19 Cleveland + New From Trader Joe’s + Playoffs Begin Tonight!

Playoffs begin tonight! I certainly hope today goes fast because the excitement of attending tonight’s playoff game between my Islanders and the Penguins has me all antsy and ready to go! I am already considering the fact that the game could very well go into sudden death overtime which means I may go to sleep way past my bedtime leaving me exhausted and too tired to run in the morning. Although I ran yesterday and prefer to run tomorrow, I may run this morning under the assumptionĀ that I will be too tired tomorrow.

Somehow in 2016, I managed those overtime playoff games while training for the Long Island Half Marathon. I remember being so tired yet still nailing my workouts. I was much younger then I suppose. šŸ™‚

Anyway, let’s talk about food.

I had lunch late last week with my AllSeated work family at 19 Cleveland, which is an awesome MediterraneanĀ restaurant in the city.

19 Cleveland

We shared several small plates for the most part, and everything was delicious. The falafel was SO GOOD, as was the hummus. My boss and I shared two additional plates — one was the avocado toast and one was a beets dish. Both terrific. If you find yourself downtown in Manhattan, definitely check out this restaurant.

19 Cleveland

Back to my favorite slice of pizza! At least once a week, I stop into Mario’s for the whole wheat margarita slice for a quick dinner. It’s been my go-to pizza slice for about a year now I think!

whole wheat pizza

Simple greek salad always hits the hungry spot.

greek salad

I bought two new (to me) items at Trader Joe’s.

First, this sprouted 7-grain bread. Not even sure what sparked me to buy it but I felt the need to try it to see if I like it as much as Ezekiel bread. It’s definitely good, maybe not as dense as Ezekiel bread, but I would recommend it for sure. I’ve made grilled cheese with tomato using this bread twice since buying it over the weekend.

sprouted 7 grain bread

Then there’s this Trader Joe’s vegetable and soba noodle stir fry kit. I think it’s a nice option to have on hand if you want a quick meal without thinking too much about it. I added chickpeas and some avocado — I don’t have much to say about it. I have no complaints but nothing really to report? I like it. It’s decent and has good texture. Is it the greatest thing I’ve ever made? No. But I do like it. My friend Lisa bought it too — she loves it. Maybe she should be the one doing this write up on the topic.

The only complaint in the house regarding the stir fry was from my son because he didn’t like the smell when he walked in the door. I guess the stir fry sauce has a strong smell? I didn’t notice.

Trader Joe's vegetable soba noodle stor fry

Have you bought anything new lately from Trader Joe’s?

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