Best Baked Oatmeal I Ever Ate and Weekend Highlights

Oh hi. It’s Monday. Not that Monday means much since my son is still off from school.

Listen, I love my little bunny beyond anything but he is ten and too young to get a job therefore he belongs in school as often as possible to learn, socialize, become an upstanding citizen and, well, give me a break. bunny bowl Did you have a nice Easter? While I don’t celebrate Easter you may have caught my “bunny” reference because that has been my son’s nickname since he was a week old.

I adore Easter sales so that I can stock up on random bunny items like the above bowl I found at Home Goods.

Important things to note from my weekend:

1. My hormones were absolutely 100% to blame for last weekend’s race.

Okay, I know we have discussed this over and over but still in the back of mind I questioned it on some level. Until Saturday. Even with a few good runs during the week, I felt so completely normal during my long run on Saturday (13.1 miles, of course I was going to choose that specific distance) that I realized how not normal I was really feeling during the race last weekend.

Sometimes, you just don’t fully realize how off you are until you are on again. Make sense to anyone else?

2. The best thing I ate all weekend occurred in a bowl a few hours after my 13.1 mile run at my favorite diner.

baked oatmeal
baked oatmeal from Premiere Diner

Served with a side of skim milk, the oatmeal is baked up and loaded with various fruits such as apples, pears and/or peaches (depending upon the day) along with toasted walnuts and raisins.

It’s a cross between a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of a mashed up muffin. You add the milk yourself which leaves you completely in control of how mushy you want your baked oatmeal to become.

The Premiere Diner makes one large batch of baked oatmeal a day and it is only listed in the Sunday breakfast menu but you can ask for it any other day of the week and hope that they have not run out. Stick with me, I know all sorts of restaurant secrets.

It is so beyond delicious that part of you wants to recreate it at home and the other part of you feels like your own version, as good as it may turn out, would never live up to this bowl so you just save it for when you dine out.

3. Everything in the world seems better and brighter after a great haircut and highlight session. haircut I am not the best at these selfies that are trending the internet but when your hair looks good, it makes up for your photography skills.

4.  Jewish people rarely have what to do on Christmas or Easter but at least in the Spring we have a few more options since the weather is nicer.

Citifield on Easter

Even though I am a Yankees fan, I have no issue taking my son to a Mets game, especially when it is gorgeous out. I also don’t mind Citifield because it is chock full of fun food options.

vegan pizza at citifield

I went with the Vegan pizza mainly because it was the only vegetable slice available. If you are wondering why it appears as though there is sauerkraut loaded up on top, it’s no mirage – that is absolutely sauerkraut.

I had a sudden craving for the kraut when we passed the condiments bar and since my son was loading up his hot dog (and side of hand cut special fries with dipping sauces), I couldn’t resist.

Let me say, it was terrific. It may be strange but if you are craving something and honor it, it always works out well.

sundae in Mets helmet

I wonder if anyone has gone around the country to every ballpark just to have a sundae in a helmet. I think it is on my bucket list.

How cool would it be to seek out and eat all of the stadium sundaes with hot fudge and sprinkles and then have the helmet to show for it?

So far I only have helmets from the Mets, Yankees and Islanders. I really need to take this show on the road.

Oh, and before I go, please look out for me to ensure this never becomes my motto:


I am a mom you know. Just wearing a shirt like this would be semi-inappropriate. It’s like seeing your teacher outside of the school – they aren’t allowed to have an actual life.

Today is the Boston Marathon! Will you be watching? Sending good luck to all of our friends and blog friends running today!


Best thing you ate all weekend?

Strangest but most delicious thing you ever craved and then ate?

What stadiums do you have sundae helmets from?

How many miles did you run this weekend?

Peanut Butter Lover’s Day!


Today is special!

Not to be confused with one of my favorite childhood shows…Today’s Special. Anyone else remember the cute little mouse named Muffy?

Anyway, back to why today is special.

Not only is it the first day of March, which in my world is the unofficial first day of Spring, it is also National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.


It is also my lucky day because I woke up with two almost-empty peanut butter jars so I had my choice of which flavor would become my oatmeal bowl of the morning.


I always prep my post-run meal before I run so that it is ready for when I get back.

Yes friends, the return of fresh strawberries and blueberries truly signifies that warm weather is on the horizon.

It might have been only 20 degrees when I woke up today but the sun was shining (it is rising earlier and earlier!) and the wind was calm so I decided to layer on up and take my run outdoors. Five layers to be specific.

To be honest, I didn’t even feel the cold. I started out at a quick and happy pace, feeling all full of peanut butter and springtime love but I lost some momentum somewhere around mile seven.

I do realize that a long run should be all about endurance and not focus on speed but I just couldn’t sit back and accept the fact that my legs were choosing to run all comfortable as if this was some stroll in the park. Or mall.

This is the part of a run where you need to get a bit mental with yourself.

I had a quick pep talk with my legs and the chat went something like this:

“Quit window shopping and buy something!”

I am well aware that my mind works in an interesting fashion and utilizes some interesting metaphors but hey, whatever works for you, yes?

The little chat actually helped me to pick up the pace for the last half of the run and I must admit, I was quite proud of myself.

I am really working on finishing fast and strong rather than running out of steam and la-de-da-ing my way to my post-run breakfast. I have a half marathon in a matter of weeks people!


Since I went with the Mighty Maple jar, I added a few spoons of Crunch Time to the mix.

Can we talk m&m ‘s for a minute?


I don’t obsess over the candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hands like I used to but have I fallen so out of touch that I missed the creation of Mega m&m’s?

I was in the store looking for the cake batter m&m’s but came across these giant ones. Anyone try them yet? I don’t know how I feel about this. I think I like the bite-sized nature of the original.

As much as I feel like lounging around at the moment, I must get ready to start my day.

Enjoy the weekend and please make sure you eat some peanut butter in honor of today’s holiday!


Favorite type of m&m’s? I can’t decide I love the plain, always liked the crispy and love the peanut butter.

Do you have pep talks with yourself while running?

Next race on your calendar?




What To Do With Your Candy, NYCM And Pile On The Miles

Confession: On November 1, 1991, I went trick or treating with a friend pretending to be a wrong calendar.

While not everyone shared in my humor, we were greeted with many happy people who were thrilled to be able to unload the rest of their Halloween candy that was still situated by their front door.

I was quite the creative sweet-toothed genius when I was 13, yes?

More than likely, no one will be showing up today at your door as a wrong calendar so please check out the following links if you want to unload your remaining candy:

80 Dessert To Make With Leftover Halloween Candy – I want to make the Reeses Pumpkin Muffin Tops

Clean Eating Trick Or Treating Great ideas that don’t involve baking

So. November 1st. Not only are we entering the Thanksgiving and holiday season, this Sunday is the New York City Marathon.

th (7)

If you meet my dad, within the first 10 minutes of talking to him there is a 99% percent chance that he will steer the conversation to talking about the 3 NYC Marathons he finished while simultaneously whipping out a photo from the finish line that he keeps in his wallet.

I used to make fun but now I understand.

It is a big deal. Any run you accomplish is a big deal but the NYC Marathon? Um, HUGE DEAL.

When I was 6 years old, I recall waiting in the crazy crowd on a city corner to see my dad run by us.


I missed seeing him because I was too busy eating a chocolate donut. Do you love how I never forget what I ate?

Will I ever train to run the NYCM? I am often asked this question.

I actually have no desire to train and run the New York City Marathon or any marathon for that matter. Weird? Maybe.

I am content with my routine the way it is. I love running and I love training and running half marathons so why rock my own boat?

If the desire ever hits, I will address the topic of registering at that time. Until then, I will continue to admire and envy every person that registers, trains and runs the 26.2.


Instead of running a marathon, I will be participating in Run Eat Repeat’s Pile on the Miles Challenge for the month of November.

This annual event encourages us to pile on miles by walking and running rather than piling on the pounds that can often occur with the holiday season.


What: FREE Online challenge  to walk or run more during turkey month.

Who: Everyone is invited to join.  Everywhere around the world!

When: November 1 – Nov  30.

Where: Virtual! Sign up on this form and come back to each week to  stay accountable and be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Why: To challenge yourself and encourage  others to move more this month. This is about setting a goal and staying  accountable with check-ins. It is not a competition for the most miles any  longer – it’s about YOUR GOALS.

Click here to learn more. I encourage you to join in – you don’t have to be a runner or a blogger. This event is open to everyone!

Good luck to everyone running in races this weekend, especially running the New York City Marathon. A special shout out to one of my oldest friends, Alison, who will be running on Sunday!



Do you have a lot of candy left? What are you going to do with it?

Are you running the NYCM this weekend?

Do you plan on training to run a marathon at some point?

Will you be participating in the Pile on the Miles Challenge?









Granny Smith Apples And Hershey Park Cookies

Fairway Market and I have officially made up. I will happily walk into Fairway today as if nothing negative between us ever happened.

IMG_0173 (2)

It was about time they put my beloved Granny Smith apples back on special.

I have been getting by with purchasing my apples from Trader Joe’s and while those apples served me well, Fairway apples hold a special place in my heart. A really  large place in my heart because they are gigantic.

IMG_0180 (2)

You know what else holds a special place in my heart?


The Hershey Half Marathon. Although I will not be running it this weekend, I did run it last year and it was a great (and delicious) experience.

Have I mentioned that the Hershey Half was my first half marathon? All the more sweeter.

I will admit that I am feeling a bit sad that I opted out of running this weekend. Although no, I do not regret my decision.

Hershey is not around the corner and since I really lost my desire to race for a bit, I will not get upset with myself for going with my true feelings.

There will be plenty of other races and I am thankful that I can run 13.1 anytime and anywhere without having to be registered for an actual race.

You can be sure though that tomorrow’s long run will be in the form of 13.1.

Since I will be missing out on some fresh from the park Hershey’s chocolate and the contents of the best post race goody bag ever, a double dose of delicious desserts are on my agenda for the weekend.

IMG_0182 (2)

See this giant cookie all wrapped up? Last year’s race goody bag contained a jumbo oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and somehow I snagged two of them.

Hershey Park oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are so beyond amazing that I just couldn’t eat the only other one that I had. So I froze the remaining cookie for safe keeping to be eaten at a to be determined later date.

I still have it and may eat it this weekend just because. Like when you freeze the top layer of your wedding cake and then eat it on your first anniversary.

Since I am considering eating the cookie this weekend, I should also consider cleaning out and organizing my freezer. I swear I open it to take one thing out and everything falls on me.


I crack myself up with these ecards. Have a great weekend!



Are you running in a race this weekend?

If you have been married, did you freeze your wedding cake and eat it on your anniversary?

Is your freezer always a mess like mine?





Start of Hockey Season and Birthday Weekend

Happy Friday! I am quite excited for the weekend to begin. Not only because tonight is the start of the Islanders season, but because Sunday is the little boy’s 10th birthday.

IMG_5422 (2)

After my fabulous 8 mile run yesterday morning, I spent the day running errands, ordering the perfect birthday cake and picking up presents and goodies.

The runner’s high I experienced from my run powered me through easily 5 hours of shopping.

I don’t always experience the runner’s high feeling and the more I think about it, I haven’t had the feeling in a while. Yesterday was just a great run. The kind where you are going pretty fast, feeling comfortable yet challenging yourself at the same time.

While I ran, I thought about how I never dreamed in a million years that I would ever have a boy.

IMG_5489 (2)

Seriously. It never occurred to me while growing up or even when I found out that I was pregnant that I could possibly give birth to a boy. I always assumed I would have a girl.

I will never forget that on the way to my 20-week sonogram appointment where they tell you the sex of the baby, I stopped at a maternity store for new clothes.

The shirt that I wanted came in pink and blue. I asked the cashier to find the pink shirt for me in my size.

All that was left in my size was the shirt in blue. I knew in that moment I was about to find out I was having a boy.


Look – he still has the same little face.

That little boy instantly became my best little friend. And he knows it too.


He may say that I am just some runner who likes ice cream but I am pretty sure deep down he knows I am the coolest mom there is, who loves him unconditionally no matter how many balls he throws at me in any given week or how often he informs me that cooking quinoa is weird.

IMG_5487 (2)

Where the time went I haven’t a clue. There are so many days where we spend our minutes waiting for time to pass, for the workday to end, for bedtime to come, for Friday to arrive. And then suddenly, ten years have flown by in what feels like a week.

IMG_5471 (2)

A lot of life has occurred between the time he wore those sweet little Robeez.


And lots of great cakes have occurred too.

This weekend will be no exception. I have strategically planned out all of our meals and desserts and will share it all with you on Monday.

I am hoping to squeeze in my long run tomorrow morning. Where there is a will there is a way.

It’s funny – when I was planning out my fall race calendar a few months ago, a majority of the races I wanted to run all fell over this weekend.

Especially the Diva Half Marathon this Sunday.

But I just couldn’t register for it. Even before I lost my strong desire for racing.

Sunday is his day. He tells me turning double digits is quite the big deal. And it is.

Doesn’t matter how fast I could run the 13.1 – the preparation, time spent getting to/from race as well as recovering would just not be fair to him and would absolutely take some of the focus off of his special day.

I can run 13.1 miles any day, any where. There will always be another race. The moments spent with your kids on their special days, those mornings where you make birthday pancakes and watch them open gifts are few and far between.

Yes, I will be making a giant stack of birthday pancakes possibly with sprinkles in the batter, chocolate chips, whipped cream topped off with candles.

You wouldn’t want to miss it either, admit it.

Have a great weekend!



Are you running in a race this weekend?

Ever give up a race you wanted to run in order to spend time with someone special?

Do you remember your 10th birthday? I do, I had my birthday part at the roller rink!








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