Recent Meals + Roasted Vegetables + Back To Apples

wild fig

I believe that I missed last Wednesday’s food post so let’s catch up a bit.

Nothing shocking here, just my usual go-to favorite salad from The Cheesecake Factory. It’s still all about those onion strings.

bbq ranch salad

I stopped for Wild Fig while in Roslyn. Wild Fig is still, in my overall opinion, better than CAVA but CAVA is still good. Wild Fig’s pita bread is better, maybe the hummus is too, and I appreciate the lentil salad option. Love the lentil salad.

wild fig

My son was kind enough to bring me a chopped salad while picking up his own bagel and iced coffee on his way home to bring me his laundry from college.

chopped salad

I’ve wanted to try the Sicilian pizza from Spiga Bakery for quite some time. It always looked so good and I’ve read reviews that said it was terrific.

Here’s my opinion: sauce and cheese on point, edge of crust perfect, rest of crust just okay. With so many great pizza places around, I wouldn’t choose this Sicilian pizza over those, but it was still worth eating.

sicilian pizza

Who remembers my obsession with apples and peanut butter? It had been forever (literally forever) since I last sliced an apple and topped it with peanut butter. I really fell out of the habit/interest in the combo but gave it a try over the weekend with an organic pink lady apple and some crunchy peanut butter.

Well, I still have my oral allergy to apples. Unless the apples are cooked, eating a raw apple triggers hay fever-like allergy symptoms for me.

When I was eating apples every day (and granny smith usually triggered me the least) or even taking allergy medicine daily, the oral allergy from certain fruits was kept more at bay.

Now that I barely eat apples, my reaction is strong regardless of the apple type. I could only eat half of this plate before giving up.

apple with peanut butter

I can easily eat apples when they are heated or cooked so that’s what I did with the rest of my pink lady apples. It’s so quick and easy to slice apples, sprinkle with cinnamon, and microwave for a few minutes.

Warmed apples with cinnamon really taste like apple pie filling without anything else added. I think I will be back to this simple apple snack every night now.

cooked apples

Oh! I roasted a pan of vegetables on Sunday! And I think that I will continue to do it weekly just like I used to in the past!

This pan of roasted vegetables contained cauliflower, tomatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes, and carrots. I drizzled olive oil and sprinkled everything but the bagel seasoning on top.

It was really nice to have the already roasted vegetables available for lunch salads and dinner power bowls.

roasted vegetables

And finally, I tried a Tone it Up Bar which I received at the Heart Walk on Sunday.

Have you ever tried the bars from Tone it Up? They are available at Target and are plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, and made without those annoying sugar alcohols.

tone it up bar

While protein bars are not a staple in my diet, finding a good bar to keep as an emergency snack in your bag is important to have on hand. These Tone it Up bars are perfect for that situation.


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