Winter Weather Workout Accessories 2014

A few weeks ago I shared with you my Cold Weather Workout Essentials for 2014 which focused on my picks for women’s winter running apparel.

It’s about time already that I follow that up with some Workout Accessories for this fast approaching (if not already arrived) cold weather workout season.

winter weather workout accessories essentials 2014

But here’s the situation…. I have the basic accessories essentials part down pat like a science.

Figuring out the right brand for each item on my list with the features I am looking for to keep me running happy? That’s the experiment of the moment.

It’s not that anything I used last winter was a total failure but there were some aspects of my accessories that bothered me and I want to fix that for this winter.

Let’s call this a team effort, okay?

I will tell you what I am looking for, show you some of the products I have in mind, and you let me know what you think, what you prefer, what you wear etc.

winter workout accessories check list


Last year I wanted to save some money so I purchased a pair of running gloves from Target.

My hands were cold more often than not and the touch-screen techy feature didn’t work most of the time which often led me to removing my gloves in order to use my phone.

I guess sometimes you really do get what you paid for.

Right now I have my eye on a pair of Brooks Adapt Glove II which also have a mitten option for those extra cold moments. Brooks Adapt Gloves II

If I don’t go for the extra warmth of the mitten option, I have my eye on these Sweaty Betty Run gloves which have a zipper pocket and reflective pattern for running in the dark (not that I ever do but it’s a nice feature anyway).

unnamed (47)


I mentioned the Lululemon Run With Me Toque last year but I never bought it. I have friends who swear by it though and I like that there is a slot in the back for your ponytail.

Lululemon Run With Me Toque

Neck warmer:

I have a love/hate relationship with my current Lululemon Neckwarmer.

I don’t know; the first winter I used it, I didn’t like it. Last winter I decided that I liked it but I still never loved it.

Lululemon Neckwarmer

I really like having a neckwarmer for those really cold mornings because it not only covers my neck without making me sweat or choking me like a scarf, I like to be able to pull it up over mouth until I adjust to running in the freezing temperatures.

I don’t even see this neckwarmer on the Lululemon website anymore so maybe I am correct that it isn’t the best?

I see that GapFit has a Cowl Neckwarmer for this winter and I considering trying it out.


Sometimes I don’t want to wear a hat and would benefit from just keeping my ears warm.

Brooks Thermal Headband

I have my eye on the Brooks Utopia Thermal Headband but I also really like the look (and price) of Sweat Betty’s Fleece Earwarmer Sweaty Betty Earwarmer


Aside from Pro Compression socks, I always thought that I loved the GapFit socks the best until I tried Balega for the first time and now I am confused!

balega socks

I received the Balega socks as part of my Runner’s World Hat Trick goodies and I really noticed a difference in my feet when I run in them.

I can’t decide if I should order more and if so, which ones exactly. There are so many options!

I am also interested in these Performance Run socks from Sweat Betty based upon the specs and reviews on their website. unnamed (45)

More than anything, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to find a pair of running socks that not only feel good but also keep my toes warm during those frigid morning runs.

Hair Accessories:

For a while I swore by all Lululemon headbands but I think I am loving Sparkly Soul bands more right now.

Sparkly Soul

They stay in place much better on my head and don’t stretch out.

As for ponytail hair ties, how cute are these hair toggles from Sweaty Betty?

unnamed (48)

They remind me of the 80’s but also received great reviews so I assume they hold the pony well? I haven’t tried them but I want to!


I realize that undergarments aren’t listed in my accessories essentials checklist because technically they aren’t accessories but can we talk about them anyway?

We already discussed sports bras but today we need to chat about the undies.

I never invested in running specific/sweat-wicking underwear before but lately I am considering the purchase as important. unnamed (50)

Sweaty Betty makes a few different styles like these No Show Pant which, just based upon their specs compared to Lululemon, for the same price, there is more mention of the sweat-wicking material plus cotton in the important spots.

What do you think? What am I forgetting? Please chime in with your ideas, opinions and share links to your favorites!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sweaty Betty. Although I was compensated, all thoughts and product recommendations expressed in this post are my own.

Ice Packs, Pineapple and Stretching

Good Morning! It is actually quite gloomy outside today – damp, chilly and rain in the forecast.

I, however, am in my usual sunshiny mood at this early hour…don’t hate me for being a morning person.

I am pleased to report to you that yesterday’s run was by far the best I have had in easily two weeks. When I say best, I mean that my pace seems to be returning to its normal range.

Thank goodness.

I have been trying to not let my pace bother me but the truth is, it was on my mind a lot. I know we discussed that my legs were aching and taking much longer to warm up than normal, and while I attributed it to the adjustment to the increase in weekly mileage and change in usual running route, I was becoming pretty frustrated. And concerned.

Lucky for me though, I was greeted with quite the surprise yesterday when I started out for my run and felt pretty loose and just about back to normal.

IMG_0291 (2)

Perhaps the ice packs I have been sitting with attached to my knee/leg area has helped? I haven’t needed an ice pack in almost 6 months but they have been making a regular appearance over the last few days.

IMG_0300 (2)

Although maybe I felt better because I bought a giant pineapple to cut up and eat in order to get a triple dose of bromelain.

Do you know what bromelain is? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask.

The only stupid question is the question not asked.

Bromelain, which is found in pineapple, is an extremely powerful enzyme with major anti-inflammatory properties.

Eating pineapple, thereby ingesting bromelain and a host of many other phytochemicals and antioxidants, has been linked to a decrease in swelling, bruising, healing time, reduction in arthritis symptoms and pain as well as a reduction in muscle soreness: BINGO!

I have also been trying to incorporate more stretching into my daily routine in order to loosen up the muscles.


My version of a stretching routine, as seen above,  is probably not something you should wish to imitate.

The only thing I am comfortable telling you I am an expert in is dessert. Proper stretching should be left to the pros.

IMG_0292 (2)

I did purchase this stretching/core strengthening apparatus band thing to help with stretches and strength training. I haven’t quite gotten around to fully reviewing it but the little boy was happy to test it out.

IMG_0295 (2)

He said, and I quote, “I feel the burn”.

So maybe this is a product worth purchasing? I will let you know my full opinion soon.

I will also be filling you in soon on winter workout apparel. I received so many emails yesterday regarding what I like to wear in addition to my favorite winter running accessories.

I am currently on a mission to locate some new layers that provide warmth and comfort in a sweat-wicking fabric that if possible, satisfies the cute factor – STAY TUNED.

Have a great Wednesday!



 Do you get frustrated when your pace is off?

Are you a morning person?

Do you use any at-home stretching bands like the one I purchased?


Weekend Recap- Long Runs and a Party

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the weather here in New York was amazing over the weekend.

I mean really, look at that sky- I had to take a picture while on the road because it just didn’t look real.


Not only was the sky beautiful, the air is getting crisper which I think has helped me to keep a rather quick pace when running requiring very little effort.

My long run of 13 miles was amazing. So amazing that I woke up yesterday feeling like running again. I totaled slightly over 20 miles for the weekend.

As long as I am still happy running at my leisure, I don’t think I am all that concerned about the loss of race interest at the moment. As I always say, things will just work out the way they are supposed to.

Sometimes it is A-OK to stop planning, stop thinking and just go with the flow.

Exciting find: I have been watching this cute Lulu Lemon Skirt for a while and it finally went on sale:

IMG_5069 (2)

It is not only super cute, it is super comfortable for running. It is similar to the other skirt I have from Lulu in that it has the bike shorts built-in, stays in place, doesn’t ride up or slide down and has the pockets in all the right places.


I tried my best to get you some photos of how the skirt looks on…not only am I the worst at remembering to take pictures but I am terrible at taking them of myself…


…That would be me yesterday at a very special birthday party for my favorite little girl.

IMG_5189 (2)

My best friend Lisa’s daughter turned one last week and her first birthday bash was yesterday.

IMG_5203 (2)

Lisa makes THE BEST parties…because she knows that a great party is defined by great food (well, at least in my opinion).

IMG_5195 (2)

Who doesn’t look forward to a loaded smorgasbord that involves everything you can imagine including sushi, shrimp cocktail and grilled vegetables?

IMG_5209 (2)

And she custom designs the best candy tables….any wonder why she is my best friend?

IMG_5193 (2)

She lucked out on the weather too.


And here we are at Monday. I have a crazy busy week ahead of me and need to get myself moving early today.

I know you are wondering if I squeezed in time for some onion rings this weekend…


Of course I did. Don’t be silly. They made their appearance in the form of strings atop my favorite salad.

I always make time for the important things in my life.

Have a great Monday!



How was your weekend?

Do you run in skirts, shorts, or pants?

Best thing you ate all weekend? I think I have to go with the birthday cake at the party- chocolate fudge filling and whipped buttercream frosting…divine.



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