I’m Such A Gemini (weekly workout recap)


The Gemini side of my personality was in full force this past week in terms of making workout decisions.

I love Equinox so much but sometimes that comes with a silly overwhelmed feeling of making a workout class decision. I’m a Gemini! I can be indecisive!

I had a quick moment last week of trying to select classes and plan my workouts in advance and that is NOT the best approach for me.

Pilates? Barre? Spin? Wednesday pilates but not Friday pilates but yes to Sunday pilates? Friday pilates but not Wednesday pilates? Thursday barre with Friday pilates? Or is it Tuesday barefoot sculpt and Thursday barre and pick a pilates? Shoot there’s also barre on Tuesday.

Oh, and can I make it to yoga on the weekend?


To make matters worse, I made the mistake of viewing the evening class schedule which led me to contemplate yoga sculpt at 5:30 PM.

I do not work out in the evening and you know what, I’m not going to start!

As the sign of the twins, my Gemini personality comes with my need for independence and freedom. I need to feel free which, when it comes to my workouts, means I do better not committing myself to a set workout schedule.

I need flexibility and cannot be tied down to something in case I don’t want to do it or want to do something else!

By the way, this side of my personality is also why I’ve never been a diet person or someone who can count calories, or even pay attention to strict measurements. I need to do what I want to do without limits unless I want the limits. Make sense?


After going through the process of trying to set up a workout class schedule for myself in advance, I am now back to doing what works for me on any given day and any given week.


Last Week’s Workouts

I didn’t run as much last week which has my legs feeling super fresh and eager for some miles on the treadmill. Let’s not think about which days I will run yet. 🙂

Monday – 20 Min Run + Spin

Today’s warm-up run was literally just a warm-up – I followed my easy run on the treadmill workout perfectly until I reached 20 minutes. Also, this spin class on a Monday is just what I need to start the week. It’s so much fun that I “think” I want to do it every Monday morning.

Tuesday – Outdoor Walk

I hated to miss barre today but felt I needed a day off.

Wednesday – Pilates (ring)

Thursday – Barre (2 lb weights + ball)

Friday – 10 Min Run + Spin

I don’t normally choose a spin class on Friday mornings but I felt like it so I did! It was a great class. Yes, I missed not taking today’s pilates class but I needed to make a choice!

Saturday – 12 Min Run + Barre (2 lb weights + ball + band + strap)

So I normally choose a spin class for today but I did spin yesterday which left me a little confused for this morning. I didn’t feel like just running so I chose the one-hour barre class that I haven’t taken since August. This barre class is the hardest one (in my opinion) but I decided to give it another go. It was still HARD but I can definitely do it.

I ran first and because I haven’t run much this week, I was so full of energy that I cruised at 7.6 which felt more like a 6.8 speed.

Sunday – Precision Walk Elevate + Pilates

Today’s treadmill walk class featured ranging inclines from 3% to 14% which felt easier than last week’s four minutes at 15%!


I know I’ve missed a few Friday Favorites posts in a row — I’m hoping to get one up this week which will include my recent workout apparel purchases and what I have bought so far from the Sephora Sale.

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

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