NEED To Run (weekly workout recap)


I didn’t run for almost two weeks.

At first, I didn’t mind but OH BOY was I itching to run by the weekend!

I’m pretty sure that the most time off I’ve had from running in ten years is two weeks total – that was in 2018 after I dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot.

These past ten days are probably the longest I haven’t run since 2018.

Why didn’t I run? Here’s a list of reasons:

  • The blizzard
  • Ice and snow on the ground
  • Frigid mornings
  • Rain
  • Lack of desire to run on the treadmill while sore in my lower body from other workouts I was doing because I wasn’t running!

I’ve really gotten good at liking other workouts and being okay with not running. That being said, I still need to run!

I know the winter will end soon so I’m okay with this time of year and how it affects my workouts. But really – I was so excited to run over the weekend! More on those runs below.

Last Week’s Workouts 

Monday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

It’s still too cold with too much snow and ice outside for me to run or walk outside this morning. I was actually a bit sore/tired from the weekend’s workouts and from shoveling so a light workout was perfect for today.

  • 29 Min Yoga Stretching Flow
  • 8 Min Arms (1 lb weights)

I did finally take a walk during the day as the paths were being plowed and the sun was shining. It makes such a difference for me during the workday when I can get outside for a walk! Even if it’s just 20 minutes, I feel so much more refreshed and ready to continue my day.


Tuesday – Peloton Barre Combo

I really liked this combination this morning. It’s definitely going to leave me a little sore.

  • 10 Min HIIT Barre
  • 30 Min Barre (3 lb weights)

Wednesday – 20 Min Peloton Advanced HIIT Cardio + 40 Min Walk

While I didn’t find this advanced HIIT cardio from Peloton all that advanced, I’m pretty sure I will be sore!

Thursday – 33 Min Full Body Power Flow (bodyweight)

Yup, I am sore. While I may not be running, I am definitely sore from the wider variety of workouts I’m doing instead!

I added this flow from Melissa Wood Health to my favorites list. It was perfect for today as the soreness was setting in from yesterday’s workout.

Friday – Melissa Wood Health Combo

I’ve had enough of this winter’s icky weather! Ugh, I just want to walk outside. I’m too sore to run on the treadmill but hopefully tomorrow I will! I miss running.

  • 12 Min Power Arms (1 lb weights)
  • 15 Min Abs (bodyweight)

Saturday – 30 Min Treadmill Run + 10 Min Elliptical

I was so excited to run this morning even if it had to be on the treadmill. My plan was five miles but I didn’t get there.

Here’s what happened:

I started with my usual warm-up mile and then slowly (at least I thought slowly) I increased my speed. I was trying to be mindful of the fact that I wanted to go for five miles and that I hadn’t run in at least ten days.

At the 20-minute mark, I started to think that I was feeling out of breath and feeling a bit more winded than I should. I don’t usually get out of breath unless I’m really pushing my pace and even then, I still feel a comfortable sort of out of breath – not a why am I out of breath, this doesn’t feel right.

I eased up and finished three miles at the 26-minute mark and then slowed further to reach 30 minutes. Continuing to five miles was just not in the cards for today — I didn’t feel like myself.

I switched to the elliptical for ten minutes, which I haven’t been on in two years!

Had I run outdoors today, I think I would have felt fine because I would have run at a naturally easy pace. When I run on the treadmill, I tend to go faster and lose the ability to really know where my natural pace for the day might be.

After ten days of not running, clearly, I needed to go slower to give myself a chance to return to my usual running self and capabilities.

Sunday – 3 Mile Run (Outside)

It was oh, around 20 degrees? I wanted to run but didn’t want to run on the treadmill. The sun was bright and the ice patches were minimal so I bundled up and ran outdoors. I felt totally fine and normal today — but I also ran easy and averaged around a 10 min mile.


The weather looks much better for this coming week! I see morning temperates around/above freezing which is making me very excited for running outdoors!

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Hi! I'm Meredith. Join me while I run and cook my way through single motherhood. It is always an adventure trying to teach my 12 year old son the benefits of an active lifestyle combined with healthy eating while of course, still leaving room for dessert.

One thought on “NEED To Run (weekly workout recap)”

  1. I’m glad that the weather allowed for at least one run outside last week!

    Funnily enough, I have an easier time controlling myself and my speed when running on a treadmill than outside, but I still prefer being out. Especially when springs arrive and the temperatures finally start to rise again.

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