Solar Boosts + Super Humid + Another 10 Mile Run! (workout recap)


As I always say, it’s a good thing I keep track of my workouts on a daily basis throughout the week to set up this blog post because by the time Sunday morning rolls around, I remember nothing! All I know is that it’s been super humid each morning, making me sort of excited for the cooler conditions of fall. It’s a trade-off though because I much prefer the early sunrises and I’m really not ready for dark mornings!

Worth noting before getting to my workouts is this Women’s Health article listing the 9 best women’s running shoes for 2018. My Solar Boosts are included! I told you they are great! Funny how the article makes no mention of them replacing my Energy Boosts though and just list them as the sister shoe to the Ultra Boost.

Adidas Solar Boost

Monday – Gym Day

It was a rainy morning and I didn’t feel like staying home for a Pure Barre workout so I went to the gym.

Here’s what I did:

  • 30 min Elliptical
  • Free weights for upper body
  • Squats/Walking Lunges
  • 1 Mile Fast (treadmill)
  • A few more squats

Tuesday – 5 Miles/30 Min Walk

It was super humid but not raining so I took advantage and ran outside! Once I hit 5 miles, I walked for what I think was like 30 minutes. Loving my walks this summer!

5 miles

Wednesday – Pure Barre Pure Results Arms (60 Min)

Such a great (killer) Pure Barre workout! I’m getting better at this one but it challenges me every time in a really good way.

Thursday – 5 Miles/Walk

It was humid outside as its been all week but I felt it today for sure. Nothing special to report, just 5 miles followed by a walk to cool down.

5 miles

Friday – 30 Min Pure Barre/Walk

I didn’t time my walk after Pure Barre but it may have been close to an hour!

Saturday – 10 Miles

10 miles two Saturday’s in a row! Not sure how this one happened — it wasn’t planned but the miles were ticking by and I felt like continuing so I went on to 10 miles. Average pace: 8:50. I started later than usual for summer and definitely felt the weather!

Sunday – Pure Barre

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Are your running shoes listed in the article I shared? 

How have you been feeling about the weather lately by you? Are you ready for fall running or not yet?

Workout Recap: Higher Mileage Week


A few quick notes before recapping my workouts!

I totaled something like 26 miles this week which is actually considered a higher mileage week for me right now. Of course we can attribute the higher mileage (and running 5 days instead of 4) to my new pair of Adidas Solar Boosts.

Nothing like a new pair of running shoes!

Adidas Solar Boost

Pure Barre sort of took a back burner but I am ready to get back to my normal routine this week. I do think I prefer to run 4 days instead of 5 and incorporate the longer Pure Barre workouts in my routine rather than the shorter ones. However, it’s nice to have the options and it’s also nice to change things around sometimes when I feel like doing something different in that moment.

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 Monday – 5 Miles

It was hot and humid but for some reason, I still moved pretty fast and it felt good! Aside from taking a phone call during mile 4, I was able to pick up my pace and not feel the heat too much. I think I added a 15 minute walk at the end which makes such a difference in the summer. I’m realizing I need that cool down time before getting in the shower after a really hot run.

5 miles

Tuesday – 5 Miles

First run in my new pair of Boosts! There is absolutely nothing like running in a new pair of your favorite running shoes.

5 miles

Wednesday – 3 Miles/20 Min Pure Barre

I needed to run again today simply because I wanted to wear my new running shoes!

3 miles

3 quick miles followed by a Pure Barre combo:

  • 10 minutes seat & abs
  • 5 minute arms
  • 5 minute thighs

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 3.5 Miles

I felt sort of lethargic at the start of this run but then felt fine. Regardless, I kept it short so that I would feel fresh for tomorrow. I walked a bit after the run but I am not sure for how long! I was on the phone and lost track of time!

3 miles

Saturday – 10 Miles

Last night at dinner I randomly said out loud, “maybe I will run 10 miles tomorrow morning.” I do not know why I said it but once I said it, it was in my head.

And I did it! This is only my second double digit/10 mile run since December.

I had zero issue making it to 10 miles and questioned myself during the last part of the run to see if I thought that I could keep going if I had wanted to, and the answer was yes.

I can’t fit the entire screenshot of my splits but I was decently fast considering I wasn’t trying to do anything special. At 9 miles, I glanced at Runkeeper and saw an overall average pace of 8:29 which I thought was awesome, especially for a summer long run!

10 miles

It’s worth noting that I wasn’t tired or fatigued at any point during the day. 10 miles used to be like an off day distance for a long run day for me but now it’s not that typical. However, my body must remember the distance because I was fine. 🙂

Sunday – OFF

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How was your week in workouts? Did you do anything different? Have a higher mileage or lower mileage week than your usual?

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