorite ball park/stadium foods?

Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin? If I had to choose, I side with chocolate but oatmeal raisin cookies can be really good too that it can sometimes be a toss up!


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