Last Week’s Workouts (including yesterday’s beach run)

Long Beach boardwalk

It’s Tuesday!

I held off a day on sharing my workouts from last week in order to include yesterday’s workout in the recap. Since it was a long holiday weekend, I figured that yesterday’s run at the beach could still count as part of last week’s workouts.

After a week that went from heatwave to rainy and cold, yesterday’s weather while running at the beach returned to super sunny and nice.

Although I really do need to run a little earlier at the beach than I have been – I’m about an hour (maybe two) later than I used to be when running at the beach. Every minute of the bright sun makes a difference!

I need to get there earlier next time because the later I go in the morning, the hotter and more uncomfortable it can be, even though it looks so beautiful!

Long Beach ny

Monday – 4 Miles

It was HOT today.

Tuesday – 24 Min Cardio Warm-Up + Power Series/Walk

Wednesday – 4 Miles

Another HOT morning.

Thursday – 35 Min Pilates (1 lb weights + resistance band)/Walk

Friday – 45 Min FIRE (HIIT Yoga)

I would have run this morning but it was raining so a FIRE yoga HIIT style workout from Lifetime is the next best thing. Sometimes, I think that I can even prefer this type of workout as my number one choice instead of running!

fire yoga

Saturday – 5 Miles

I didn’t plan on running but it wasn’t raining yet so I made the last-minute decision to head outside. There was nothing I liked about this run aside from finishing it.

Sunday – 35 Min Yoga/Pilates Stretching Flow

Monday – 6 Miles

I was happy to run on the boardwalk today after a weekend of not-so-wonderful weather. There was a nice breeze but it was pretty hot while running, I kept to an easy pace most of the time.

Long Beach boardwalk

In case you are interested, here’s what I bring with me to run at the beach.

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