Recent Meals (and bakery cookies!)

I’ve been extra bad at taking pictures of what I’ve been eating lately. The good news is that I basically eat the same foods on a regular rotation so you really aren’t missing much! Although, there was a pretzel in the city recently from a pretzel cart street vendor — it’s a shame I didn’t get a picture of such a classic item.

Anyway, Chopt salads have been happening a few times a week.

My son is back on a Chopt salad kick too which makes it even easier to decide I want one too. I remember when he wanted to go to Chopt for lunch the day he got back from sleepaway camp in 2016 – feels like yesterday.

Chopt salad

See, there’s my son’s foot in the picture below. We had Chopt salads for lunch while watching the Islanders Playoff Game over the weekend.

chops salad

I’ve been having my usual pizza and salad combinations for dinner (including a whole wheat vegetable slice for dinner last night) but last week, I decided to try the spicy grandma pizza from Villa Monte. I’m in the Tri-State Restaurant Group on Facebook and chose the spicy grandma pizza based upon reading the reviews shared often in the group posts.

The pizza was really good and not overly spicy. Just spicy in a good way!

pizza and salad

It had been a while since I last had my favorite bbq ranch salad from The Cheesecake Factory. The onion strings, as I always say, are everything! I’m not thrilled to see that the price of this salad went up, by the way. 

bbq ranch salad

Last but not least, bakery cookies are always a good idea.

bakery cookies

I’m a sucker for rainbow cookies. Remember the rainbow cookie cupcakes? I need one of those again. I also need to finally try the rainbow cookie donuts from Doughology.

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