80’s Toys & Getting Ready For Disney

I told my son that going to Disney World (in a few days!) was his Hanukkah present but of course I still had to locate a few small gifts to give him for the nights we light the menorah.

I got creative on a small budget and bought him some good old-fashioned toys.

Magic 8 Ball

Please tell me you had a Magic 8 Ball too?

I will admit that I have already asked it a few questions.

And there’s lots of fun taking place on the kitchen floor lately.


As I play Jax (which by the way, I haven’t lost my touch one bit!) I wipe the floor with a wet paper towel.

People like me should not sit eye level with their kitchen floor. Not only do I see the spots I miss, but the view of the cabinets from down there is not good.

Do you know how dirty your cabinets look when you sit eye to eye with them?

I am obsessed this week with looking at the latest Buzzfeed  link of 35 toys all girls wanted in the 80’s.

I had every toy on this list except for She-Ra’s castle because it really wasn’t girly enough.

cabbage patch kids

It’s not easy making an old photo from 1985 come out clear on a computer screen but that’s me!

I need to find my charm necklace so I can wear it. I recall the zit stickers from playing Girl Talk all too well.

I would do anything to play Barbies with the Heart Family and make them all ride in the corvette on their way to the Dreamhouse (I had that exact one!) alongside My Little Ponies all lined up in their barn storage case as my Cabbage Patch kids, Pillow People, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Rainbow Brite, Sweet Secrets and Pound Puppies watch me play while listening to my pink boom box and twirling my baton.

And Poochie! I loved Poochie.

Anyway, all week while running I mentally packed us up for our trip to Disney so now I just have to convert that mental pack into a real pack.

I have also been busy scoping out of the Disney foodie hashtags on instagram and texting the pictures to my son to let him what’s on our agenda.

disney desserts

And this too.

Disney Chocolate Apples


I don’t expect to need many emergency snacks as we should be more than full from breakfast at the hotel, the desserts in the park and the reservations I have made for us throughout our stay but of course I am coming prepared anyway.

A few food things on my list for the plane and our room:

  • Justin’s Peanut Butter packets
  • Instant coffee packets
  • Yogi Tea
  • Apple Slices – with some Ziploc baggies so I can easily take a handful with me in my pocketbook to the parks.
  • Bananas
  • Clementines
  • Granola Bars
  • My homemade oatmeal packets
  • Love Grown Oat Clusters


As a LOVE GROWN ambassador, I received my LOVE drop yesterday which was perfect timing!

I love their Super Oats with Chia (a gluten-free mix of oats, chia and amaranth).

As for the apples, I did a smart thing this trip and bought the pre-sliced variety.

organic apple slices

Perfect for the plane, with some peanut butter or to be placed in a baggie to take with us for a snack. We have a refrigerator in our room so they will stay just fine.

Before I go get this day moving, I need to confess that I did a really passive-aggressive parenting thing the other day…

I took my son to the mall and forced him inside the Disney store asking him to pick out what he wanted.

He wanted nothing.

I told him to remember that feeling once inside the Disney World gift shops.         


Do theme park gift shops brainwash you into think you need it all?

Did you see that Buzzfeed article? Did you have any of those toys too?

Are you traveling anywhere over the holiday?

Favorite food/restaurant in Disney?

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