Great Workouts Last Week + Florida For A Few Days


Have I mentioned that joining Equinox was my best decision all year? I think I’ve said it, but I’m repeating it.

I enjoy it so much for the atmosphere, the class variety (I still haven’t tried all of the classes I want to try yet!), and even for running on the treadmill.

And hey, it’s a nice reason to need to use a few pouches in my gym bag.


Last Week’s Workouts

Monday – 20 Min Run + Barre (2 lb weights/ball)

I hadn’t run my 20 minutes on the treadmill before a class in a couple of weeks. Remember that I kept finishing at 2.27 miles? Today was 2.25. Pretty close to the same range even though I knew I was going slower overall.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run (outside)


Wednesday – Pilates Fusion

The instructor I love from Barre was subbing for today’s pilates class. Her version of class today was a Pilates Fusion which felt like a blend between pilates, yoga, and barefoot sculpt. It was great!

Thursday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

I skipped barre class today because I was still slightly sore from Monday’s class. Not to mention, I had taken Barre on Saturday too, and yesterday’s pilates fusion was more than just a restorative pilates.

I mixed up intervals of inclines followed by speed for my run. Definitely not easy! I like to stretch after and get a cold eucalyptus towel – cold towels are everything.


Friday – Pilates (ring/block/3 lb ball)

I love the instructor for the Friday Pilates classes. She teaches yoga too, I just haven’t been able to make that class time yet.

I had never used a tiny 3 lb pilates ball before — seems like it would be nothing but it’s harder to use than you think!


Saturday – 3 Mile Easy Run + Spin

I followed my easy run on the treadmill workout pretty closely, just increasing the speed sooner in the last mile. While it may seem nutty to normal people to run before spin, I really like it as a warm-up rather than sitting on the bike and jumping right into the class.

Sunday – Precision Walk + Pilates

Today’s treadmill walk class featured ranging inclines from 3% – 15%.


I’ll be in Florida for a few days this week which is a good time to come back to Melissa Wood Health’s 20-minute yoga flows. I also have virtual workout options on the Equinox App so maybe I will try one of those too!

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