NYC Marathon, Halloween Candy & Some Recipe Links


I know you are wondering what type of candy I will be giving out today.

Halloween candy

I didn’t figure it out until yesterday. Talk about the last minute.

Halloween candy

I don’t know, I just wasn’t into it.

I must be getting old. I honestly didn’t care what kind of candy I gave out because, and forgive my selfishness, I wasn’t the one eating it.

Of course it’s nice to be known as the great candy house (you know you totally took note of the houses which gave the best candy and made it a point to return every year) but these days, children always have access to multiple types of candy thanks to big box stores that sell Halloween sized candy bags throughout the year.

And, every house participating in Halloween seems to select one of the three giant variety bags offered in Target so nothing is special anymore.

I almost want to admit that I wouldn’t mind the pennies at this point. I used to hate getting pennies instead of candy but you know what?

One hundred pennies is a dollar and I could use a dollar over another Milky Way mini.

Halloween candy

Three Musketeers, M&M’s and Raisinets just so I can say I provided Nature’s Candy.

I have slowly found myself becoming that adult who leaves the candy out with a note that says Please Take TWO.

I might make it THREE this time and hope the first group of kids listens and takes FIVE just so there is something left for the tenth little girl dressed as a Frozen princess.

All that really matters is that no one takes my Halloween bucket.

Halloween candy

Please explain to me how it can be that I just wrote my October Happenings post and the month is over.


And someone please explain to me how my cousin Amy is running her first ever marathon, the NYCM on Sunday!

Long Island Half 2013

Long Island Half Marathon 2013 otherwise known as my PR half which was run in Brooks Glycerin 10’s purchased  only like ten days earlier.

Amy is my cousin who was registered to run the 10k part of the Long Island half marathon back in 2013 and at the last minute (literally), I convinced her to switch her registration to run her first ever half marathon instead.

Fitness Magazine Half 2014

Fitness Magazine Half 2014 otherwise known as the race I didn’t finish.

And now she’s running the marathon!

So excited for her and for everyone else running, including Lish and my most favorite camp friend, Alison Morris.

Do you know her too?  She is sort of a famous news anchor/reporter/whatever you call her over at Fox 5 New York.

Alison Morris

She may be famous but she is just Ali-Mo to me.

The forecast for the Marathon is showing cold and super windy.

I hate running in the wind more than any other weather condition so I am hoping the forecast changes for all of the runners because wind is just not fun.

Halloween Candy NYCM Ecard

I hope you have great trick-or-treating weather today where you live and even if you aren’t trick-or-treating, today is that day where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat candy with every meal…or as a meal.

If you end up having leftover candy, here are a few ideas:

Recipes Using Snickers

50 Recipes Using Halloween Candy

If you are looking for some type of pinnable Halloween workout routine to burn off your candy, I really can’t help you.

Eat the candy, enjoy yourself and stop worrying about how you will make up for it, okay?

Have a great weekend!


What kind of candy are you giving out today? Do you leave it outside?

Favorite running weather? Least favorite?

Are you running the marathon this weekend? If not, are you running a different race?

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